How Many #CTE Victims and THEIR Victims will it take to #endfootball as we know it?

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who committed suicide in prison this spring while serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder, suffered from severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), his attorneys revealed Thursday. Hernandez’s family, who donated the brain to Boston University to be tested for CTE—a form of brain damage that is linked to concussions…

via Scans Show Former NFL Star and Convicted Murderer Aaron Hernandez Had Severe Brain Damage — Mother Jones


“The Friday TV Report” 28 UPDATED 9/22/17 from Sally Ember, Ed.D., and her mom

"The Friday TV Report" 28 UPDATED 9/22/17 from Sally Ember, Ed.D., and her mom
on my birthday, Mom and I, 2017

I (Sally) update this ever-changing post of ongoing mini-reviews and premiere/return dates of certain TV and Netflix shows with our opinions (begun in fall, 2015). Check on Fridays! And, I am also maintaining a "news" section, below, with rumors and truths of upcoming non-premium channel (but, yes; cable) TV, Amazon Prime and Netflix shows. I also add to reviews of many previously reviewed shows with new info and opinions often, so check below "new" if you're interested in those updates.

This is Report 28 for 9/15/17, and each post is UPDATED frequently; next full post, 10/13/17 (TODAY is 9/22/17).

Nominated for one or more 2017 Emmy awards, among shows we/I/my mom do like(d), had these as WINNERS on the awards ceremony show which aired 9/17/17:
Black Mirror (for the Episode titled "San Junipero”), 2 were won: Outstanding TV Movie; Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movies or Dramatic Special, Charlie Brooker
This Is Us, 1 was won: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Sterling K. Brown
Saturday Night Live, 4 were won: Outstanding Variety Sketch Series; Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Kate McKinnon; Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Alec Baldwin ; Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series, Don Roy King

(Thanks to and most quotes, below, from: Women & Hollywood, and Deadline)

---Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is the New Black), writer-director Leslye Headland (Sleeping with Other People) and Amy Poehler (of numerous films, SNL and Parks and Rec) are teaming up for an [untitled] eight-episode comedy series for Netflix. Lyonne will star and co-write with Headland. "[T]he series follows Nadia (Lyonne) on her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City.” Probably not our cup of tea, but Bridesmaids and Rough Night fans will probably love it.

---"Darker and grittier than the original Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (The CAS) is still featuring "a magically-inclined high school student with a talking cat." But, they are going for edgy vs. cutesy, since The CAS purports to be "a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult and, of course, witchcraft." Going more for Buffy than Bewitched, with a bit of The Exorcist thrown in, it seems: "Sabrina [will be]wrestling to reconcile her dual nature —-- half-witch, half-mortal --— while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the daylight world humans inhabit.”
The CAS is being framed "as a companion series to Riverdale [also from Archie Comics] for the 2018–19 season” for the CW channel. The pilot will be written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and directed by Lee Toland Krieger, the same team that created Riverdale's pilot. I doubt if we'll watch, but some of you might!

---Quality of Life, a new series about a family-run funeral business is fronted by the great Jamie Lee Curtis, who will star, co-write, and executive produce the comedy for CBS. Co-written by Janis Hirsch (Will & Grace, Murphy Brown), this will be one of the few comedies to feature a woman over 60. Sounds intriguing.

---ABC is developing a pilot for Eligible, a drama based on Curtis Sittenfeld’s 2016 novel Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Sherri Cooper Landsman and Jennifer Levin, who developed The CW’s Beauty & the Beast, and I. Marlene King, creator of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, will serve as executive producers.

---Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black and Doubt) will star in Spirited, "a one-hour drama about a fake psychic who discovers she has genuine powers." This will be executive produced by Elizabeth Banks, with the pilot to appear (perhaps) on ABC.

---Riviera Sundance NOW premieres 9/14/17 in the USA (it's another UK series that already ran there), but only on this newish pay-for-view station, which has several other shows as well:
Great cast (Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, among others) and seemingly good story, but we aren't paying for this channel (it is cheaper than Premium cable channels as well as Amazon Prime and Netflix, but has way fewer shows).

---If there any fans left of Dark Matter, too bad: SyFy canceled it as of early September, 2017. Season 3 was its last. But, if you are desperate, here are some hints as to what Season 4 would have included ad some hints as to the cause of its demise and hopes for a new home from a blog post by its creator, Joseph Mallozzi:

---Anyone looking forward to the Xena, Warrior Princess, reboot? Sorry: canceled by NBC as of August, 2017.

---FOX News was canceled and removed from the broadcast schedule in the UK as of September 3, 2017. At least one country has the good taste to take this trash (FAKE NEWS!) off the air.

---How much do we love Madam Secretary's creator, Barbara Hall? LOTS! Moonlighting, Northern Exposure, Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy and Homeland are also among her fabulous writing credits, and now she has another series in development at CBS. A CIA drama, Family Business, centers on three adult siblings working in the intelligence community, just as their parents do/did.

---Janet Tamaro's new series, Smoke and Mirrors, "will follow a retired female detective who is pulled pack into the job from her now-quiet family life. In true Tamaro fashion, the detective teams up with another female cop — a young undercover detective — and crime and drama ensue from there. Tamaro will both write and exec produce the project."
Tamaro is the creator of one of our faves (now GONE...sob), Rizzoli & Isles.

---The Jetsons is being "revived"! ABC is preparing a "live-action series revival...based on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon...[as] a multi-cam sitcom set 100 years in the future that follows the exploits of the Jetson family."

---Another reason to spring for Netflix: Shonda Rhimes plans to put any new shows on that medium AND may move current ABC shows (How to Get Away with Murder, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and For the People [new this year] to it for 2018-19. Stay tuned!

---"Ava DuVernay, Charles D. King’s Macro & Victoria Mahoney To Adapt Octavia E. Butler’s Sci-Fi Novel Dawn For TV"
"...the first of the author’s Lilith’s Brood trilogy and a seminal work of the Afrofuturism movement. It is, shockingly, the first film or television take on the Genius Grant and Hugo Award-winning author’s work."

---Zoe McLellan (JAG, NCIS New Orleans) is joining Designated Survivor for the 2017-18 season as an attorney. We loved her on NCIS New Orleans and were sorry that her personal life's difficulties had impacted her career so horribly that she had to leave that show abruptly two years ago (she had been involved in a protracted and ugly custody dispute with her ex-husband). Looking forward to having her on this excellent show. She also appeared briefly on another show we watched this month (September, 2017), so glad she's already working again!

---Now we hate CBS Access even more! They added wonderful star, Audra MacDonald, as a series regular for The Good Fight. THEY SUCK for charging extra to watch these shows!

---We also hate another pay channel, Sony's AXN for putting one of our faves, Stana Katic, (Castle) in a new series, Absentia. She plays an FBI agent returned from being presumed dead.

---Amy Brenneman (fave of mine and my mom's since Judging Amy and Private Practice; I loved her in Reign, and Mom loved her in NYPD Blue, too) is returning to TV in a pilot for TNT, Deadlier Than Male.
"The project follows a trio of characters with troubled and mysterious pasts, 'including a woman who once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer, a former serial predator desperate to find redemption, and a grieving mother obsessed with finding her missing daughter,' THR hints. 'As each of them is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and their motives grows ever murkier, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.'
"Brenneman has been cast as the grieving mother, Mary. She’s spent years searching for her missing daughter, and 'on one hand, her loss has made her a passionate advocate for vulnerable women, but on the other, the tragedy has given her new power and polish —-- as well as a ruthless streak that makes her a threat to anyone who stands in her way.'”
Has some great writers behind it, but sounds very dismal and dark. We'll give it a try, though.

---Grey's Anatomy's casting/recasting:
1) Kim Raver (most recently of the should-not-have-been-canceled APB) is returning in her role as a doctor/military buddy to two existing cast members (Kevin McKidd's Owen and Martin Henderson's Nathan;
2) Bridget Regan cannot return to reprise her role as the returned-from-the-dead sister (Owen's) due to responsibilities for The Last Ship, so a look-alike, Abigail Spencer (still returning to the excellent Timeless as well) is taking her place for a multi-episode arc.

---Jaina Lee Ortiz (Rosewood) is set to star as a firefighter in another Grey’s Anatomy's spinoff, set in "a Seattle firehouse. The newest Shonda Rhimes series will center around the firefighters’ life-and-death situations at work and their personal lives."
Chicago Fire, much?
Ortiz will be introduced to Grey’s Anatomy fans this fall, 2017, to tantalize fans for the spinoff's mid-season debut. We'll surely watch this! BUT, it may move to/premiere on Netflix! (see the RUMOR, here, about Shonda Rhimes)

---Not on our list, but, perhaps, on YOURS, is Margaret Cho's autobiographical dramedy, Highland, coming soon on TNT. Directed by the woman who brought Transparent, Girls, and Better Things to television and previously collaborated on three specials: Margaret Cho: CHO Revolution, Margaret Cho: Beautiful, and Margaret Cho: Dependent, Nisha Ganatra.
The stories are "inspired by Cho’s own history of drug use and follows two extended, dysfunctional Korean-American families 'who share the same patriarch [and] must come together after tragedy strikes. As it turns out, the most reliable person in both families is the one who just got out of rehab.'"

---Missing the 20th-century Brits in Downton Abbey? Well, hang on until 2018! The ITV/PBS series is set to begin production of a sequel film to its 6-year series' run in 2018!

---[RANT: I hate this phrase, "support the troops," because it means that the excessively jingoistic and testosterone-fueled, for-profit, USA military-industrial complex is fear-mongering yet another war at poor people's expense in some distant locale, while said troops have "volunteered" to go murder and cause mayhem for dubious purposes and even worse outcomes. Meanwhile, TV producers and actors wax rhapsodic and tout that phrase when military-themed shows arise, and this fall is no exception. Rant over.]
I doubt if I will watch any of these, but my mom might.
-------S.W.A.T. stars Criminal Minds' popular Shemar Moore (in the role Samuel L. Jackson originated in 2003) on CBS.
-------David Boreanaz barely unpacks from his vacation after ending Bones to star in SEAL Team, also on CBS.
------ Mike Vogel (from Under the Dome) and Anne Heche star in The Brave on NBC, which premieres 9/25/17.
------- Not to be left out, the CW is hosting Valor, starring Matt Barr.

---Kyra Sedgwick returns to star in what should probably only be a one-and-done Lifetime channel's movie or perhaps multi-Episode mini-series and is probably not even going to last one season. ABC's Ten Days in the Valley's storyline is so thin as to be anemic: a woman's child is kidnapped. She tries to find her. Premieres 10/1/17.

---NBC will have a Broadway-filmed "live" (at filming time) showing of Jesus Christ Superstar on Easter Sunday, 2018. If you've never seen it, very worth it. It's brilliant. One of the first "rock operas" of the 1960s-1970s, it has almost no dialogue and many amazing songs. Much more serious and politicized/satirical than Godspell, and not the same angle at all on the story of Jesus' rise and fall.

---Also inexplicably (to me), ABC is airing The Little Mermaid as a "sing-along," mixing "real-life singing with animated songs" in October, 2017. I guess kids will like it.

---We never watched the original and do not plan to watch this reboot (even though the cast is slightly more "diverse") but some will enjoy the revival of Dynasty on the CW, which could be good: it's from the creators of Gossip Girl. Fall, 2017, premiere.

---Also on our not-watching list, but nevertheless exciting to many who love Big Bang Theory, the backstory of one of its precocious genius characters' childhood is to be featured in Young Sheldon on CBS this fall, 2017.

---Everwood is being re-run and may be poised to be revived as well, on the CW. The show originally ran 2002-2006 with Gregory Smith and Vivien Cardone, along with Emily vanCamp and Chris Pratt playing pairs of teen siblings (Greg, Emily and Vivien actually were teens for the first few years).
Starring Treat Williams and Tom Amandes as rival doctors/their respective fathers, it was fun, easy on the mind and eyes entertainment. My mom never saw it, so we'll probably watch (I already saw most of the episodes). Premiere date not set, yet.

---One of the most significant influences on my and many others' lives was a science-fiction book published in the 1960s by Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, and this now "classic tale of a human raised by Martians is being adapted into a television series"! This is a "a co-production between Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions" being developed for the SyFy network. Premiere date not set, yet.

---Roseanne is being revived and will premiere on ABC mid-season, 2017-18. Even John Goodman's character (who died in their last season) will return (presumably in "new" flashbacks).

Roseanne Barr, of course, will return, as will former cast members, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson, with Sarah Chalke also back, but in a different role. I never watched the original except in clips (in my no-TV years), but I might give this a watch. Mom says: "Yuck."

---PSYCH is returning to the network that created it, USA, and NOT just for one "Holiday movie," in 2017, as originally announced: the producer is planning at least two, possibly a total of 6 full-length PSYCH movies, as a "series," 2017-2019.
Oooh: I hope they sing, again! So fun. I miss this show!
"...[F]eaturing fake psychic detective, Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill), the team will reunite once again... when the two-hour special premieres this December. Psych creator, Steve Franks, who co-wrote the movie with Roday, is directing. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson), Juliet (Maggie Lawson), Henry (Corbin Bernsen), and Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson) will also return for the movie, which picks up three years after the series finale."

---Emergency Response drama, 9-1-1, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, starring Angela Bassett, premieres mid-season, 2017-2018, on FOX.

---A.P. Bio is going to be on NBC (mid-season, 2017-2018). This sounds interesting: Patton Oswalt (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and others I have never heard of or seen (yet) are starring in a comedy about a "cynical Ivy League professor [who] loses out on his dream job and goes to work as a high school biology teacher where he imposes his unorthodox teaching style and uses the kids to plot out revenge on those who wronged him." Maybe...

---Premiere date is unclear, but Deception on ABC sounds intriguing. I don't recognize the names or faces of any of the stars, though.
PR says: "When his career is ruined by scandal, superstar magician, Cameron Black, has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, illusion, and influence — the FBI. He’ll become the world’s first consulting illusionist, helping the government solve crimes that defy explanation and trap criminals and spies by using deception."
Sounds like a White Collar and The Mentalist mash-up. We liked both those shows, so we'll probably give it a try.

---Another possibility: For the People is a courtroom drama for mid-season 2017-18 on ABC. We sometimes like these, but they can be SUPER boring if not done right.
Bull, yes. Chicago Justice, no.
We do recognize some of the stars, so we'll try it. Features Ben Rappaport (Mr. Robot, The Good Wife), Hope Davis (American Crime), Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie), Lyndon Smith (Parenthood), Ben Shenkman (Royal Pains), and some others.
Blurb: "Set in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, aka “The Mother Court,” the drama follows brand-new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution handling the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country — all as their lives intersect in and out of the courtroom."

---Dylan McDermott is coming back with a workplace comedy, mid-season 2017-2018 on FOX, LA TO VEGAS. We miss him and his great show (recently aired and canceled after only one season, Pure Genius), but sometimes these comedies are awful, but we'll probably give it a whirl.

---FOX plans to air a LIVE production of the Tony-award-winning musical, RENT, some time this next year. Well-worth watching, I'm sure.

---Another great cast for a new show with a shaky premise, IMO: Reverie, on NBC, brings Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest), Dennis Haysbert (24), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), Kathryn Morris (Cold Case) and Jessica Lu (Awkward) for an as-yet-undetermined premiere date, mid-season, 2017-2018.
It purports to be a "grounded and dramatic thriller about a former detective specializing in human behavior who is brought in when the launch of an advanced virtual reality program has dangerous and unintended consequences." No premier date, yet.

---We'll be glad to see Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) back in Instinct on CBS , if they can figure out when to start showing it. No premiere date, yet.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock (7450455h)
Alan Cumming
44th International Emmy Awards, New York, USA - 21 Nov 2016

Cumming plays "a former CIA operative who has since built a 'normal' life as a gifted professor and writer [who] is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose. Based on the soon-to-be-published James Patterson book."

