Experienced Editor, Writing Tutor/Teacher, Proofreader, Dr. Sally Ember, Ed.D.: Rates and Services

Experienced Editor, Writing Tutor/Teacher, Proofreader,
Dr. Sally Ember, Ed.D.: Rates and Services

Looking for help with your writing or feedback on your newly written or almost-finished drafts? Need an experienced editor?

Quick turn-around time or ongoing tutoring and support: your choice!

Are you someone who faces challenges with English language writing due to having learning differences, using English as a foreign language, or struggling with writing or editing on your own?

Would you like compassionate, experienced, expert assistance with your writing? What about including some humor and getting lots of support, too?

You have come to the right place, then!

Dr. Sally Ember, Ed.D., has published and co-written (and ghost-written) articles, research papers, dissertations and books in the fields of education and psychology as well as other nonfiction areas. She also has written, edited, tutored and helped revise both nonfiction and fiction of any length as well as plays and poetry.

Dr. Ember has taught writing to secondary and college students around the USA since 1974 and been published herself since age 9.


Negotiable and reasonable, based on your levels of need and ability to pay. Ranging from a per-page rate of about $8 or approximately $35/hour to upwards of $125/hour, with project-based and discount rates also available, especially for students.

Editing Services

Major/Global Editing and Manuscript Development (“Developmental Editing“): Large-scale revisions, writing tutoring (via video chat), major revisions and reorganization, with video or phone consults included ($60/hour, average).
Most first drafts, or any drafts from less experienced writers, could be in this category.

Mid-level Editing (“Substantive” or “Structural Editing“): Line edits, moderate revisions, some reorganization, with explanations and repeated mistake corrections included ($50/hour, average). Usage of appropriate APA style and footnotes/endnotes, bibliography, references (for nonfiction), Table of Contents set-up (no indexing) for all manuscripts requesting it. No formatting set-up, but headings and formatting checks included.
Midway or final drafts from less experienced writers or any drafts from experienced writers could be in this category.

Copyediting/Proofreading: Final drafts or drafts from experienced writers that need “polish” (grammar, punctuation, spelling and other minor corrections or revisions), sentence and word choice checks, headings and formatting checks included ($40/hour, average).
Pieces which have already been edited by Dr. Ember or some other professional editor at least once would be in this category.

First Steps
Dr. Ember requests a 5-page sample from the MIDDLE of the manuscript or a sample from previous writing in draft form (NOT the first or final parts, though) for review before determining what level of editing is required.
A conversation with the writer is next, with discussions of options, preferences, rates, and timelines.
If an agreement is made, a contract is drawn up and both parties sign and return it before work begins.

Half of the agreed- upon total (estimated) is due at the mid-point of the project timeline.
Payment for the remaining amount is due within 30 days of receiving the final invoice from Dr. Ember.
All payments are handled via PayPal: use sallyember@yahoo.com.

For more information or to discuss editing needs, contact Dr. Ember via email: sallyember@yahoo.com. Or, call: 707-583-5111 (USA, Central Time) between 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM.

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