Part II of “A Reluctant Buddhist” by Sally Ember, Ed.D., Appears 11/13/15 on The Buddhist Door

Part II of “A Reluctant Buddhist” by Sally Ember, Ed.D., Appears 11/13/15 on The Buddhist Door

Find out how…:
“…did I end up becoming a devoted, long-term student of Nyingma-lineage Tibetan Buddhism, studying, practicing, and completing my Ngöndro (foundation practices) in two-and-a-half years (“as if my hair were on fire”) while in full-time graduate school, working full time, and raising my son?

“…did I go from being unwilling even to enter the teaching venue or shrine room to being eager and willing to help start and/or expand and also, sometimes, live in and be a cook, coordinator, board member, bookkeeper, umze (chant leader), stupa mantra roller/packer, and more for not one, but three Dharma centers (in Maine, New Mexico, and California)?

“… did I transition from not even talking to Wyn for ten years to having him as Lama Drimed (Padma Drimed Norbu) become my root lama and main, then sole, Dzogchen meditation teacher and practice and retreat guide?

“…did I come to learn Tibetan well enough to be able to read, write, speak, and translate?”

Missed Part I? Find it from September 4, 2015, at Buddhist Door


On Barry Eva’s “A Book and a Chat” Online Radio Show 6:30 PM Eastern USA time today, 11/10/15

Barry Eva, AKA, Storyheart, Author of Across the Pond and The Bathroom Book of Romance, hosts “A Book and a Chat” and is having me, Sally Ember, Ed.D., on again, this time to discuss my new release, now in pre-orders, Volume III, This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, and themes from The Spanners Series as well as writing, research, and much more.

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Listen & Enjoy: Try after midnight Eastern time 11/10/15 and you can hear me with Barry Eva on “A Book and a Chat” radio show on New Visions Radio any time! 

Soul Reapers Now Available For Pre-Order!

Mazel Tov, Shay West! AND, if anyone would like to get to know this author more, check out our LIVE talk on CHANGES conversations between authors, Episode 1:

Other Authors/ Readers: learn more about and get yourself or recommend someone to be scheduled as a guest for 1/16/16 and beyond:

best to you all,

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This will be Epic

Visit with #fantasy and #scifi #authors through 11/8/15!


FantasyConIn the past few weeks I’ve been immersed in an interesting new phenomenon: FantasyCon. A group called Flavor of Fantasy along with a bunch of authors, publishers, bloggers and artists has put together a gigantic online fantasy and sci fi event from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8 for everyone who loves these genres.

It’s a virtual convention staged on Facebook but just like at a real convention, you’ll find booths. At these dedicated Facebook pages you can meet authors and artists and ask questions by posting comments. Enter scores of contests for chances at a TON of prizes of Amazon gift certificates, books and ebooks. There’s also chats with all kinds of different authors and some videos of panel discussions on a bunch of really intriguing topics, like the one I’m on, “The Hero’s Journey.”

Don’t miss tomorrow, Epic Wednesday, Nov. 4. I’ll be hosting a booth. Visit the main…

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On an HIATUS from *CHANGES* conversations between authors for November & December, 2015

I am on an hiatus from CHANGES conversations between authors for November and December, 2015, due to my own publication and writing schedule.

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Welcoming Guest Blog posts from previous CHANGES guests: see Guest Bloggers’ Guidelines on

INFO: Sally Ember, Ed.D., and guests have LIVE conversations on almost-weekly Episodes of CHANGES conversations between authors during which we discuss fascinating topics.

SCROLL DOWN on for schedule, URLs, guest info and more.

After reading ALL the instructions and information on that page and when you’re ready to request a slot for yourself as a guest, contact: sallyember AT yahoo DOT com and send your two preferred dates.

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I do seek guests starting in mid-January, 2016, to be in a video conversation with me, LIVE, which is also then archived on G+HOA/Youtube.

Please keep reading on the *CHANGES* page and find out about how to get on the show.

Also: UNEXPECTED, last-minute openings for ‪#‎author‬ guests occasionally occur! Check page (above) for more information.

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I CONQUERED #CreateSpace! This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series is in Print starting November 13, 2015!

I CONQUERED #CreateSpace! This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series is in Print starting November 13, 2015!


FYI: Margins for 5″ x 8″ book with 543 pages need to be:
1.25″ inner, 0.5″ for the rest.
0 for gutter.

This Changes Everything, Volume II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, and III, This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, of The Spanners Series by Sally Ember​, Ed.D., will be available as print editions!
$17.99 for Volume I, starting in early November! Check Amazon or my website (look right; scroll down) for links.
Other two to follow closely thereafter, probably at around the same price.

Yippee! Thanks, everyone, especially authors Madeline Duffy on Facebook, Dana Delamar at and Megan at plus the people in the CreateSpace Community forums!

If you still prefer ebooks and/or love a free one, Volume I is permafree; Volume II is $3.99 and Volume III is now in half-price pre-orders ($1.99) through 12/7/15; Vol III ebook goes into full release on 12/8/15 @$3.99 as an ebook. Website for links: (look right; scroll down).

Buy your sci-fi-lovin’ family and friends one of the best utopian, romantic, multiverse, psi-infused, scientific, alien-filled, Jewish/ Buddhist and absolutely unique novels you’ll ever read or give as a gift when you invest in The Spanners Series from Timult Books.


Consider purchasing BOOKS or gift cards to Amazon for whatever birthdays or holidays you celebrate!

More FYI for ebook Indie Publishers/Self-Published Authors, if you might need better distribution:
To place your book(s) on all Amazon’s Kindle Stores (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Brazil, Japan, India etc.), and in North America, via Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Ingram, and in Europe, via Askews & Holts, Blackwell’s, BlioBook, Depository,, Waterstones, Whitcoulls, WH Smith, you can use BookBaby or .eBookpartnership, for example. There are others.

You have to have your ebook files in the appropriate formats ready to upload. They do not help with that, but there are many forums and communities online who do.

Their yearly fee is less than $100 and you can save LOTS of hours for uploading your book and for tracking accounts with these retailers.

They do not take commissions, such as Smashwords and Kindle do. You keep 100% of the revenue from online retail.

However, you should buy your own ISBN’s, preferably a block of ten ($295 for ten vs. $125 for one as of November, 2015), on Bowker.

Remember to register your book(s) (print and electronic) worldwide with Bowker’s database because that is used by bookstores and libraries around the world.