---Seemingly a mash-up of Glee and Mr. Holland's Opus, Rise brings in the drama classes for a new show we might like, on NBC. Starts mid-season 2017-18, starring some cool peeps: Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother), Auli’i Cravalho (Moana), Rosie Perez (Search Party, Lipstick Jungle), and many others pretending to be teens, I'm sure.
The show "centers on a high school drama teacher and family man whose passion for the program and his students galvanizes the entire working class town. Based on Michael Sokolove’s book, Drama High, which itself is based on real-life drama teacher, Lou Volpe."

---Emily vanCamp (Revenge, Everwood) and Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife) will star in a FOX medical drama series, The Resident, planned for mid-season 2017-2018.

---Jacqueline Bisset to star in Journey to Miyakojima, which is scheduled to begin shooting October, 2017, in Japan. "The family drama centers on 'a quietly ailing' family matriarch [Bisset] and NBA team owner who hopes to 'reunite her shattered family at a serene island off the coast of Okinawa, thousands of miles away from home.'...She convinces her granddaughter, who suffers from an eating disorder that’s getting increasingly serious, to stay at a guesthouse on the island, 'where its beauty, a chance meeting with a treasure hunter, and a century-old shipwreck heal their wounds.'”

---The X-Files reboot, which I, a faithful fan who watched every episode of the original series, thought was TERRIBLE, has just been RENEWED and plans to return mid-season 2017-2018, on FOX. Who makes these decisions?

---Gina Torres WILL star in a SUITS spin-off, because it will film in LA (where she lives) instead of the usual Toronto-for-NYC. Watch her on SUITS in the final winter, 2017, Episode (a brief return, only, for that season), then, watch for Torres to headline and produce the new series centered on her Suits character, Jessica Pearson, who is about to be officially REMOVED from "her" law firm in New York at the end of the first part of Season 7 (went on hiatus in mid-September, 2017 and resumes early March, 2018) due to the her having been caught up in the vendetta of the New York Attorney General's office against Harvey/Mike (doesn't matter; she no longer works in NYC, having left for Chicago in Season 6).

---Sonia Braga to star in Las Reinas, a new ABC detective drama, probably for winter, 2018.

---Casey Wilson, Busy Philipps and Tina Fey are teaming up for The Sackett Sisters. Wilson and Philipps play sisters, with Bradley Whitford as their father, in the Fey-produced NBC comedy pilot, which may or may not get picked up for 2017-18.

---Connie Britton has already risen from the dead Rayna James (Nashville) to play a leading role in Nicole Holofcener’s upcoming Netflix ensemble dramedy, The Land of Steady Habits---based on Ted Thompson’s 2014 novel of the same name---along with Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline), and Thomas Mann (Fargo). Look for it mid-season 2017-2018.

---Lauren Graham is set to star in Linda from HR, a comedy for Fox.
"The show will center on the 'one bad decision' that throws 'Linda from HR’s monotonous, unfulfilled life into an exciting but dangerous tailspin of balancing work life, home life, and a secret that could unravel everything.'” No premiere date set, yet.

We/I liked these shows, listed below, and even though canceled shows were often left very unfinished bean counters do not care (so, reviews were not kept, below, unless show has one more season or partial season still to run):
Hooten & the Lady--- CANCELED, but may run Season 2 in USA, since already made;
Modern Family--- CANCELED after 2017-18 season.
Stitchers---CANCELED and no Season 4.

Disliked or won't watch these, which are also CANCELED:
Will, TNT
Marvel's Inhumans (hasn't even been released, yet, except on IMAX!), ABC

This is the 28th post, for 4 weeks ending 9/15/17 (and updated frequently).

CANCELED, TBD or RENEWED shows' statuses, below, can be found here (many shows we do not watch, on this site's list):
For the shows we watch, I put each one's status beneath its review or listing, when it is known.

Also, I have been steadily removing my reviews or expectations for/of all shows that have been discontinued/canceled since we started this series of posts in 2015.

My mom, 84, and I (62) are probably not the "target demographic" for almost any show on television or any movie being produced currently. We live in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Midwest, for those of you unfamiliar: think of that huge "Gateway Arch"? That's here). I grew up here but then didn't live here for 42 years; I've been back for about two years, now. We were both raised Jewish, but I have been a meditator since 1972 and a practicing Buddhist since 1996. We are both Caucasian women-born-women. We are considered "middle class" although we have almost zero dollars of "disposable income." My mom is hetero; I am bisexual. We are both partly disabled. I am highly educated (doctoral degree plus other training); my mom has extensive work-experience, with a high school diploma.

My mom, age 85, 2017

My mom has been a TV watcher for over 60 years. I watched a lot as a kid, but from about 1972 - 2002, I didn't have a TV and hardly watched it elsewhere, either. I usually didn't have a TV between 2005 - 2014 as well, but I watched some shows online (Hulu, usually) or Netflix.

We think we should be part of a group that at least some producers are aiming to please, because we (especially Mom) now watch a lot of television. We also get movies regularly from DVD borrowing through our local library. We even occasionally go to a theatre to see a movie. We eagerly await the "new season" of television every one of the four times it seems to occur every year: "Fall Sweeps" happen, but so do Mid-season Sweeps, Mid-year New Seasons, and channels with an entirely different set of "seasons."

We also occasionally watch TV shows and movies on Netflix!

However, we are consistently disappointed that many shows we do like are canceled and some shows we despise seem to go on forever.

AND: "Why does none of these bakers ever wear a baker's hat or a hairnet? Their hair is all over the food. Disgusting!" says my mom.

ALSO: "Why is it always so dark in all these shows? I can't see a thing. What is the point?" We both say this.

Again, for mid-September, with frequent updates, 2017, I/we continue with this Report.

We don't watch: most "sit-coms," any zombies or vampires, reality shows (except one on BBC), extremely violent shows, premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz), most YA/"teen" shows.

Keep up with the changes!
or here, for the schedule (as of September 15, 2017, for the rest of September and future months):

TV + Netflix Reviews and News

Our planned evening viewing line-up for shows (updated frequently) is as follows, sort of in calendar order, BUT, those I've already reviewed get "bumped" to closer to the bottom of this post.
Scroll down if you don't see a show "on top" that you want to read my review of (because they're so insightful!).

NOTE: Our viewing "schedule" includes a lot of recording-and-watching-later, due to simultaneous broadcasts, CARDINALS' BASEBALL! and my early bedtime.

**usually only Mom watches
*usually only I watch

New and Returning Public, Netflix & Network and Non-premium Cable TV Shows; and, starting August, 2017, Amazon Prime

The Good Place NBC (returned 9/20/17 with one-hour Episode, season 2)
Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Ted Danson (CSI: Cyber), Manny Jacinto (The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story), William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D’Arcy Carden
Often too silly, but...I do love Kristen Bell!
We watched the first two Episodes of Season 1, since they were aired back-to-back. Reminded me very much of Pushing Daisies in its production values (lots of bright, primary colors and over-the-top fakery) and premises/characters (bold, farcical, stereotypical), with some of many other films/TV shows (Dead Like Me, Defending Your Life) that are quirky and about the afterlife/death. It was somewhat entertaining and amusing, but I think it will get old fast.
It got better and we watched through the entire season and on to Season 2.
Then, it crashed. The hour-long premiere of Season 2 was HORRIBLE: boring, repetitive (not in a good way), silly and boring (did I say boring?). We will give it one more Episode, since the first Season was also off to a bad start and improved, but... Sheesh. What is with these writers' runway?
Not sure if we'll continue with Season 2

Endeavor BBC/PBS Masterpiece/Amazon Prime (available on Az Prime through Season 3; Season 4 just finished airing here in fall, 2017)
A '60's era British detective/crime-solving series that my mom and I have been enjoying on Amazon Prime and plan to finish by watching recordings from PBS. We are halfway through Season 3, now (mid-September, 2017) and, except for the vocal music ('way too much opera and classical /religious choral music for my taste, which wants NONE of that), believe this is one of the best series of its type around. Barrington Pheloung writes the other music, which is beautiful (and not vocal).
Apparently, a closely-guarded secret from his peers and friends is Detective Morse's first name, which is "Endeavor." This series is a prequel to the beloved (but one we haven't watched, yet) Inspector Morse series; both are set primarily in Oxford, England.
Starring Shaun Evans as young Endeavour Morse, who is beginning his career as a Detective Constable with the Oxford City Police CID, the series has a great supporting and co-starring cast, including Roger Allam, Anton Lesser, Jack Lasky and Sean Rigby on the police force, with recurring roles/frequent appearances by Caroline O'Neill, Sara Vickers, Abigail Thaw and Shvorne Marks. Pilot episode aired in 2012.
Enjoying this a lot

*Con Man Syfy (premiered [really, dropped all of Season 1 "On Demand"] 9/30/17)
Seems that this series is going to have both seasons showing/"On Demand" this year (2017-18). Here is a trailer for Season 2:
It also has a video game and comic book merchandise, for those so inclined.
Starring Alan Tudyk, em>Con Man is "a somewhat fictionalized version of his experiences as a well-known sci-fi actor who attends a lot of fan conventions" as a result of his having been a star of the cult fave/ Joss Whedon series and film, Firefly and Serenity.
Con Man was first produced in 2015 and featured a great cast, including Firefly/Castle star, Nathan Fillion, and other Joss Whedon / sci-fi faves: Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Sean Astin, Tricia Helfer, Casper Van Dien, Nolan North, Mindy Sterling, Alison Haislip, Michael Trucco, Sky Haarsma, Seth Green and Wil Wheaton.
HOWEVER, i watched all of Episode 1 and could only continue through part of Episode 2: it is that bad. I continued just to see what Nathan Fillion had to do with this piece of junk (very little, it seemed). This series is beyond silly; Mom won't watch, and I won't watch past Episode 2.10, but some will love it.
Could have been great if it had had writers who had tried less to show off with obscure references, cameos by sci-fi and comedic actor friends of theirs, Tudyk's and whoever else's (Joss Whedon's, I presume) and more good writing that could delve into the nitty-gritty, lived experience of actors who are making money (not much, it seems) as objects of obsessed fans and not much else. I would have liked to know what challenges and responses are for an actor who is actually capable of so much more but for whom no new breaks come due to having been identified with one gig.
Unfortunately, not worth your time

Top of the Lake, China Girl (miniseries, Sundance) (aired starting in mid-September, 3 double Episodes)
Stars Elizabeth Moss [2017 EMMY winner for The Handmaid's Tale] as a New Zealand detective recovering from her own traumas while attempting to rebuild her life. Apparently, this premiered in 2013 with 7 Episodes, so this is its second season, but it is new to us. Good and bad reviews; excellent cast. Can't find where to watch Season 1, so we're starting here. (Season 1 is set in a remote mountain town in New Zealand.)
Mostly, having watched to the bitter end (which SUCKED, BTW), we have to say: there is not one functional and/or likable character in the entire bunch of misfits, criminals, tragic victims and struggling teens and adults. Most of the situations are awful. There are gratuitous nudity, active simulated sex, symptoms of mental illness, several incidents of violence and other horrific examples of humanity in almost every scene. Some of the scenes (especially those of the porn-watchers/prostitute-users in the cafe) are so terrible we couldn't stand to listen to the dialog, however realistic.
Beautiful settings, though, since they shot on location and not near LA, as most shows do.
Also stars: Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, Peter Mullan, Thomas M. Wright, Gwendoline Christie, David Dencik and Ewen Leslie.
[SPOILER ALERTS, from now on]
Season 2 is set near Sydney, Australia, and centers on finding the murderers of "Cinnamon," found dead and floating in the lake stuffed into a suitcase. The local police call the case "China Girl," even though she is from Thailand.
Robin Griffin (Moss) leads the investigation with an unstable constable accompanying her and apparently spying on her for their boss, with whom she is having an extra-marital affair and pregnancy, which becomes part of the story in odd ways).
Episode 1 (Season 2) was unnecessarily confusing, presenting viewers with many unlikeable characters, awful situations, dysfunctional families and no discernable plot. Nicole Kidman appears in a couple of scenes and more in later Episodes. There is an adoptive child/parent reuniting as a subplot that involves several of the characters through until the end in sordid and strange ways.
Excellent acting and probably realistic, but WHY? Horrible plots, situations and characters don't make for "good" TV, IMHO.
Didn't love it. Not sure who would

Orville FOX (premiered 9/10/17; continues 9/17/17 with special, 2-part, series opener, then goes to its regular day, Thursdays, starting 9/28/17)
We worried that Seth MacFarlane & Co. would be guilty of trying too hard and that the show would be awkward, unfunny, terrible. The first twenty minutes or so weren't great, but they weren't terrible, either. We liked Adrianne Palicki in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and were glad to see her in this show, albeit a similar role. Always glad to see Victor Garber, too, however briefly.
Besides these two, the show has quite a cast: Penny Johnson Jerald (Castle), Scott Grimes (ER), Peter Macon (Shameless), J Lee (Family Guy), Halston Sage (Crisis)
The premise: "Set 300 years in the future, the hour-long dramedy follows the adventures of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship, in Earth’s interstellar Fleet. Facing cosmic challenges from without and within, this motley crew of space explorers will boldly go where no comedic drama has gone before."
The first Episode did not completely bore or disgust us. Willing to try at least one more. Best we can say.
So far, palatable. KEEPING

Good Girls Revolt Amazon Prime (Season 1 ran on AzP in 2016, but AZ canceled it; Season 2 may be commissioned by another channel)
Based on the historical fiction novel, The Good Girls Revolt, by Lynn Povich, "[t]his Amazon-original series is set in New York in the late 1960s, when a cultural revolution was sweeping through the free world. One place that was not quick to change with the times was newsrooms. Inspired by real events, Good Girls Revolt follows Patti Robinson and her fellow female researchers at News of the Week (a thinly disguised Newsweek magazine setting), who decide to ask for equal treatment. Their quest initiates an upheaval that impacts romantic relationships, careers and friendships, and propels Patti and her friends into unfamiliar territory that they never dreamed of."

Starring and featuring: Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Darke with Jim Belushi, Hunter Parrish, Chris Diamontopoulos, Joy Bryant (as the amazing ACLU attorney, Eleanor Holmes Norton), and a great set of scenes across several Episodes with Grace Gummer as the late, great Nora Ephron.
I lived through this era and it helped make me an even stauncher feminist (which I was from age 3 on). Excellent writing, acting and characters, with appearances by actual people peppered throughout this fictionalized version of real events. Very enjoyable, if infuriating (since it was and IS all still happening). Hoping for Season 2.
A bit too much graphic nudity and sex, but, otherwise, excellent; Wish it would get picked up for Season 2

Alpha House Amazon Prime (started in 2013; already had 3 seasons as of 2017)
Written/created by the ingenious artistic lefty politico of Doonesbury comic strip fame, Garry Trudeau, this show that harpoons four particular Republicans (and others) and their long-suffering assistants, in 2012 (so far) is surprisingly witty and not too much like Animal House, as I had feared.
Starring John Goodman, briefly featured Bill Murray, and also stars Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and Mark Consuelos, featuring Amy Sedaris, wanda Sykes, Haley Joel Osment (all grown up!) and many more.
Episode 1 was hilarious. Got Mom to watch it and we planned to go forward, but Netflix had playback issues; we gave up

**SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Weekend Update NBC (premiered 8/10/17)
My mom's favorite part of SNL is its weekly "Weekend Update" segment, so I'm sure she'll watch this four-episode try-out, featuring anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che. Additional “Saturday Night Live” cast members will also make appearances.
Our DVR couldn't find this, so she's watching it On Demand. These Episodes comes at the end of the list of regular SNL's Episodes, FYI.
Tina Fey's "sheetcaking" bit went viral and was quite controversial, but I haven't watched any other parts.
For Mom

*Halt & Catch Fire AMC (4th/final season returned 8/19/17, 2-hour Episode)
I have enjoyed this show, having lived through this "history" of modern computing and remembering much of what it refers to. I like the female stars a lot, but don't much like the male stars. So it goes. Good writing, though.
Starring Lee Pace as Joe MacMillan, Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe, Scoot McNairy as Gordon Clark, Kerry Bishé as Donna Clark and Toby Huss as John Bosworth.
This final season seems to start having fast-forwarded three years and aged the two girls even more (settling into being divorced, these daughters of Gordon and Donna are played by new actors). Cameron has long hair and is also getting divorced; she gets back with Joe right away. The three endeavors/companies, now separate, are competing or sequentially failing/succeeding. On it goes.
Final Season, 2017; too bad

The Defenders Netflix (Season 1 dropped August, 2017)
Picks up where Jessica Jones' Season 1 left off but she is only one of several oddball individuals with unusual "super" powers, many of whom have their own shows on other networks or Netflix, all from Marvel comics (Ironfist, Luke Cage, Daredevil).
We're wondering if Jessica Jones' Season 2 will pick up where this one leaves off, or where Season One of its own series left off, somehow?
Anyway, too much fighting, but interesting; we're watching mainly to see Jessica.
Also, this show's second season isn't expected until "5 more seasons of other shows" whose main characters are in it/related to it, and that means 2019 or later:
Unexpectedly compelling; long wait for Season 2, though

Chesapeake Shores Hallmark (returned 8/6/17)
Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams

Chesapeake Shores

This has gotten more insipid and unwatchable as we go. We start an Episode, then find other things to watch before we reluctantly return to finish it, days later. The Hallmark movies' and series' writers make everything so predictable, yet illogical; the writing is so heavy-handed; worst of all, the characters are depicted as being emotionally adolescent regardless of their biological ages.
We like all the lead actors, but the age differences between "generations" defy reality.
Also, the grandmother and the mother look too much alike and are NOT supposed to be related, whereas the five siblings look NOTHING alike nor do they resemble either of their parents all that much. Terrible casting.
The storyline also gets less believable as they go along.
KEEPING, but not liking; Season 3, TBD.

