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ANY days except Fridays are for Guest Bloggers.

Review my topics cloud, read some posts, get a feel for the types of topics/posts I favor.

If you want to write a PG-13/PG/G-rated post for this blog after reading the Guidelines and Deadlines, below, send me your proposed topic/title and at least 2 possible dates for posting that are at least 3 weeks in advance and that are NOT already filled (see above list for filled dates): sallyember AT yahoo DOT com.

Guest Blogger’s Post Guidelines:

–500 or more words (maximum 2000)
–Provide it in HTML format (if possible) as an attachment in MS Word
–Provide a title with hashtags
–Provide other tags/keywords in separate section at the end of the post
–Provide your URLs and public display contact points at the end (before the tags)
–Provide your own images AND CREDITS for them (if necessary) (send images as attachments; put credits IN THE POST where the images belong, and name each image the same as the attachment’s name and place that in the post where you want the image to reside). If I don’t already have a headshot, book covers or other images you want to post with this, please attach them to your post when you email it to me
–PG-13-, PG- or G-rated language and topics
–You own the rights to this content, but I have the right to re-post/cross-promote it anywhere I choose (see previous email for most of those sites)
–YOU may cross-promote this post anywhere you choose, but please use MY link to do it.

Guest Post Deadlines:
–Post is due to me at sallyember @ yahoo DOT com at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to post date
–I will proofread/format and edit (if needed) and provide final draft for approval no later than 4 days prior to post date
–You shall return final draft with your approval (or suggestions for further changes) no later than 2 days prior to post date
–I will provide the LIVE URL at least one day before the day of the post so you can (and I hope you will) cross-promote
–You may re-post this exact post or any variation of it as long as you wait at least 3 months after it goes LIVE on my site.


Read Guidelines, above, and contact Sally if you’re interested.
NO ADVERTISING, except for authors’ books’ covers and links.

Upcoming Guest Bloggers…



Hall of Fame

November 18, 2020, Desiree Villena: “6 Common Book Launch Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs” in a new tab)


Samantha LaFantasie
November 5, 2014, “5 Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block”


Dr. Nicholas C. Rossis, Ph.D. and Charles E. Yallowitz, joint post
March 4, 2015, “Writing and Promoting a Series”

Nicholas Rossis largerCharles author photo B&W

Connie Dunn
March 11, 2015, “Where Words Cross Paths: Pre-Writing to Change Your Writing Habits”

Connie Dunn

Tonya Moore
April 8, 2015, “The Quiet One” ALSO featured on SUVUDU UNIVERSE!

Tonya R Moore

Krysten Lindsey Hager
April 15, 2015, “Trust the Process”
September 9, 2015, “Should You Write What You Know?”
Krysten’s 2nd post link

Krysten Lindsay Hager

Colette Vernon Black
April 22, 2015, “What We Bring to the Table”


Dr. Olga Nuñez Miret, M.D., Ph.D.
May 20, 2015, “Exclusive Cover Reveal and Pre-Launch Guest Blog Post”

Olga Nuñez Miret

John W. Howell
May 27, 2015, “What to do to Keep Writing Even if You Think You Don’t Feel Like Writing”

John Howell

Francis Connor
June 17, 2015, “Censorship, Violence, Buying Ratings, and Compassion”

Fran 2

Alesha Escobar
July 8, 2015, “Let’s Talk #Anthologies: How To Put One Together And Sell It”

Alesha Escobar

Dee (Devorah) Fox
July 15, 2015, “Observations from a Master of Time Travel”

Devorah 2nd

Janet Oakley
August 19, 2015, “My History of History”


Dan Buri
April 25, 2018, “4 Ways Music Can Enhance Your Writing”

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