*Being Mary Jane BET (returned mid-summer, 2017, for Season 4)
Mary Jane's character Gabrielle Union is tackling some important topics "on the air," but she is too hung up, now, on her completely dysfunctional approach to relationships (with lovers, family and friends, all). Very true-to-life, I suppose, but very sad and somewhat boring. She is immature, selfish, dishonest and misguided.
Usually, excellent writing, sensitive topics [alcoholism, child abuse/molestation, suicide, disfigurement/physical "beauty"/ageism for women (particularly Black women), extortion, drug addiction, dysfunctional parenting, loyalty among friends (or not)], all very well-handled. Great music choices, sometimes.

Being Mary Jane

Supporting characters (Lisa Vidal, Margaret Avery, Stephen Bishop, Richard Roundtree, Raven Goodwin) appear sometimes but do not have much to do unless they're in scenes with Mary Jane.

*Midnight, Texas TNT (premiered in July, 2017)
This is the second of Charlaine Harris' series based on her novels that involve "supernaturals" with humans (first was True Blood) that I am watching solo (Mom's not into those beings). I loved the Sookie Stackhouse (protagonist) novels that True Blood was based on, but it really went off the rails mid-series and into its own dark, weird plots and subplots with characters that I didn't like so much. When I started the Midnight, Texas series, I was very disappointed. Couldn't get into it and gave it back to the library. I didn't even watch the first two Episodes of this when they aired.
But, summer is slow for new and good TV, and I watch while I color (check out my Facebook page for my 200+ coloring pages in my photos:, so I started with those first two On Demand and now I'm hooked.
Stars some actors I've seen before (François Arnaud, Sarah Ramos, Jason Lewis) and many I haven't (Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel and the rest) with some cool guest stars and plots/subplots, if you like this sort of thing (which I sometimes do).
Keeping, solo

*The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS (started airing in October, 2013; re-aired July, 2017; gets repeated often and available online
The wonderful historian, himself African-American, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the narrator and principal investigator/researcher for this amazing series, which chunks the history of African-Americans into hundreds of years, at first, then dozens, then just a few decades by the end (4 Episodes, 75 minutes each; 6 hours, total).
The series "guides viewers on a journey across two continents to explore the transition of African-Americans. The series encompasses five centuries of events, visits key sites, and engages in debates with historians and eyewitnesses like school integration pioneers, Ruby Bridges and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, former Black Panther, Kathleen Neal Cleaver and former Secretary of State Colin Powell."
I'm into documentaries like this

Shetland BBC One/Netflix (Season 4 airs late this fall/early winter, 2017-2018)
The accents of the actors on this show are often very difficult for us midwestern-USA listeners to understand, but the show is a great "who done it" format with very little gore/violence on screen and lots of excellent writing (best handling of female colleague's sexual assault by a male colleague I've ever seen on TV or film), characterizations and situations (similar to DCI Banks, which we also loved). We watched Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Netflix now (summer programming isn't so great on regular TV). We plan to watch it on BBC America, if it runs here, or resume when the rest comes onto Netflix in spring or summer, 2018.
"DI [Detective Inspector] Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) and his team (mostly, Alison O'Donnell, Steven Robertson) investigate crimes within the close-knit island community of Shetland."
Like DCI Banks, the series started with a double Episode pilot, then each Season had/has 3 or 4 double Episodes.
The setting is supposedly on one or more of the Shetland archipelago of islands as part of northeastern Scotland, but is actually filmed mostly in Scotland itself. Still, beautiful scenery of many coastal lays.

Great murder mystery show, if you can understand what they're saying

Beat Shazam Fox (premiered summer, 2017)
The format is lousy, the hype is annoying (thank goodness for mute and fast-forward). Jamie Foxx is wearing jackets for every Episode (Why? it's INDOORS, Jamie!) and being excessively Steve Harvey-ish (irritatingly "amusing," and dancing with and teasing the contestants). The show's producers/directors somehow think it's a good idea to have "guest stars" briefly show up for each Episode, but they do almost nothing but appear, e.g., Mariah Carey (wearing OMG-knows-what), Snoop Dog, and some athletes (again, why?).
Silly, but somewhat fun.
Also, interesting fact: African-Americans comprise only about 12 - 20% of the USA population (depending upon how one "counts," according to the official census of 2010), but they comprise about 70% of this show's contestants and guest stars. Trying to right some imbalances, for sure, and nodding to the amazing contributions of African-Americans to the music industry. So, yea for the casting directors.
We like trying to guess the songs; RENEWED for Season 2

Hooten & The Lady The CW (premiered 7/13/17; Canceled by SKY [the originating station, in the UK], but may run Season 2 in USA, since already made)
"Two globetrotting treasure hunters who set out to recover priceless legendary artifacts." American, Ulysses Hooten (Michael Landes) "is a smooth-talking yet foolhardy lone wolf, who often finds himself in sticky situations." British Museum's relic-finder, Lady Alex Lindo-Parker (Ophelia Lovibond, whom we loved in Elementary) "is an aristocrat and British Museum curator who, despite being straitlaced, is eager to follow in the footsteps of history’s great archaeologists and venture to uncharted lands. Meeting in the thick of the Amazon jungle, they form an unlikely partnership as they travel the globe in pursuit of hidden treasures." They continue on to Egypt, Bhutan, Rome, Ethiopia, Moscow, Cambodia and The Caribbean in their adventures.
HOWEVER, since this "Lady" has no self-defense skills (except dumb luck and her wits), WHY do they not send her with a team of bodyguards, since she has been in life-threatening peril in EVERY Episode, dodging murderous thieves who want these "priceless" artifacts?
Apparently it got good reviews in the UK for season 1 (WHY?), but the UK is still deliberating whether or not to commission a second season.
Also includes Jessica Hynes as Ella Bond, Shaun Parkes as Clive Stephenson, Jane Seymour as Lady Lindo Parker, and Jonathan Bailey as Edward.
Got good reviews in its fall, 2016, airing in the UK, but I cannot fathom why.
Co-Created by Sarah Phelps, this UK series has eight hour-long episodes that seemed to be promising to be very much like two shows we like, The Librarian and Warehouse 13, with some elements of the great Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone films. HOWEVER, their idea of "humor" verges very far into disgusting and repetitite; the villains are unexpected (first episode), then predictable (every one after that) and horrifying; the goals are unclear, since the dialogue is terrible; the characters are not well-drawn and rely on tropes and short-cuts; the situations are completely unrealistic.
We have watched all the Episodes; we are increasingly fast-forwarding and bored.
Jane Seymour has barely appeared and was in silly scenes.
We gave it a try; UNDERWHELMED; CANCELED, but may run Season 2 in USA, since already made

Salvation CBS (premiered 7/12/17)
Yet another sci-fi series in which the Earth is threatened by an asteroid strike. Really? Yet, superstar Executive Producer, Alan Kurtzman, is attached and the writers are popular, also.
"The series centers on tech superstar, Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) and MIT grad student, Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe), who bring Pentagon official, Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) a staggering discovery - that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth....Stars Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Jacqueline Byers, Rachel Drance, Shazi Raja and Ian Anthony Dale."
Not a strong start, and Episode 2 wasn't much better, but we have plowed on, just to find out what happens, and it's tolerable....Barely.
Mediocre, at best

Suits USA (returned 7/12/17; finished 9/13/17; returns 3/7/18 for rest of Season 7)
Michael (played well by Patrick J. Adams), is now allowed to practice law, through some nefarious and dirty dealings and extortion as well as some heartfelt pleas by friends and colleagues at the end of last season. But, why do the writers make Mike a complete idiot when he's supposed to be a genius, though?
Rachel, played well by Meghan Markle (but often dressed inappropriately vampy), is still often too whiny, juvenile and ridiculous (and repetitive).
Sarah Rafferty as the impossibly perfect Donna and Gabriel Macht as the complicated and very psychologically messed-up Harvey still have the greatest scenes and lines (and their characters are decades-long friends, which shows).
Glad to see Dulè Hill showing up here after the doomed Doubt; again, as a lawyer.
Gina Torres is OFF the show but is scheduled to do a spin-off (see top of this post) as Jessica. She was briefly on the doomed The Catch and good there, too. Cameos last year and this year, anyway, on Suits, though.
Louis is still the most richly drawn and has the most fun/awful stuff to do, and all done very well by Rick Hoffman. Love his assistant, Gretchen, played marvelously by the veteran actor, Aloma Wright.
My mom and I complain that none of these lawyers seems to keep their tempers in check, can stop throwing testosterone at the walls (women included), or can behave as anything more than glorified adolescents, except for Jessica (Gina Torres, who makes cameo appearances in this Season, only).

*Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (ongoing in 2017)
I loved Samantha Bee on The Daily Show and awaited her new individual show with great anticipation. I was not disappointed.
Bee was funny, insightful, appropriately outraged and very bold, extremely feminist and "in-your-face," but since I agree with her POV, this all worked great, for me. I laughed out loud and sighed with relief at many of her "bits."
Finally: a feminist's POV delivered with wit and humor about this horrible election season! Yeah! And, more coming, I'm sure.

Full Frontal

Strong return for Season 2, but I AM SO SICK OF TRUMP!
Definitely keeping and glad it was RENEWED for SEASON 2

LATE SUMMER/FALL PREMIERES/RETURNS (some not yet reviewed/watched as of 9/15/17)

(use this link for full schedule:, updated frequently)

Trust Me BBC One [not sure if we get this channel, but maybe the show is on Netflix or Amazon Prime?] (have to find out where to watch Season 1, which ended late August, 2017, but was renewed for Season 2)
"Having lost her job for whistle-blowing, a skilled, hardworking nurse assumes her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor to start a new life in Edinburgh."
Starring Jodie Whittaker as Cath Hardacre; Emun Elliott as Dr. Andy Brenner;
Sharon Small as Dr. Brigitte Rayne; Blake Harrison as Karl, Cath's ex-husband;
Nathan Welsh as journalist, Sam Kelly; Cara Kelly as Mona McBride; Lois Chimimba as Nurse Kare; and, Michael Abubakar as Dr. Charlie McKee.
Looks interesting

Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access for subscribers, only, but their first episodes are also on CBS (premieres 9/24/17; Season 2, already renewed before premiere!)
#payTVsucks, including CBS All Access, but here is some fun! You can watch this #StarTrekDiscovery trailer (and Episode 1, this fall, 9/24/17, for free), anyway.
"...the Star Trek: Discovery series will be set about 10 years before the original series. The first teaser promised 'new crews,' 'new villains,' 'new heroes,' and 'new worlds'—-- and we’ve since learned that we’ll see something that unfolds within the 'Prime' canon of the established Star Trek universe, but not tied to the events in the movies.
"Fuller told CNN the series’ placement between the four-season prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise and the original 1966 series 'gives us an opportunity to bridge the gap between Enterprise and the original series.'”
Episodes run through November 5, then restart in January, 2018, for the rest of the first season.
Discovery's Captain Lorca will be the fabulous Jason Isaacs (we loved him in Awake, but didn't like the story of Dig, even though he was good in it).

WE WON'T PAY EXTRA TO WATCH, but we will watch first free Episode, then fume, until it's on for free

The Good Doctor ABC (premieres 9/25/17)
I'm kind of bored with autistic savant characters (they're EVERYWHERE, now, aren't they?), but this series may be interesting, despite the trite trope.
Starring Freddie Highmore in the title role, and including a couple of familiar faces [Richard Schiff (The West Wing) and Hill Harper (Covert Affairs, CSI: NY)], so we'll try it.

The Opposition with Jordan Keppler Comedy Central (premieres 9/25/17)
"The Daily Show meets The Colbert Report" is the way this is being promoted, with an alumnus of The Daily Show, Jordan Keppler, the one who is assuming a conspiracy theorist wing-nut character with his same name to lampoon fake and fear-mongering "journalists."
We'll try it

Scorpion CBS (returns 9/25/17)
Could be that this show, like so many, is becoming a bit too formulaic, a caricature of itself. This season's Episodes had a few too many "Oh, one of the bizarre genius' amazing ideas, number four, didn't work, so we're going to die" moments.
Why does Katherine McPhee almost never sings in this show? She has a spectacular voice. What a waste.
Watched all Episodes. Started putting a quarter in for every crisis. Topped out at $3.00 for one Episode!
BUT the double-Episode season Opener for 2016 broke the bank! While we weren't laughing so much as frightened (VERY realistic...) and disgusted (why do the writers make most of the team behave like rotten middle-schoolers?), we will keep it on our list.
Interested to see where it will go now that Scott Porter is leaving and that may free up Paige (Katherine McPhee) to pay attention to Walter.
Predictable but interesting. Good for laughs. Keeping and RENEWED for SEASON 3

This is Us NBC (returns 9/26/17)
Mandy Moore (Red Band Society), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes and Gilmore Girls), Justin Hartley (Revenge), Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson), Chrissy Metz (American Horror Story), Susan Kelechi Watson (Louie), Chris Sullivan (The Knick), Ron Cephas Jones (Mr. Robot)
We were very surprised by the quality of the acting, story's twists and turns and unexpected pathos in the first Episode and look forward to more.


Milo Ventimiglia was amazing and so was Sterling K. Brown (from my home town, Olivette, in St. Louis County, Missouri, USA!), in very emotionally demanding roles. Always like Mandy Moore, and were pleased with two new actors for us, Chrissy Metz and Susan Kelechi Watson. Alan Thicke had a funny cameo and we loved Justin Hartley's scenes as well. Even liked the ubiquitous Gerald McRaney in a key role in the pilot, especially his scene with Milo. Great writing and acting, here.
Terrible series' finale, though, for Season 1. Disappointing.
KEEPING and RENEWED for Seasons 2 and 3

Bull CBS (returns 9/26/17)
Great cast: Michael Weatherly (NCIS), Freddy Rodriguez (The Night Shift), Geneva Carr (Law & Order: SVU), Christopher Jackson (Broadway’s Hamilton), Jaime Lee Kirchner (Mercy), Annabelle Attanasio
LOVE this show, even though it's often complicated and convoluted, and with surprisingly little dialogue from Weatherly, even though he is the star and a pivotal character (and the main draw, for us, as long-time NCIS fans). Very good writing and acting all around, with the "good guys" usually prevailing. We like that. Lie to Me did some of this much better, though. We like the way they're bringing in more from each of the main characters' pasts by having them take cases of ex-lovers, siblings, etc.
KEEPING and RENEWED for Season 2

NCIS New Orleans CBS (returns 9/26/17)
Good start to the new season last year (2015). Still liking this, especially Scott Bakula's character. Like the new character played by Shalita Grant (female, African-American, kind of snarky and good at her job).

Shalita Grant
Shalita Grant, on her own Instagram account.

Season 3 was off to a bang, but very sad to lose Zoe McLellan as Meredith Brody (and so was everyone else on the show, apparently). As of this posting, she's not telling anyone, yet, as to why she left the show, but it was her decision.

NCIS CBS (returns 9/26/17)
Definitely missing Michael Weatherly for 2016-17, and don't know if the trio (now duo) of actors they plan to "replace" him with are going to cut it. I already don't like one of them. We'll see.
Keeping and RENEWED for SEASON 15

LIAR Sundance (premieres 9/27/17; 6 Episodes, only)
Recently became aware of this show and will give it a try, but we probably won't like it much. We do like the stars, so we're willing to watch one Episode.
Starring Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) and Ioan Gruffudd (Forever and Fantastic Four) as a teacher and the parent of a student who become involved and mayhem ensues, probably due to, oh, I don't know: dishonesty? All with British accents, of course.
"Laura is a smart and dedicated teacher, not long out of a relationship and unsure about getting back on the dating scene. Andrew is a renowned surgeon whose son is a student at Laura’s school. An initial attraction leads to a date, but neither fully realizes the far-reaching consequences that their meeting will have on each other or their families. Truth and consequences go hand in hand in a tense and gripping thriller that examines both sides of a relationship and both sides of the truth. Are there really two sides to every story? LIAR explores the devastating cost of deceit on both the couple and their friends and family, as secrets and lies are laid bare…"

Tentatively trying

**The Blacklist NBC (returns 9/27/17)
Glad Lizzie isn't dead, but this show is off the rails for real. We watched opener for new season and I hated it; Mom liked it slightly more. Very violent and confusing, but, somehow, compelling.
Keeping and RENEWED for Season 5

Chicago P.D. NBC (9/27/17 returns)
I got caught up ON DEMAND and now am hooked

*Speechless ABC (returns 9/27/17)
Another series, The 'A' Word, seemed to cover this same ground (raising a disabled or atypical child) and we didn't like it at all, so we gave this one a pass last fall. However, Minnie Driver is always great and I gave it a try when I found out it was renewed for Season 2. I'm sorry I'm late to this sit-com party. I started watching this month via ABC On Demand, from the beginning).
The first 2 episodes were so delightful that I put it on our "record" list. I am going to try to get Mom to watch (although she doesn't like sit-coms, usually, because she liked The Red Band Society and she likes The Good Place, she might like this: it sort of combines them both, humorously).


I appreciate the spot-on jokes at the expense of the do-gooders---white liberals and somewhat clueless---the Principal, played perfectly by Marin Hinkle , who is excellent in many other shows I've watched, and one of J.J. DeMeo's teachers, played fabulously by the always-funny Rob Corddry.
(Micah Fowler, who was great in Labor Day, is amazing as the main character, J.J. DeMeo, who has something like cerebral palsy (but they don't say exactly what in the early episodes) and a great sense of humor, who is a budding adolescent who needs to individuate, big time. He is helped admirably by Cedric Yarbrough as his African-American personal Aide, which allows the writers to poke at racism and biases.
The siblings (played well by Mason Cook---cast in many shows, including The Night Shift and Grey's Anatomy---and Kyla Kenedy, also on The Night Shift) and the dad (also played strongly by John Ross Bowie, round out the cast and bring the plot into areas that aren't always about having a disabled family member, which is great.

Designated Survivor ABC (returns 9/27/17)
Strong start to a very scary and realistically drawn scenario in which everyone at the State of the Union address is murdered by a bombing of the Capitol's Congressional Assembly building (where it is always held) and only one Cabinet member (the "Designated Survivor") remains and is now made the President. Kiefer Sutherland and Natascha McElhone are excellent as the HUD Secretary and his attorney wife, with creative and poignant scenes between them, their children, and others as everyone grapples with this tremendous tragedy and changes wrought by it.
Glad they killed off that insipid VP this week (mid-March). But, with the wife also dead, who is in charge?


Great to see Kal Penn (the only actor with actual White House experience IRL!), Maggie Q and Italia Ricci in supporting roles.

Will & Grace NBC (premieres 9/28/17; already renewed for Season 2!)
Sean Hayes, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack and Megan Mulally are back! YEA!


Chicago Fire NBC (returns 9/28/17)
One of my CHANGES conversations between authors' guests, poet performer, James Gordon, has recurring minor roles on this and Chicago PD!)
I got caught up ON DEMAND and now am hooked

*Grey's Anatomy ABC (returns 9/28/17, Season 14; see top of this post for SPINOFF news)
I am a long-time fan of this show, especially, Ellen Pompeo
Love the anti-homophobia storylines and the actions/discussions the show inspires, especially for parents of LGBT kids and for everyone about bullying. Excellent PSAs built right into the show.
Very strong return for season 11 (!?!), and I'm looking forward to more of this show this year, even though some key characters keep leaving/being asked to leave (no spoilers, here).
Keeping and SEASON 14 RENEWED

How to Get Away with Murder ABC (returns 9/28/17, Season 4)
Glad Viola Davis won the Emmy. She deserved it. Good acting by her and many on this show is not enough to save it, though.
The writers of this show are a weird bunch, for sure.
The production values are so bad and the timeline jumping done so poorly that we have no idea what's going on most of the time. Filming is too dark and cuts are too quick. Dialogue is not loud enough.
New season's starter was no better than last season's ending: violent, confusing, oddly written and strange all around.
Keeping but mostly hating; SEASON 4 RENEWED, unbelievably

Blue Bloods CBS (returns 9/29/17)
My mom LOVES this show and watches re-runs for fun, mostly because she loves Tom Selleck as the family patriarch and Chief of Police. It's grown on me.

Blue Bloods

Great acting and we love the characters.
Keeping and RENEWED for SEASON 8

Wisdom of the Crowd CBS (premieres 10/1/17)
Starring Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Mr. Selfridge), Monica Potter (Parenthood) and a bunch more, to run a crowd-funded/sourced version of APB.
So, one network ditches APB but another picks up a show with an almost-identical premise, stolen from Israel. Really? Just bring back APB, please? I guess not.

"Inspired by the notion that a million minds are better than one, a tech innovator creates a cutting edge crowd-sourcing hub to solve his own daughter’s murder, as well as revolutionizing crime solving in San Francisco. Based on the Israeli format of the same name."
Probably won't last

The Gifted Fox (premieres 10/2/17)
One of my long-time faves, Amy Acker, is set to star in another show from Marvel comics (but not with Joss Whedon at the helm), co-parenting [with Stephen Moyer (True Blood)] a troupe of mutant (X-Men-universe) children.
Also stars some others I/we have liked: Coby Bell (Burn Notice), Sean Teale (Reign, Incorporated), Emma Dumont (Aquarius, Bunheads).
Says it's about "a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive."
For several trailers, show art and more casting, producers and plot info:
Probably too much violence and fighting, but we'll give it a try.

9JKL, coming on CBS (premieres 10/2/17)
Has a very good cast with a very stupid-sounding premise. Supposedly based on some true-life experiences of its star, Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains), his parents (played by the great Linda Lavin and Elliott Gould, and his other relatives all in one apartment building for a while. Why?
Surely doomed

Scandal ABC (returns 10/5/17 for 7 final episodes)
We have watched them all, so we have to finish with the sick characters, so well-acted, of this series.
Gotta finish, but no one to root for!

Madam Secretary CBS (returns 10/8/17)
GREAT SHOW! LOVE Tea Leoni and Tim Daly, and the "kids" are still great, as are the others.
KEEPING and RENEWED for Season 3


Supergirl CW (returns 10/9/17)
For Season 3, new peeps: Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as "a villainous real estate tycoon whose vision of National City's future clashes with Supergirl's ideology"; Carl Lumbly (Alias, Southland, The Cure for Wellness) as "Martian Manhunter's father, M’yrnn J’onzz"; Emma Tremblay (Elysium, The Judge, The Giver) "as a young Supergirl super fan"; Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin, Reign) "as DC character, Psi, a psychic who cruelly manipulates people's minds"; Laura Benanti can't continue in her dual role as Supergirl's mother (as a hologram)/aunt (killed off in Season 2), but Erica Durance (Saving Hope, Smallville) will be the new holographic mother.
Also, Calista Flockhart will return often and in season 3's premiere.
For a trailer of Season 3 and more news on this and other Sc-fi/comic-based TV and films (we don't watch most of them):
Excited some of these talented actors were singing (but not on Supergirl, only on The Flash, so watch both for the cross-over and musical episodes in Season 2).
RENEWED for Season 3

*Good Behavior TNT (returns 10/15/17, Season 2: RERUNS of Season 1 starting July, 2017, so catch up!)

Good Behavior TNT

Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) is amazing in this new series based on the Blake Crouch stories surrounding Letty Dobesh (an American ex-con con artist), "in a near future where corporations have unlimited power," like, NOW.... I watched the preview by myself, not sure if Mom would like it. Still not sure, but she says she'll probably give it a try. A lot of violence, drug use and pathetic people are not what either of us wants to watch. However, we are somewhat interested in con games and this may prove to be more interesting than violent. Juan Diego Botto plays a complicated love interest for Letty. Very interesting dynamic between them.
I like this show, but it's DARK; RENEWED for Season 2

Blindspot (returns 10/27/17)
Now with with Archie Panjabi (Good Wife). Got very confusing, very dark, and now, completely off the rails (killing off two main characters). Why?
Still watching, but under duress; Keeping and RENEWED for SEASON 3

Major Crimes TNT (returns 10/31/17)
Excellent show. Strong return. Glad to see Caryn Manheim, although her agent keeps getting her the same parts, it seems (see her in Person of Interest and you'll see the resemblance to this new character).
However, we find the "romance" between Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and Lt. Andy Flynn (Tony Denison), to be completely unbelievable. No chemistry at all!
With Michael Paul Chan, G.W. Bailey, Raymond Cruz, Graham Patrick Martin, Robert Gossett, Phillip P. Keene, Jon Tenney and many others from its predecessor, The Closer, which we loved.
Keeping; Season 6, Renewed

Longmire Netflix (returns October, 2017, for 6th and final Season)
Robert Taylor, Katee Sackoff, Lou Diamond Phillips
We LOVE this show and are so glad Netflix picked it up and continued it! Yea for Season 5! We started watching in October and appreciated the entire season, but hated the cliffhanger and that this upcoming one is its last!
Apparently, final season plans to kill of several main characters. Sigh.
KEEPING for its 6th and final season on Netflix for 2017

*The Crown Netflix (returns 12/8/17 for Season 2)
Season 2 trailer, here:
Deserves every award it got and then some. I'm about half-way through its first season and it has already made me laugh, cry and get goosebumps.
John Lithgow and Clara Foy are outstanding, as are all the rest of the cast and writing. Truly remarkable.
Mom isn't interested, but I keep her posted on how great it is.
If you like this and don't know much about Queen Elizabeth II's reign or the concomitant history, watch In her Own Words: Queen Elizabeth, also on PBS or online. Aired in late May, 2017, so available any time.
Watched and LOVED all of Season 1; Seasons 2 and 3 RENEWED!

Previously Reviewed/Returned/Returning late in 2017 or in in 2018, that I/we liked (updated for 9/22/17)

*Genius National Geographic (premiered 4/25/17)
Bio-pic series based on the life and work of Albert Einstein. Only I watched these, but I really enjoyed each Episode.
Flips back and forth between college-aged (Johnny Flynn) and professorial-/World War II-aged Einstein (Geoffrey Rush). Also stars the great Emily Watson as his second wife for a while, then stays with the older versions for the last few Episodes. Spoiler: ends with Einstein's death and its aftermath, which makes me puzzled that it was renewed for Season 2.
Directed by Ron Howard (yes, that one). has trailers and more info.
Divided into 10 "Chapters," with each episode's airing more than once per week.
Excellently done, but the rise of Hitler is disturbing to watch, given current USA politics; Season 2, RENEWED

*The Americans TNT (returned 3/7/17)
I like this show, but the content is quite disturbing, for sure. The morality, ethics, honesty and deception issues are quite seriously depicted, there is a lot of violence (which I don't like), and people are very screwed up, on all sides. Multiple complexities and grey areas are not shied away from, and they include many key events/issues from the USA's 1980s: bravo to the writers, actors, director, fact-checkers/researchers!
I hate to read subtitles, but having the Russians speak Russian adds verisimilitude, for sure.
Both Matt Rhys (Phillip) and Keri Russell (Elizabeth) give nuanced, fascinating performances, especially when interacting with their now-"read-in," adolescent daughter, Paige (played admirably by Holly Taylor).
Remarkable performances also by the great Frank Langella, with key moments played by Callie Thorne, Noah Emmerich, Annet Mahendru, Lev Gorn make/made this a show well-worth watching. So do Keri Russell's and Matthew Rhys' real-life romance and child together!
Frank Langella gave such a moving speech when he won a Tony (June, 2016) for best actor, referencing Orlando and gay rights, support for diversity and for all, etc., that it gives me a new perspective on him for his role in this show.
Mom watched a few, but bailed.
Cringing, but KEEPING and RENEWED for final season, 6

*Call the Midwife PBS (December, 2017, special 2-hour episode; returns April, 2018)
Resumed with a Christmas special set mostly in South Africa in the 1960s, which was fascinating and heartbreaking, both. Great photography, stories and chracters, as usual.
8-episode run for Season 6 in the USA started in early April, 2017; same pattern for 3 more years, Seasons 7, 8, 9.
Very depressing season opener for 2017, with staffing/casting additions and changes I do not like. Probably going to keep watching, but the material has gotten very dark.

*When Calls the Heart Hallmark (returns Feb., 2018)
Erin Krakow is great as the lead character, Elizabeth Thatcher, a rich young woman who leaves her safe, city family life to become a Canadian prairie teacher in a one-room school house, with an adorable Daniel Lessing as her Canadian Mountie/ love interest. Yes; hers is one of my alternate reality jobs.

When calls the heart

Lori Loughlin is cast as her typically maternal and saccharine character but she does play the best friend/ cafe owner/ widow/ adoptive mother/ landlady well. Other characters are also "stock" and mostly two-dimensional, but I blame the Hallmark Channel's writers (Janette Oke and Derek Thompson, most recently, but there are 18!) more than I fault the actors. Also has Cat Montgomery, played well by Chelah Horsdal.
The show is very sappy, predictable, silly and overly sentimental, with many stereotypes and tropes, but I still watch.
Keeping; Season 5, RENEWED

On Mom's list, only, and she's keeping them:

**Law and Order---SVU NBC (returns 9/27/17)
Mom is keeping this on her list for sure; RENEWED.

**Criminal Minds NBC (returns 9/27/17)
Mom is keeping this on her list, but bored with it.

**Hawaii 5-0 CBS (returns 9/29/17)
Mom is keeping this on her list for sure.

**NCIS Los Angeles CBS (returns 10/1/17)
Mom is keeping this on her list for sure and RENEWED for SEASON 8


*Famous in Love FreeForm (premiered 4/18/17; Renewed for Season 2)
Mom wouldn't watch this, so I watched it alone, going through all 10 episodes "on demand," since they were available. I was surprised by how great the acting was, and pleasantly interested in the plot and a few of the characters. There are some (expected and delivered) 2-D characters, stereotypes and trite, with accompanying plot points, but mostly, better-drawn than many shows' are. I plan to continue, but I expect it to devolve into cliches very soon.
The series' messages are quite disturbing, though. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is dishonest about something major with people they love/care about; many, more than one topic, more than one person. Favorite negativity tropes, so far: infidelity; betrayal; broken promises; secrets; paternity; fake student status; fake jobs; stealing; murder; other criminal activity; extortion; blackmail; planting evidence/framing someone; parental/family status; fake living situation; fake names; broken contracts; inappropriate/impossible expectations; terrible parenting; sexual orientation lies; relationship status lies; blaming others for one's own problems. Very sad state these people are in, but this is supposedly depicting some kinds of "success." Sigh.
"Life changes for ordinary college student, Paige (Bella Thorne), after she auditions for a movie and lands a role in the big-budget blockbuster. The newfound-fame turns Paige into Hollywood's new 'it' girl, forcing her to navigate the highs and lows of celebrity life -- all while trying to balance her college workload. While Paige's new career offers her a chance to meet new people -- including attractive co-star, Rainer (Carter Jenkins), with whom she develops strong chemistry -- it strains her relationships with her current friends, especially Jake, who may want to be more than just friends. ...[B]ased on a novel of the same name written by Rebecca Serle.

Does feature some more well-known actors, including supposed appearances upcoming by Mark Valley and Vanessa Williams (she really gets around; check her out on The Librarians!), but I did not see either of them.
Watched all 10 Episodes. Renewed for Season 2

Humans AMC (returns in 2018)
Great return. Strong characters back again and some new ones. We like how the director instructs the actors who play "Synths" to walk in a distinctive way and gives them all these green contacts so we can tell them from humans right off. A bit violent, but intriguing. Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless We really like this show and welcome it back. Very creative, raising important, thought-provoking social issues about who/what is "human" and what is not, and well-acted.

The Librarians TNT (return date TBD for Season 4)
Fun and satisfying, sometimes, but getting much sillier and not so interesting, this year.
Excellent special effects and well-drawn characters, even the villains.
Don't quite believe the romance between Noah Wylie's nerdy scholar and Elizabeth Romijin's former Secret Service ninja (Noah wishes...), but it's all light and fun.
Miss Bob Newhart and Jane Curtain; John Larroquette just doesn't have what they have. Now, no Noah Wylie for Season 4, too? How will that work?
John Harlan Kim, Lindy Booth, and Christian Kane round out the "regulars."

image from

Keeping and RENEWED for SEASON 4

Quantico (returns later in 2017 for Season 3)
My mom and I liked Quantico for the first half or so. Then, it devolved, as so many do, into chases and violence and not much (else?) to commend it. We kept watching, but too many characters are getting killed off/disappearing each Season. What is up with that?
The premise was supposed to be that this is a show about a new cohort of recruits at the FBI federal training academy (Quantico) in the USA. Why didn't they stick with that? Why did they think they needed a terrorist bombing/ "moles"/ multiple deceptions-based plot?
We know it's an FBI show and we did expect some of the above. But, really, when more than a few minutes of every show is devoted to pursuit chases and macho posturing/inappropriate blame and shaming, we look at each other and say: "Not enough plot, eh?"
UPDATE, in November, 2016: going back in forth in time from the cadets to the present is a good idea but not done well at all. Relying too much on different hairdos for the female characters and who's having sex with whom to anchor the timeline (who cares?). Still watching, but not sure why. it's worse and worse this fall.
Watched the entire year but hated the poor visibility and convoluted storylines; BUT, not yet CANCELED for Season 3, fall, 2017


Timeless NBC (returns later in 2017 for Season 2)
We really LOVE this show. The writing is strong, the characters are interesting, and the twists (due to time travel, of course, and junk science...) are fascinating. We also LOVE Abigail Spencer (Rectify, Suits). We are enjoying Matt Lanter (90210), Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers), and Malcolm Barrett (Better Off Ted), who are new to us. We also appreciate the returns of Goran Visnjic (ER) and Claudia Doumit (Scandal) from previous shows we like, and I've seen and liked Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards).
KEEPING and RENEWED for Season 2

Jessica Jones Netflix (resumes early in 2018)
A bit too much fighting, but interesting and intriguing. We look forward to Season 2.
Disappointingly, the spin-off of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, was awful, but it did get renewed for its second season on Netflix. We watched Episode 1, but it was so violent and not very interesting that we won't return to it.
Continuing to watch when it returns

Chicago Med NBC (bumped to mid-season for 2018 return)
I got caught up ON DEMAND and now am hooked

Elementary CBS (RENEWED but no premiere date set for 2017-2018, yet)

Very sad to hear (on July 8, 2017), about the sudden and very unexpected death (from alcoholic heart failure, at the too-young age of 39) of a recurring character actor on this show, Nelsan Ellis, whom I first admired as Lafayette on True Blood. We will miss you, Nelsan. You were a true talent.

We both like this show a lot even though it's very difficult for us to understand some of the dialogue or to understand Sherlock because of the show's poor audio quality and his rapid-fire speech in a British accent.
Great to see Lucy Liu, Johnny Lee Miller, John Michael Hill and Aidan Quinn back again.
KEEPING, and 6th season RENEWED

*The Magicians SyFy (returns in 2018 for Season 3)
Don't know how I missed this last year, but catching up, now, and liking it enough to keep going. Kind of trite, but interesting. Liking Anna Dudek in the headmistress role.
First episode of new season was boring and filled with predictability. Disappointing in every way. Nothing at all at the school, and too many Narnia tropes and Neverending Story steals.
Come on!
KEEPING, but may quit; RENEWED for SEASON 3

Colony (returns later in 2017 for Season 3)
I guess we weren't the only ones who complained about being very confused and a bit impatient with the way this series' pilot threw viewers into the middle of an alternate Earth near-future without sufficient explanations. For its return this winter, they "went back" and explained the beginning/back story for several elements, including the Arrival, sequestering, and more.
We like seeing Josh Holloway, since we liked him so much in the all-too-soon-canceled Intelligence, and Amanda Righetti, from The Mentalist, which we loved.


But, we never watched Lost, The Walking Dead or Hercules, so the others are new to us, except for Peter Jacobsen, from House and Madam Secretary, and Paul Guilfoyle, from CSI.
Luckily, I had taped the "Colony: Behind the Wall" show, which we watched after we saw the pilot. That was excellent, because it explained a LOT. We also got to see how and why they established some of the special effects and sets for this series. We are now looking forward to seeing the subsequent episodes.
Without giving away too much. we appreciated the parallels the producers/creators are deliberately creating between Nazi-occupied Paris and a hypothetically occupied Los Angeles, asking us all (and all the characters are also asking themselves and each other): what would you do? Would you be a collaborator or a resister? Are you a pragmatist/selfish/greedy "winner," or are you trying to keep going with "normal" life while wresting control from the occupiers and collaborators as you do? What lengths would you go to and what risks would you be willing to take under these circumstances?
Excellent questions and cool concepts.
You can go to the series' website and choose your side and see what you get into there!
Keeping this one, but it's now more horrifying, in the #45 Fascism-is-rising era in which we now shudder to live. RENEWED for Season 3

"The Great American Baking Show stars some of the nation's best amateur bakers as they compete in a series of themed challenges and eliminations all hoping to be crowned Holiday Baking Champion. For four weeks, James Beard Award-Winning pastry chef and author, Johnny Iuzzini, joins England's "Royal Queen of Baking," author and television personality, Mary Berry, as they judge the decadent and delicious holiday fare these bakers create as they throw down their best culinary skills."
Fascinating for my mom and me, who are NOT bakers, since a lot is explained both for how to create good and how the mistakes are made for bad "bakes." Everything can go wrong, especially during the "Technical" bakes, whose recipes are extrapolated from very skimpy instructions (deliberately vague) from one of the two judges each week. Disasters occur from bakers' forgetting to turn on or check the oven temperature, to mistakenly using salt instead of sugar, to neglecting to allow enough time to accomplish it all, to using ingredients/proportions of ingredients that are too weakly or strongly flavored or getting the dough too wet. "Crisp" and having a "good bake" are big on this show.
We like the artists' renditions in sketch books of each participant's planned creation for the final segment each week, the contestants' "Show-Stoppers." They obviously have weeks to concoct and practice prior to the contest date, and it shows.
What we also like are the camaraderie among the announcers and judges and how respectful the judges are to each contestant and they to one another. None of that "reality show" staged back-biting and fighting here (if there were, we'd turn it off). They give a bit of bio and film scenes at their homes and/or day jobs for each of the semi-finalists and finalists, which we look forward to seeing.
This and its American spin-off are only reality shows we watch because the baking concoctions and watching the bakers create them are fascinating, always unusual and new to us, informationally. Many funny moments, but not at any baker's expense, usually, which we like.
Plus, none of the competitors is actually a professional baker: a student; one makes satellites; a retired teacher; one also paints. So interesting that these individuals chose to compete in this way.
Watch for its last Episodes on BBC with the original judges, Mary and Paul, and the original hosts, Mel and Sue (all but Paul are not continuing) for the last Christmas British Bake-Off at the end of 2016.
The Great British, now, The Great American Baking Show (was BBC, but moved to ABC on 12/1/16) The new show is hosted by Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and husband, Ian Gomez (Felicity, Cougar Town, Supergirl).

All the "old" episodes are on Netflix, BTW.

Want to know more about British TV and those who star(starred) in its shows for 2017?

*American Masters on PBS: Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, PBS
(At the Tribeca Film Festival 4/23/17, then aired on PBS; check local listings or watch online,
I have a particular connection to Ms. Lamarr because one of my former partner's mothers and aunt were her friends---three young women who were beautiful, talented, Jewish Austrians and Holocaust survivors. After they all had escaped from Austria and made their way to Los Angeles during Hitler's rise in the late 1930s, these three appeared in two movies together (my partner's relatives had very minor roles). They were also friends with another fellow Jewish Austrian, Johnny Weismuller, known for his roles as Tarzan.
"Hedy Lamarr was the original wild child. Her scandalous nude appearance in the 1933 Czech film, Ecstasy, made her infamous at the age of 17. She married a prominent Austrian businessman who became a weapons dealer to the Nazis. Lamarr, who was born Jewish, fled her husband in the middle of the night, boarding a boat for America with nothing to her name except a single designer gown. On board, she dazzled MGM boss, Louis B. Mayer, and convinced him to offer her one of the best contracts in Hollywood. As a movie star, she was considered by many to be 'the most beautiful woman in the world.' Songs were written about her beauty. Snow White [Disney's original animated version] was modeled on her iconic look. She married six times and had affairs with everyone from Howard Hughes to Spencer Tracy."
I am especially looking forward to this one
*American Masters on PBS aired Patsy Cline – Up Close, Personal in March, but it was not available here in Missouri; check local listings or watch online:
Rosanne Cash narrated this, with many stars interviewed or on clips.
What a talent! Cline's story is sad, but her voice! Mom may watch, but probably not.
I am looking forward to this

Already Shown/Ended for Now; Can Catch Again (On Demand or online)

The Night Shift NBC (Season 4 ended August, 2017)
Yet another medical drama, but this one is set in Texas, which is unusual and inspired the casting directors to include many more Latina/o and African-American actors to play key roles. That is excellent (most other dramas are very Anglo/a).
We missed Episode 1 of this final season due to home recording snafus; for unknown reasons, so watched it On Demand.
All these early Episodes are set far too often in the doctors-are-hostages Syrian war zone and not enough in Texas. What gives? If I/we wanted to watch a war show, I would. This is supposed to be set in TEXAS. Please keep your series setting!
Starring Eoin Macken (mostly in SYRIA), Jill Flint (love(d) her in Bull, Royal Pains and The Good Wife), Brendan Fehr (been watching him since Roswell, into Bones, and now, here), Freddy Rodriguez, Scott Wolf (recently from Perception), Robert Bailey, Jr., J.R. Lemon and now, Tanaya Beatty.
Why did they kill off the beloved Ken Leung? Bad move.
We like the addition of Mark Consuelos (from Pitch, most recently).

The Night Shift

Similar soap opera romances, intern/resident issues, family dramas and interpersonal issues, but adding in the wars the USA is engaged in (several Vets and Rangers among the medical staff, some who are re-deployed), addiction/recovery, pregnancy and fidelity issues abound.
My mom actually started watching this one with me 2016, summer.
KEEPING (SEASON 4 may have been the final season---not sure as of 9/4/17)

*Nashville (now on CMT) (6/1/17 returned)
First episode of new season was disappointing, as they all were for the last 2 years, since there was almost not music and too much "soap opera," again. Almost nothing from Deacon Clayborn (played by Charles Estes), musically, or anyone else. Also starring Hayden Panettiere, the only one doing much singing.
Way too much drama, none of it important or good, and not enough music.
Plan on a lot of fast-forwarding to get through these Episodes.
NOT ENOUGH MUSIC in ANY Episode, STILL. Off, now, until 2018. I hope they put in MORE MUSIC!
Was good, at first; then, not enough music; Season 6, RENEWED, but undeserved

*Younger TV LAND (returned 6/26/17 for Season 4)
I got hooked on this by watching all the previous episodes on-demand, and now eagerly await its return. I LOVE Sutton Foster, so even though the premise is ridiculous and Hilary Duff is predictably awful, I watch.
But, Season 4 is surprisingly much better, partly because some of the characters are now in on the secret (true age of Foster's character, Liza---early 40s vs. the purported mid-twenties) and some of their reactions are excellent. Not sure where this will go, but I did like Episode 1.
Most people won't like this, but I somehow do; RENEWED through Season 5

The Great British Baking Show (Season 4 USA returned 6/16/17, with same hosts) PBS
This final season we have the old crew of 4, still: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as the expert bakers and the two somewhat funny/mostly annoying hosts, Mel (Melanie) Giedroyc and Sue Perkins (except that Sue was strangely and not-mentioned absent from Season 4, Episode 2...???).
This is the only "reality" show (and its spin-offs) that we watch.
There are/were three British and one American spin-offs, The Great British Baking Show, Master Class and The Great British Baking Show, An Extra Slice, both RENEWED; The Great British Baking Show, Holiday Season(that was mostly with Mary and Paul, but with Mary gone after this season, not sure if that will return this fall; and The Great American Baking Show (not seen, yet).
KEEPING; RENEWED through Season 5, but Season 5 has new hosts and no Mary Berry

Prime Suspect: Tennison PBS Masterpiece Theatre (premiered 6/25/17 but not renewed for Season 2)
A marvelous prequel to the marvelous original Prime Suspect, which starred Dame Helen Mirren, these episodes show her character's early life and beginning career days. The hairstyles, soundtrack, cars, attitudes, clothes: all are spot on for 1973 (I should know; I was 19).
Stars Stefanie Martini in these 3 episodes, which are set "in 1970s London. Just a probationary officer at this point in her life, Jane [Tennison] has to fight her way through the appalling sexism and bad policing that were de rigueur at the time. At the start of the series, she’s thrown into a nasty murder investigation that will shape the rest of her life."
Wanted MORE than three 90-minute Episodes

AFI Lifetime Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Diane Keaton TNT (premiered 6/15/17 and repeated throughout the summer)
Al Pacino, Woody Allen, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Morgan Freeman, Steve Martin and many more are included in this tribute show for Keaton. Great clips, interviews with Keaton, and wonderful stories. Very fitting and fun tribute to such a great actor, author, singer, director, leading feminist and iconic individualist of modern theatre and film.
We LOVED this!

My Mother and Other Strangers PBS Masterpiece Theatre, from BBC (starts airing 6/18/17) 5 Episodes only, this "season."
Featuring one of our favorite actors from The Bletchley Circle [see below for review of that great series], the woman who played Alice (the one who took the prison and almost was executed to save her bio daughter), Hattie Morahan, in the title role, this mini-series is slow and somewhat purposeless as of the end of Episode 1, but after we watched part of Episode 2, we ditched it. It was boring; there were no characters worth rooting for, and we didn't see the point of any of it.
Beautiful scenery and a lot of research were found /done to re-create the 1943 northern Ireland setting, though.
"My Mother and Other Strangers follows the fortunes of the Coyne family and their neighbors as they struggle to maintain a normal life after a huge United States Army Air Force (USAAF) airfield, with 4,000 service men and women, lands in the middle of their rural parish.
"Compelling weekly stories, many of them based on events of the time, are held together by an ongoing love story that enfolds and imprisons Rose Coyne (Hattie Morahan, Sense & Sensibility), the parish school teacher and a pillar of the local community, in a dangerous love triangle between her husband, Michael (Owen McDonnell), and the charming USAAF liaison officer, Captain Dreyfuss (Aaron Staton, Mad Men). Meanwhile, the Coyne’s children: sixteen-year-old Emma (Eileen O'Higgins); Francis, ten (Claran Hines, younger, and Michael Nevin, older); and Kate, seven (Mia Carlin), have no idea of the strains under which their parents’ marriage creaks."
Slow and not very interesting

Sherlock BBC (Season 5 returned January 1, 2017, for 3 more episodes)
Yippee! Yahoo! Best BBC return-to-season EVER! Fabulous reunions and loved the Season 4 "premise" (No spoilers, here). How great is Benedict Cumberbatch? And, Martin Freeman!
Also, great mystery to be solved.
Not liking the addiction story line in this or Elementary's Sherlock (or any show, for that matter), but I guess it is part of the Sherlock character.
Keeping, but no new Season any time soon, according to creator/writer, Stephen Moffat, as of August, 2017

DCI Banks (BBC series on DVD, only, so far)
Very well-written and interesting "double" Episodes (90 minutes each, divided into two or presented as one segment), 3 titled Episodes per season, 5 seasons in all, but with the pilot's double preceding the 5 Seasons' Episodes (confusingly, the pilot is titled "Aftermath," but it is the Episode to begin with, for sure).
Features many British actors I've seen in other British TV and film appearances and some fine acting by the principals, Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz, with rotating cast that includes Jack Dearn and Lorraine Burroughs, replaced by Danny Rahim, later.
We LOVED this. Sorry it ended so soon

*To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters PBS (aired 3/26 or later; check local listings)
This somewhat confusing (first 45 minutes or so), and only somewhat informative Masterpiece Theatre production began airing late March, so you can watch online or locally after that. This "two-hour drama depicts the evolution of three secluded, dutiful clergyman’s daughters into authors of the most controversial fiction of the 1840s."
Mom said: "No, thanks."
The docudrama takes the story up in two different places, time-wise, which was the source of my confusion since neither was labeled. Also, even though it is relevant, I think the writers spent entirely too much time on the brother's alcoholism and death and not enough on each of the sister's as a writer (Anne was especially short-changed and Emily came off as a mean person who somehow wrote amazing poetry. Charlotte, as the eldest, made the publishing occur, but we didn't hear nearly enough about any of their ideas, personal and interpersonal struggles as writers, or feelings about having to hide then reluctantly reveal their gender as authors. I wanted to see more of "after the big reveal," but the film pretty much ended there.
Historical aspects were produced well, but I wish they had spent as much money and time on a better script and left the verisimilitude to fester. The story left off just when it was beginning to be interesting.... Too bad.
Starring "Finn Atkins (Eden Lake) as Charlotte, who shocked society with her edgy epic, Jane Eyre; Chloe Pirrie (War and Peace) as Emily, author of the darkly gothic and disturbing Wuthering Heights; and Charlie Murphy (Happy Valley) as Anne, whose penned the true-to-life love story, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall." Also, Jonathan Pryce (Wolf Hall) as their father, Reverend Patrick Brontë, and Adam Nagaitis as their brother, Branwell."
Could have been so much better

*American Masters on PBS: Loretta Lynn: Still A Mountain Girl, PBS
(Started airing 4/16/17; check local listings or watch online)
A profile of country music icon Loretta Lynn, whose hard-fought road to stardom was dramatized in the 1980 film "Coal Miner's Daughter." Included: home movies, photos and concert footage, plus insights from family, friends and fellow musicians, including Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Jack White and Trisha Yearwood.
Very interesting and worth watching, if you're a fan of Loretta

*Gilmore Girls, "A Year in the Life," NETFLIX (returned 11/25/16 as four 90-minute "movies"; May have a Second "Year in the Life," TBD.)
New Season/Revival of/kind of Season 8, but add 10+ years, I watched them all, and I could only convince Mom to watch the first one. Mom hated it.
I thought, being a die-hard GG fan, that Part I, "Winter" (they're all named for one season), held up all right as a movie in its own right, with a few explanatory moments from me to Mom about characters' histories and relationships prior to this Episode. This was no worse (and no better) than many of the Hallmark Channel movies we also struggle to watch/like.

---The Rory-boyfriends subplots were more than ridiculous and insulting to the kind of young woman she had seemed to be developing into at the series' end, but otherwise, everyone was seemingly true to form, albeit older. Same with her now being a vagabond/homeless freelance writer.
---The pieces about grief and loss were well-done, triggered by the actual loss of an actor, Edward Herrmann, who played the grandfather/patriarch/father Gilmore. He actually passed away prior to their making this film series, but recently enough that some of the grief seemed authentic to the characters as well as actors).
---The revisiting of having more children for Lorelei/Luke seemed odd and unlikely, at their ages.
---Lane's band seemed to be inserted for no reason at all.
---The citizens of Stars Hollow were even more annoying and absurd than before, or else I have less patience.
---Much of the dialogue seemed more like a race between/among characters than a conversation, true to its usual series' style.
---Seems odd to have three more in this sequence: where can they actually go?

I watched the other 3 "seasons" alone and was both dumbfounded and astonished in all directions (crying, laughing, bored, appalled). The dialogue, plots, characters and situations were a strange mixture of insipid and ridiculous with inspired and poignant thrown in with romance and realism. Perhaps the writers have more than one personality, themselves?
Also, having not just cameos but actual appearances by many uncredited and quite famous guests was fun but odd. Sutton Foster, Christian Borle, Carole King, Melissa McCarthy, and several others had more than just a walk-through: the first three performed (sang, danced; played piano and sang)! Fun, but very weird.
Very strange; often moving and entertaining as well as horrible

*Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix
"This adaptation of the children’s book series of the same name manages a hilariously melancholy tone. Neil Patrick Harris slays the role of the ridiculously evil Count Olaf, and the rest of the show is full of great performances from a series of stars." We love Neil.
I will give this a try and let Mom know about it if it's good.

*Black Mirror Netflix
This British version of an updated Twilight Zone-ish series is very unsettling (I've only watched two episodes, but those were so disturbing I may not return any time soon). However, they are well-written, well-acted and "realistic," as far as they can be while venturing into odd and futuristic territory. Recommended if you like bizarre, weird, unnerving and challenging. I know my mom won't like it, so I watch when she's not around.
I recognize some of the actors from other BBC series (Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, New Tricks and others), so that is fun.
VERY DARK. I have watched about 6 episodes, now. Many are truly awful, dystopian, nightmarish depictions of our future.
It's now in its third season, so if you can stomach it, there are many episodes to watch!
Watching, but nauseated; RENEWED for Seasons 4 and 5

The Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor honoring Eddie Murphy aired 2/26/17 for the 2017 Prize; Bill Murray was honored 10/23/16 for 2016 [I have no idea why these were so close together in linear time].
The laugh-out-loud funny clips are excellent. The Kennedy Center in New York City is the setting for each broadcast on PBS. These specials are great, featuring clips and/or live appearances by friends, colleagues, admirers, those who were mentored by these greats, and more. Each gets re-broadcast frequently and you can also watch it online.
Past recipients of the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize are Richard Pryor, Jonathan Winters, Carl Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, Lorne Michaels, Steve Martin, Neil Simon, Billy Crystal, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Ellen DeGeneres, Carol Burnett, Jay Leno.

For other PBS special productions (Great Performances of filmed live plays, concerts, more), stream them online:

The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize: Smokey Robinson was awarded this highest honor for songwriters for 2017, on PBS, which started airing 2/10/17 and is being aired online and at various other dates/times, locally. Check listings, because it gets rebroadcast.
What a national treasure Smokey Robinson is as a songwriter, performer, music producer and arranger, and well-deserving of this prestigious award, recently given to its first woman (Carole King), in 2016. Want to be impressed? Here is a list of the songs he has written that have been recorded (mostly made famous by other singers/groups, like The Temptations, Mary Wells, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, and not all by his group, The Miracles, or him as a solo artist).
Many early hits are credited as having been co-written with Berry Gordy, Jr., but the word on the street is that Smokey was the genius and Gordy just helped out:
What Boomers can ever forget such hits as "Tears of a Clown," "Shop Around," "Broken Hearted," "You Beat Me to the Punch," "You've Really Got A Hold on Me," "The Way You Do the Things You Do," "My Guy," "My Girl," "The Tracks of My Tears," "Ain't That Peculiar," "Don't Look Back," "Get Ready," "I Second That Emotion," "Cruisin'."

*And Still I Rise, Maya Angelou tribute on PBS, started airing 2/21/17, then online and locally at other times/dates; check local listings.
FABULOUS! Must see this, and watch with your teens/young adults. Moving, informative, amazing portrait with clips from every part of her life, interviews, stories. Poet, author, singer, actress, dancer, political activist, inspiration to many all around the world, and outstanding woman, Maya Angelou's story and works are well worth remembering/learning about.

*Madiba BET (mini-series aired mid-February, 2017)
A FANTASTIC, original mini-series (from BET's press release, April 2016) "BET partners with executive producers, Lance Samuels, Kweku Mandela and Daniel Iron for an original production that focuses on the story of Nelson Mandela, the globally beloved humanitarian, as well as the many other leaders of the African National Congress -- Oliver Tambo (Orlando Jones) and Walter Sisulu (David Harewood) -- who fought alongside Mandela in the multi-racial, multi-national movement that led to the end of South African apartheid. Academy Award(R) nominee Laurence Fishburne completely transforms in the lead role, under the direction of Kevin Hooks (Passenger 57, Prison Break), who also serves as Executive Producer."
Very moving, informative, inspiring. Sad and important, both, that we're still fighting these fights.
Learned a lot from this.

*When We Rise ABC (5-part miniseries, started airing 2/27, with the two-hour series premiere, then aired the rest, every night through 3/3/17, but it will also be available via ABC On Demand and probably online as well; May have another Season!).
This is/was my era. I know people whose names are on the AIDS quilt: dead friends and loved ones, friends' partners and relatives. I am bisexual and was a reproductive rights, pro-ERA, feminist activist for many of these interlocking movements. These are my people. I remember these arguments, coalitions' building and falling apart, feminists divided by homophobia, race-baiting among the GLBT and feminist communities: searching for safety among women only to find myself rejected as a bisexual; searching for camaraderie among the gay men only to find the misogynistic, hateful attitudes to be unworkable; wishing for cis-gender and heteronormative people, especially those with money and power, to wake up and grow up (still waiting for most of them).
This series is excellent! Each episode is so moving, well-done, informative and true-to-life that it ought to be required viewing for all politicians, GLBT people and their families, friends, allies and detractors, and the rest of the USA population. A lot of this series' scenes have moved me to tears.
"Written and created by Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black...chronicles the real-life personal and political struggles, set-backs and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. Civil Rights movement from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once unfathomable successes of today."
Starring Guy Pearce, Mary-Louise Parker, Rachel Griffiths, Ivory Aquino, Carrie Preston, Michael K. Williams, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg.
The extra hour within this series which aired before Night III, has interviews with some of the actual people this series is based upon, real footage of their meetings, speeches, marches, encounters, photographs of the original activists and their work. Extremely inspiring.

October, 2016, special with interviews and clips from the show and others (including President Obama), all part of this presentation. Very fun, and for those who can't get to a performance due to lack of proximity, funds, tickets, or all three, this is the closest we can get to Broadway! My mom and I dislike rap and hip-hop, but we LOVED this special about the show.
Also, the background of the ways Lin-Manuel Miranda (first HAMILTON lead and originator of all the songs, lyrics, book, ideas) and his creative team do the writing and visiting historic sites for accuracy provides a GREAT American history lesson, all containing facts and perspectives I have never heard (or don't remember hearing).
This was part of a Friday night at the Arts series which included a performance of GYPSY with Imelda Staunton as Mama Rose (who knew she could sing and belt songs?), Alvin Ailey's dance troupe, Alan Cummings' cabaret show and more. Check your local public television station's schedule for re-broadcast dates or watch online.

*Norman Lear was featured in Just Another Version of You PBS American Masters Series Premiered 10/25/16 and re-broadcasts often: check local listings or watch online. Very informative, moving, funny, poignant. Many great memories for me and my mom in this.
Entertaining! What a creative, courageous mensch Lear was!

Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors (11/30/16) NBC; may return in 2017
Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love is s sequel to the fun 2015 film based on her memoirs and recently released as a children’s book, Coat of Many Colors.
We were somewhat mystified and disappointed at the role the adult Dolly Parton gave herself in this sequel biopic, of one fall of her childhood at age 9: why would she have the local business owner (played by Parton's real-life younger sister, Stella Parton), call her out as a prostitute? The child-aged Dolly says things like: "I want to look just like you when I grow up!" and the adult Dolly, known as "The Painted Lady" in the film, responds: "Maybe you will!" big smile. Very bizarre. The Painted Lady is a benefactor whose money is considered "dirty" and taken away by the store owner from child Dolly, but she keeps appearing throughout the film. Unclear as to why.
Which begs the question I've long had: why would anyone do to themselves what Dolly Parton has done (all the plastic surgery, wigs, false eyelashes, excessive dieting, garish make-up and clothes, for decades), and refuse to age gracefully? Dolly Parton is an inspiration and role model for many singers/songwriters and business owners, and she does consider herself an advocate for women. So, why does she refuse to look like a ordinary person?
Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays young Dolly, reprised her role from the film last year and did a splendid job most of the time, but she could have been directed better. Some of the scene in which she has to speak more than a line or two are very stilted and artificial. The shorter interactions and her singing/playing guitar scenes are the best parts. Jennifer Nettles and Kelli Berglund, playing the eldest daughter, were excellent and well cast as Dolly's mom and oldest sister. Mary Lane Haskell reprised her role as the school teacher, Miss Moody, who I hope is true-to-life and lived long enough to see how successful Dolly Parton became.
WARNING: This film has a very strong mystical, grandiose/romantic, heavy-handed Christian /Christmas messages which the adult Dolly definitely still believes in and wants everyone to know. There are appearances of visions, prayers, Baptisms, magic, God, blessings, angels and the like in her life and in this and the former film. If you believe in all that or like watching films like this, you'll love it. We are not so fond (raised Jewish and practicing Buddhist, here).
may return in 2017

*American Epic PBS (started airing 5/16/17)
A musical history documentary and additional music sessions filmed, presented by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford, Jack White. FMI:
You can watch this online or locally; check your listings.
This award-winning BBC documentary was broken into three episodes for PBS, each of which details a particular era or aspect of the roots of Black and midwestern/southern and Native American music, including blues, gospel, ragtime and other uniquely American styles, in video, photography, interviews, recordings, and archived stories.
I watched the first Episode, "Blood and Soil," and it was great! Planning to watch the other two, but got mixed up with scheduling and have to find them online, now.
Fascinating, wonderful!

King Charles III PBS (Masterpiece; premiered 5/14/17)
PLEASE watch this fabulous production of a surreal/realistic and extremely controversial, brilliant, Tony-nominated play by Mike Bartlett about the British royal family. This fable-like story begins in modern times, with the death of Queen Elizabeth II (which could occur any day; she is over 90!) and continues, in Shakespearean blank verse (!?), through the aftermath for Prince/King Charles III, Prince William and Kate, and Harry as well as various fictionalized parliamentarians and ministers.
Starring the recently deceased (April, 2017) Tim Pigott-Smith, as King Charles; with Oliver Chris and Charlotte Riley as Prince William and Kate; Richard Goulding plays Prince Harry. Also features Margot Leicester as Camilla; Adam James as the fictional PM; and, the love interest for William, played by Tamara Lawrance.

Look for it online if not on your PBS station. AND, stay tuned to watch the extra 30 minutes of "Behind the Scenes," included after the 90-minute play, with the playwright, director and many of the key actors, all of whom are recreating their stage roles for the screen production.
FASCINATING and well worth your time

The Bletchley Circle Netflix (2 "seasons," 3 Episodes, each)
After watching and loving the film, Hidden Figures, we found this excellent series featuring some more strong, brilliant women who were code-breakers during WW II and then solve mysteries in post-World War II London. Kind of gruesome in parts, but very well-written and -acted. Terrible shame that it was canceled after Season 2, which had two 2-part stories (4 episodes).
Worth your time

*American Masters on PBS: The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, PBS (Check online: for video replays of this and all PBS specials.)
This wonderful biographical documentary was aired quite a while ago, but I finally got around to watching it this week (mid-May). So moving, interesting, informative, yet, also, quite sad, especially given the current administration's idiocy regarding the department she fought so hard to start, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Rachel Carson was a brilliant scientist, writer and environmentalist (one of the world's very first) who saved countless lives by advocating for stricter long-term testing for pesticides and other chemicals that the USA's corporations and government were so cavalierly throwing around in the 1940s - 1960s. Horribly and ironically, she died of cancer at the young age of 56, or she would have done so much more.
The Sea Around Us and Silent Spring are STILL best-selling nonfiction books. READ THEM!
Well worth your time.

Dirty Dancing (film, remake) ABC (premiered 5/24/17)
Both my mom and I are HUGE fans of the original (we have seen it more than a half-dozen times, each), and we are JEWISH. So, our opinions of this remake count, HUGELY. It's billed as "a three-hour filmed musical event" to "celebrate its 30th anniversary" with a lot of hype to live up to, which does not help its chances of succeeding.
This starts out all right, but without Patrick Swayze, we found it very sad. We kept having to decide whether or not to keep watching; it was that mediocre/bad.
Colt Prattes, who plays Johnny, has very little to none of Swayze's charisma, sexiness or extreme talent. MISFIRE, here. Pratton seemed to be channeling John Travolta's Grease character more than Johnny's in the original film.
The female main characters were a mixed bag of seemingly overweight (Abigail Breslin as Baby, Debra Messing as Marjorie Houseman, and Sarah Hyland as older sister, Lisa (were they in padding or what?) and miscast leads. While we applaud not always having anorexics as dancers, it is not credible that the awkward Breslin can become a great dancer in the given 2 weeks or fewer of the plotline.

Best casting choices were: Nicole Scherzinger as Penny; Katey Sagal as the older "cougar" character (who can sing very well, BTW); and Shane Harper as the predatory waiter, Robbie.
Where did all the African-American resort staff characters come from? Very few were in the original, because Jewish-owned resorts didn't hire many non-Anglo workers back then. So, why feature so many in this supposedly faithful remake and never once mention the concurrent civil rights demonstrations, which were very prominent in the summer of 1963 (the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ring any bells?)? Diversity casting only works when it fits the era. Am I wrong? For example, Billy Dee Williams as the Black/Cubano bandleader worked fine.
Similarly, why cast a very non-Jewish-vibing actor as Baby? (Breslin's bio lists her as having a Jewish father and being "Jewishish," whatever that means. Breslin was also too old (over 21 as opposed to just 18, a difference which does show) to play the role, and she's not even a strong dancer. There are plenty of Jewish actors who are age-appropriate and better dancers who could have played this iconic part.
Also featured were a very non-Jerry Orbach-ish Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Jake Houseman, with Tony Roberts, Trevor Einhorn, J. Quinton Johnson, Beau "Casper" Smart.
This reboot had some heavy-hitters behind and in it, such as: Grammy Award-nominee, Adam Anders (Glee, Rock of Ages), who also serves as executive music producer, and Andy Blankenbuehler (Hamilton, Bring It On, In the Heights) as the choreographer. Didn't help.
The film PR stated that it included "memorable songs from the original movie" and "additional songs from the era," but why include remakes of songs that definitely did NOT need remaking )("Hungry Eyes," "She's Like the Wind")? Just to honor Patrick Swayze, this film should have used his and Jennifer Warnes' perfect version of that class-conflict-love song. The new version's arrangement of "She's Like the Wind" was so TERRIBLE as to almost have been unrecognizable. WHY?
And, having all the main characters sing as well as act or dance/act was interesting but completely unnecessary. The only exception was the requisite final talent show number that starred the adorable Hyland and Johnson, who did an inexplicably Hawaiian version of Bob Dylan's "Don't Thing Twice, It's All Right," which was excellent.
There are some important "marks" to hit in such a beloved remake, of both lines, emotions and actions, and only some of them were included at all; most were not done well, if done. The additions/changes to the storyline, on the other hand, added time and drama or left out key parts, and nothing significant was contributed to the story (e.g.: the divorce/not divorce marriage/intimacy problems of the parents: who cares?; and, the sabotage of Johnny being at the hands of the resort owner's slimy nephew, Neil, and the desperate Sagal character rather than the deed having been done by the elderly grifters in the original).
And, if you think MY review was harsh, read this one, from Rolling Stone's Jenna Scherer:
Barely a C- grade. Watch if you are a fan; prepare to be disappointed

Shows We Haven't Continued But Are Probably Good and We May Watch, Again

Julie's Greenroom (3/17/17 released) Netflix
Starring Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton. Created by Judy Rothman Rofé. "Ms. Julie (Julie Andrews) teaches performing arts workshops with the help of her assistant, Gus, at their Wellspring Center for the Performing Arts."
Could be fun; mostly for kids; has Muppets

Travelers Netflix
A sci-fi series starring Eric McCormack which, in our opinion, had a very rocky start (Episode 1 is confusing and extremely violent), but may improve.
Dubious foundations as well, but we'll give it a few more Episodes, perhaps. Another episodic time travel show has the premise that the agents come from the future and have to take over the bodies of people in the past (our "present") in order to stop the end of the world. At least they are supposed to "battle their own guilt at the harm they sometimes have to do for the greater good," a conscience that is sorely lacking in several of Timeless' characters, for example.
Watching, but it's DARK; RENEWED for Season 2

Grace & Frankie Netflix (Season 3 returned 3/24/17)
The writing has deteriorated even worse for Season 3.
My mom and I enjoyed Season One enough to watch Season Two, but we were constantly disappointed.
We saw Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on talk shows often and we do respect them as actors. However, each of their characters has become a caricature of its original concept, and the characters of all the gay men, including Martin Sheen 's and Sam Waterston's, were always pathetic stereotypes.
Robert (Sheen) and Sol (Waterson) are wooden and unbelievable as passionate lovers. Lily Tomlin is still performing a hippie character trope. Jane Fonda was the only one of the four who actually inhabits a realistic version of a character via acting, but she has been doomed to repeat rather than enact Grace's growth and insights.
Brooklyn Decker and June Diane Raphael are given, as Sheen's and Fonda's adult daughters, mostly comedy bits and one-liners to enact, and they are not getting the sisterly relationship in any believable way. Baron Vaughn and Ethan Embry (Tomlin's and Waterston's adult sons) are not given even that much to do, and even that is more slapstick than acting.
Most of the supporting characters are written as stereotypes of whatever group they are purported to belong to by ethnicity, age, job or other status, which is sloppy and lazy writing and disappointing for the talents of these actors. Ernie Hudson returns as Lily's friend, now lover, Jacob, isn't given much to do, either. We hoped these great actors would get to do more than mug, crack jokes and be cardboard cutouts.
This show could be SO MUCH BETTER! But, the writing trivializes what few actual issues there are, going for silly and getting sillier even though the topics are significant. For example,
---What kind of gay are the characters of Sol and Robert? They apparently haven't discussed this, much. Are they even the same kind as one another? Are they flamboyant "queens," political/marchers in gay pride parades, attendees and singers at Broadway Bingo called by a Transvestite (or Transgender: the show didn't even bother to make the distinction, or...?
--- Why trivialize the muggings, burglaries, robberies and other crimes committed against senior citizens while parodying real concerns about home owners having loaded guns on site?
---How do women raising several children deal with husbands who won't grow up?
---How do couples who based their entire relationship on infidelity deal with their infidelitous leanings, lifetimes of duplicity and dishonesty, and other problems that do not disappear once they are "out"? Sol has sex with Frankie on the eve of marrying Robert. Frankie has trouble not telling Robert, who is her life-long friend. She, however, didn't seem to have any trouble cheating with Sol on Robert.
---Does none of these characters have a distinct moral compass? They all lie to each other.
---Good to raise the issues senior citizens deal with in relationships and sexuality (vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, shyness/awkwardness (newly dating after being married for decades), lack of interest, but why not show more respect, even in a comedy?
--How do/can addicts "make amends" when they've lied, stolen, destroyed property and relationships/trust for many years and still can't be readily trusted?
---Do children ever "get over" sibling rivalry? Do in-laws ever get along? How do jealousy and competition and affect adult relationships?
---How could adults deal effectively and respectfully with children's phobias and anxieties rather than patronizing or minimizing?
Wish the writers would tackle these and other issues head-on rather than with one-liners and sit-com scenarios. The actors would then actually have something to do and the viewers would probably be feeling that their time had been well-spent instead of wasted. They need to watch When We Rise. For real.
CONTINUING, but constantly disappointed; RENEWED for SEASON 4

The Shows We/I Gave Up On that are NOT (yet) Canceled (updated for 9/22/17)

*Rebel BET (premiered 3/28/17; Renewed for Season 2)
This was so awful I couldn't even finish the first half of the pilot Episode. Trite, overly violent, filled with cliches, stereotypes and ridiculous scenarios, and that was just in the first 20 minutes.
"BET's new scripted drama...takes on the unique and complicated relationship the Black community faces with police officers. Directed by John Singleton, the series follows Rebel (Danielle Moné Truitt), a police officer who leaves the force after being under an intense Internal Affairs/criminal investigation for shooting her partner in the hopes of stopping him from gunning down her little brother. Continuing to fight crime as a P.I., Rebel struggles with her brother's murder while defending herself from the dirty cops who are out for revenge...[T]he series examines the conflicted relationship officers of color have with their jobs at a time when police forces are rife with brutality and misconduct...featuring many issues ripped from the headlines."
Also starring: Giancarlo Esposito, Mykelti Williamson, Cliff "Method Man" Smith, LaTanya Richardson, Brandon Quinn.
This one may hit too close to home (I live in St.Louis and recently taught G.E.D. classes to youth from the Ferguson area).
OFF MY LIST; but, Renewed for Season 2

Brockmire IFC (premiered 4/5/17)
Starring Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet. "Jim Brockmire (Azaria) [is] a famed major league baseball announcer who suffered an embarrassing public meltdown live on the air a decade ago after discovering his wife's infidelity. Now, looking to reclaim his career, reputation, and love life, Brockmire takes a job in a small American rust belt town, calling minor league baseball games for the Morristown Frackers. Peet co-stars as Jules, the strong-willed and hard-drinking proud owner of the Frackers."
Also featuring Tyrel Jackson Williams.
Usually like both Azaria and Peet, but their characters are completely unrealistic and unlikable, as is the plot. Too raunchy and off-kilter for us and RUINS baseball announcers forever.
OFF OUR LIST; Renewed for Season 2

The Son AMC (premiered 4/8/17)
Same writer, Daniel C. Connolly, as The Colony and other things, this new series starring Pierce Brosnan (YES!) is "based on Philipp Meyer’s best-selling novel, The Son... [It] spans 150 years and three generations, tracing the story of Eli McCullough (Brosnan) and his transformation from good-natured innocence to calculated violence, as he loses everything on the wild frontier on the path to building a ranch-and-oil dynasty."
Not one likable character in this show; we couldn't even finish Episode 1.
Too violent for us, even though we love Pierce Brosnan; OFF OUR LIST, but RENEWED

**Great News NBC (premiered 4/27/17)
Mom said it was too insipid and took it off her list after just a few minutes. "A New Jersey mom puts her relationship with daughter to the test when she lands an internship at her new job, which comes with many challenges."
Starring Briga Heelan (Undateable), Andrea Martin (Difficult People), Adam Campbell (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mixology), Kimrie Lewis-Davis (Scandal), Nicole Richie (Chuck), John Michael Higgins (Wilfred), Horatio Sanz (SNL)
OFF OUR LIST but RENEWED for Season 2

Imposters Bravo or USA
We gave this The Catch imitation a try for one Episode and part of Episode 2 and ditched it. Trite, unlikable characters and not-believable situations. Also, very BORING. Wanted to see Mary Kay Place, but she was hardly in it.
OFF OUR LIST; but, unbelievably, RENEWED for Season 2

The Good Fight (premiered 2/19/17) CBS, then only CBS "All Access," for subscribers which ROTS and I can't believe this is a trend. We already pay for cable, then they want us to pay for "super" cable? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.
Spin-off of The Good Wife, includes Christine Baranski reprising her role as Diane Lockhart and Cush Jumbo as Lucca), as well as Rose Leslie, Delroy Lindo, Sarah Steele, Paul Guilfoyle, Bernadette Peters, Justin Bartha and Erica Tazel. I guess we'll watch it when it's available elsewhere, some day, but Episode 1 is on regular CBS (just to tease us all).
It was good but not great. Won't miss it.
WE WON'T PAY EXTRA TO WATCH THIS; first (FREE) Episode was good; RENEWED and staying on PAID All-Access for Season 2

The Match Game ABC (renewed for Season 3, 2017-18)
My mom and I are old enough to have watched the original version of this game show and since we liked some of the principles and the promised celebrities, we gave it a try. We keep watching even though it's so silly and raunchy. Each Episode consists of 4 segments (both segments have the same celebrities but two new contestants for each of the two segments in each hour-long show). Rosie O'Donnell (who seemed to be having a great time and was the contestants' favorite in her Episodes) and one or two others re-appear; the rest rotate.
My mom and I are usually only familiar with 3 or 4 of the 6 celebrities, plus the show's host, Alec Baldwin, each time.
We aren't prudish (I especially am not, being a hippie and all), but we were shocked at how lewd, graphic and sexually focused the clues, responses, jokes and reactions were. A lot of the bits are improvised (supposedly), but none of their remarks was censored (self- or network-) or even attempted to be made more family-oriented.
I expressed my surprise at its bold raunchiness and my mom replied: "Well, it is on at 9 PM Central time...," shaking her head.
So, fair warning. Some of it is funny, most of it is silly, and it's all in "good" fun (if you're into lewd types of humor).
Totally ridiculous; renewed for Season 3

**MacGyver CBS (premiered 9/23/16)
Lucas Till (X-Men), George Eads (CSI), Justin Hires (Rush Hour), Sandrine Holt (House of Cards), Tristin Mays (The Vampire Diaries)
We aren't even going to bother with this. A friend watched the pilot and said it was horrible, with the majority of the time spent blowing things up.

Taboo FX (premiered 1/10/17 and ran as a miniseries)
An eight-episode series set in 1814. Really dark, awful production values, very gruesomely realistic. After almost 30 minutes, still did not get the point, except that the brother-sister love affair is not obvious, yet. So what? Boring.
OFF OUR LIST but RENEWED for Season 2

Beyond Freeform (formerly ABC Family)
Very odd sci-fi/medical premise (being in a coma allows one to "live" elsewhere, like, another dimension? and learn/uncover "powers"), but interesting. We're both watching and glad it was renewed for next year, because they have a lot of 'splaining to do!
They aren't explaining it all sufficiently, credibly or fast enough for us and it's getting much too violent.
We gave up on this, but it is RENEWED for SEASON 2

*Modern Family ABC (returns 9/27/17; FINAL SEASON)
This season will include guest appearances by Nathan Fillion (LOVE him) and Martin Short (could do without him). Most of last season was tedious, so I may not watch much of this one; my mom doesn't watch at all. We'll see. I thought it had lost its sparkle and originality; storylines were repeating.
Also, the child acting as "Lily" (Aubrey Frances Anderson-Emmons) is AWFUL and very badly directed. Too bad. Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Rico Rodriguez, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, and Reid Ewing co-star.
Watched pilot for fall, 2016, and it was as bad as expected. I did enjoy fast-forwarding to catch Nathan Fillion on a few episodes, but hated his role.
NOW so stupid that it's OFF MY LIST; AND, CANCELED after 2017-18 season

*Star Fox
Despite the inclusion of the ever-talented and great Queen Latifah, this show is a poor imitation of both Empire and a more hip-hop-focused Glee with The Fosters thrown in for who-knows-what-reason. The plot is cliched (which explains both Lenny Kravitz and Benjamin Bratt's roles), boring and not credible. The singing is lip-synched, the choreography is uninspired and overly sexualized (especially for a teen rape survivor), and the main characters (Jude Demorest. Ryan Destiny. Brittany O'Grady) aren't that talented as singers, actors or dancers. Since I suppose this was cast by having thousands of teens and young women audition, that's very disappointing.
The (by now) required trans and drag characters are also absurd and stereotyped. The strip club as venue is (by now) overdone.
And, really? Another hair salon for the Queen? Please.
DROPPING after one episode and not making Mom watch at all; Unbelievably, RENEWED for Season 2

Little Big Shots NBC (returned 3/5/17)
We USED to LOVE this show, but with Steve Harvey now a Trump supporter, it is harder to watch. We fast-forward a lot.
This show can be very fun and showcases some amazingly talented/skilled youngsters, but I recommend recording it also to fast-forward through some of the acts that are not so interesting to you (everyone is different, after all). We like the singing, dancing and some of the oddities, but not martial arts or simply cute. Steve Harvey is great interacting with these kids.
KEEPING, but fast-forwarding through most of each episode

*People of Earth TBS (10/31/16 premiered)
Wyatt Cenac investigates people who encounter aliens: How fun! Or, so I thought. Instead, this 1/2-hour sit com approach is insipid, trite, and boring, stealing from any and every previous TV, film, written and spoken version of these same stories. It is rife with stereotypes, one-liners as jokes or characters, and predictable situations, and that was just the pilot.
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME; but, amazingly, this was RENEWED for Season 2

The Bold Type Freeform (premiered 6/21/17)
Because of this description: "'The Bold Type is our love letter to modern feminism and aims to be a destination for authentic female friendship and empowerment,' said Karey Burke, executive vice-president of programming and development at Freeform," we tried it, but we couldn't even get through 30 minutes, including commercials. HORRIBLE writing and acting and insipid characters with nothing to recommend it whatsoever. Too bad.
Trying too hard to be like The Devil Wears Prada but failing miserably.
Inspired by the life of Cosmo's editor, Joanna Coles, it centers around the staff at a fictional women's magazine.
Starring Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Sam Page, Matt Ward, and Melora Hardin as the editor-in-chief of Scarlet Magazine.

Melora Hardin and Katie Stevens of The Bold Type


Somewhere Between USA (premiered 7/24/17)
This was AWFUL. The direction is terrible, pulling heinous performances out of the mom and daughter and making the dad a cipher. The story is unnecessarily confusing and unbearably sad. We quit.
"Paula Patton plays a mother who tries to change the fate of her daughter's murder." Multiple timelines, time travel, etc. Gruesome and sad, probably, but could be interesting.
Also stars Aria Birch (the missing/murdered daughter), and Catherine Barroll, JR Bourne.
Remake of a Korean drama, God's Gift 14 Days.
"Paula Patton (About Last Night) stars as Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco helping the police hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a "Groundhog Day"-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders."

We hated this

Remember Me PBS (7/16/17 premiered)
This is a British three-part mystery series from 2014 with the great Michael Palin in the lead role, his first regular television acting role in 20 years. BUT, it can't seem to make up its mind: is it a horror story? A ghost story? A mystery with paranormal components? His dementia mixed with... what, exactly? We did not like this mix and the horrible/trying-too-hard to be scary music at ALL.
And, the family issues of the care worker, Hannah (Jodie Comer), and the "depressed" detective (Mark Addy), seem thrown in purely for verisimilitude; instead, these elements make their characters pathetic and are distracting.
"The elderly Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin) fakes a fall at his long-term terraced house in bleak Yorkshire to escape to a care home. However, moments after arriving, the social worker that delivered Tom is thrown from the seemingly impenetrable fourth floor window of Tom's room; with only her and the frail Tom inside. This mystifies teenager care assistant, Hannah, although local police, including depressed detective, Rob Fairholme, are largely uninterested. One by one, strange things begin happening to those in contact with Tom, including Hannah and her family, and Tom soon vanishes from his hospital bed without explanation. Returning to Tom's home, Hannah starts to piece together several clues which lead her to Scarborough, where a dark secret from Tom's past comes to light and it becomes apparent that the paranormal are moving against them."
VERY weird; NOT watching other 2 Episodes

Through Sept 30, 2017 is the time for #10Q ! “Reflect. React. Renew. Life’s Biggest Questions. Answered By You.”

It’s not to late, and you don’t have to be Jewish or celebrate #Jewish High Holy Days (Rosh Hashona, Jewish New Year’s, and Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement”) to want to spend some time considering your life and your goals/accomplishments each year. I was raised Jewish, but I am a practicing #Buddhist.

It’s free! and #DoYou10Q are the connection points. This year is 10Q‘s 10-year anniversary, so many new events and giveaways are occurring. Check them out!

Check out any local Partners with 10Q: Reach out to Josh Kanter, Reboot’s outreach and partnership manager, at josh @ rebooters DOT net or (go to the site for his phone number (in the USA)].<

You can still respond to all 10 Questions through September 30, online, and have them put into the "vault" for yourself for next year's reflections.

10Q: “Reflect. React. Renew. Life’s Biggest Questions. Answered By You.”

The title and all the info, below, come from the 10Q site. Visit! Sign up! Do it!

10 Days. 10 Questions.

“Answer one question per day [or more than one per day, if you have some to catch up on] in your own secret online 10Q space. Make your answers serious. Silly. Salacious. However you like. It’s your 10Q. When you’re finished, hit the magic button and your answers get sent to the secure online 10Q vault for safekeeping.

“One year later, the ‘vault’ will open and your answers will land back in your email inbox for private reflection.

“Want to keep them secret? Perfect. Want to share them, either anonymously or with attribution, with the wider 10Q community? You can do that, too.

“Next year, the whole process begins again. And the year after that, and the year after that.

“Do you 10Q? You should. If you have, already, enter the “giveaway” by sharing one or more experiences and using the hashtag, as directed:

Click hereto get your 10Q on.

10Q begins September 20, 2017, and goes for 10 days

Here are some of my responses to the Questions, from 2016, 2015 and 2014:


–Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

My Answer:

I had an up-close-and-personal experience with the American judicial and jury system and I was very disappointed and discouraged from it all. From the attorneys to the judges, the jurors to the laws: all crap, and not in favor of actual justice for the plaintiff, ever, as far as I could tell.
I was severely injured (and still recovering) in a trip-and-fall in a restaurant that was clearly liable and negligent, causing there to be obstacles in the path of a patron which a patron could not easily see. The jury actually agreed on that. However, due to archaic laws, lobbying by the insurance greedies and other mistakes in jurisprudence (which disallowed anyone from actually informing the jury how the “awards” they intended to go to me would be apportioned or the fact the restaurant owner would not pay a dime due to his having insurance), I got nothing, my lawyer was out $30K, and I owe many thousands of dollars to family and friends. I am grateful to all who have helped and continue to help me, but resentful and angry at the unfair outcome of my two+ years of misery.
I am an educated, white, older woman with intelligent and supportive friends and family. I can only shudder to imagine how this “justice” system grinds up those without support or resources and other people who are already on the short end of every stick.
USA justice isn’t.

–Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

My Answer:

The Marriage Equality Act’s being confirmed as the law of the USA by the Supreme Court was a giant step in the right direction for equal rights for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. As a bisexual woman who eschewed marriage for many reasons, inequality being among them, I am glad to see people who want to get married being able to do.


Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

My Answer:

I was able to reconnect with my meditation practice in March & May and again in early Sept. through instruction and connection with my spiritual teacher, Lama Drimed, after many false starts, attempts, painful absences and confusions as well as hurt feelings on my part.

So happy about all that!

Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

My Answer:

The upholding of Marriage Equality laws and the enforcing of them across the USA and in other countries feels like a giant victory.

Looser laws, releasing noncriminals from prison when their only “crime” is possession of marijuana, and eventual legalization of marijuana/cannabis use across the USA and other countries also seem imminent, due to the vast success (economic and social) of those places in which it is already legal and those changes have already occurred; another set of great victories.

I appreciate the egalitarians’ winning. I appreciate common sense’s prevailing. I appreciate nondiscrimination’s being enforced. Feels right and good.

Have you had any particularly spiritual experiences this past year? How has this experience affected you? “Spiritual” can be broadly defined to include secular spiritual experiences: artistic, cultural, and so forth.

My Answer:

Due to a TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] in April, 2014, I went from not being able to meditate for almost one year (after meditating consistently for over 42 years) to restoring my practice, slowly, bit by bit. Very grateful to my spiritual teacher, sangha and good fortune that this has been possible.

Returning to my practice is like coming home.

How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year? Is there a piece of advice or counsel you received in the past year that could guide you?

My Answer:

My meditation teacher reminded me that meditation practice in our tradition comes from our heart center, not our brain area. The Tibetans use a term that means “heart-mind” when talking about the mind.

My wish to improve myself and my practice is to keep it centered in my heart. “Meditation: it’s not what you think.”


Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

My Answer:

Many science discoveries: proof of the multiverse, ability to teleport particles, invention of pre-tractor beam technology, getting paralyzed rats and others to walk, moving limbs and other things with just the mind: so much!

Very exciting, and all goes into research I use for The Spanners Series books!

What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

My Answer:

Fear getting more unhealthy instead of more healthy over the next several years. Fear not getting my full meditation practice/brain function restored. Fear being unconnected to community/friends, no lover, no one close to me where I live.
Plan to keep exercising, eating better, reaching out to Buddhist and other groups (writers, Jews, work) to make friends.
Plan to stay in touch with my teacher.

What are your predictions for 2015?

My Answer:

Movement toward reducing and ending full-impact football, hockey, etc. (headers in soccer, e.g.), in youth and college sports.

More states’ legalizing marijuana.

More states’ ratifying gay marriage.

Proof of alien life on other planets.

How do you want to 10Q? It’s up to you!

#Indie #Author Day 2017: Saturday, October 14! Start Planning NOW!

#Indie #Author Day 2017: Saturday, October 14!

TODAY (September 16, 2017) were events at our local library’s main branch (St. Louis County) for “Indie Author Day,” but YOUR library may have other plans! Check!

The second annual Indie Author Day will be held IN SOME PLACES on Saturday, October 14, 2017. This event brings together libraries and local writers around the world for a day of celebration and inspiration devoted to indie authorship.

Registration for Indie Author Day 2017 is officially open. Visit the Indie Author Day website, . to learn more information about this year’s event and how to get involved in IAD programming near you.

From the Indie Author Day website:


In addition to a selection of on-demand video workshops that will be available from Indie Author Day sponsors, there are many activities for your #library to offer as part of its Indie Author Day 2017 event.

To get you brainstorming, here are some suggested activities that #libraries have done at past events:

—An #author panel featuring traditional, hybrid and self-published #authors from the community
—Presentations from local indie authors about writing, marketing and more
—Book readings and / or signings from local authors
—Presentations from local industry leaders
—Writing workshops
—Presentations and workshops to inform the writing community about tools available for them to use through the library
—Author readings and open mics, featuring short segments of each author’s works

Check out our Brandisty page, . for logos, web banners, posters and postcards to help you promote your Indie Author Day!

Alert the media with our Press Release templates for Authors and Libraries [there are downloads for each on this website].

Are you a #library hosting Indie Author Day? Spread the word with these pre-written social media post. [there are downloads for images, logos, more, on this website, such as the Partners’ Logo, below]!

Here are their sample posts (you can add your own hashtags and other info, such as “RT,” to these):
— Calling all #indieauthors! Join us as we celebrate our local authors for #IndieAuthorDay on Oct.
— We’re hosting an event for #IndieAuthorDay on Oct. 14! Join us if want to support our local
#selfpub and #indieauthors!
— Are you an #indieauthor? We’re #indie you! Join us for #IndieAuthorDay on Oct. 14!
— We’re excited to support our local authors for #IndieAuthorDay on Oct. 14!

Some New #Books for Your “To-Read” List for 2017-18 and Beyond

Some New #Books for Your “To-Read” List for 2017-18 and Beyond

I can’t afford to buy books and almost never buy fiction because I never re-read it. BUT, I am a life-long, semi-weekly borrower from public libraries and frequently request purchases, which they often honor, so I do my part.

I used to read upwards of 8 books a week, plus magazines, newspapers and other materials; more when I was getting my Master’s and doctorate degrees. But, after not reading at all during my first 6-week meditation retreat, other than assigned excerpts from the Buddhist text our teacher was using, I lost the habit. For a while, I didn’t read much fiction at all and mostly read short articles or Buddhist non-fiction.

In the early 2000s, I gradually began to read fiction, but I no longer read a lot of it and often do not finish books. I have no interest in or patience with stories whose plot or characters I do not care about, or those that display bad writing or poor editing (FAR too many, even from trad publishing houses).

Also, I mostly don’t care about the topics that many authors and publishers are obsessed with: too much violence, too many billionaires seducing women, etc. Life is already too dystopian for me to want to read “for pleasure” most stories of disasters, diseases, dysfunction and/or defeat. Furthermore, I am refusing to read any more addiction pseudo-bios, cancer or other “survival” or “elegant death” scenarios (lost too many friends and relatives to those already), chronic illness depictions (same), “can’t have a baby” stories, adultery fantasies, or glamorizations/gritty details of endless wars (look around!). I also won’t pick up a series anywhere but the beginning, so mid-series installments of series I haven’t read are out.

I won’t even pick up, much less read, many of the books listed on the original pages of‘s site. Therefore, the abbreviated list I am sharing, here, has books I do plan to read. But, recognizing many readers do not share my limited tastes, I’m including the links to each category’s page so you can make your own choices. There are many other lists, too, so look around.

What’s on YOUR “To-Read” list? Comment here: on this post!
LINK to main page of lists:

The following suggestions and review snippets are mostly gleaned (I add others, too) from the lists compiled by and are in categories of their design with which I do not always agree and from which some are missing (e.g., historical fiction, graphic novels and short stories are combined with Fiction; some novels whose main character is a teen are NOT listed in either category of YA; there are no art books; there are no Indie authors), but here they are.


I mostly do not read “modern” fiction, any more. So, only one of these made my list:
1) Manhattan Beach, by Jennifer Egan (already the recipient of one Pulitzer Prize)
The main character is “Anna Kerrigan, a child living in New York City in the 1930s” whose “father disappears…. [Y]ears later when she encounters an old business acquaintance of her father’s…she more fully comprehends what his life must have been like.” (quotes are from the review on
Available October 3, 2017


I like books about many science topics, Buddhism and a few other non-fiction subjects, so I was hoping some new books would capture my attention. Alas, none did, from THIS list.

I am looking forward to the next books from Mishio Kaku, though, or Brian Green, Lisa Randall and other quantum physicists/futurists, so I’ll keep you posted on those!

Meanwhile, check out this list of new #physics books, from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA USA):, where I found this gem:

2) Quantum Weirdness, by William J. Mullin
Apparently, this book “focuses on some of the more bizarre aspects of quantum mechanics.” He begins with a discussion of “classical waves,” then goes right into the “latest ideas and experiments , e.g., quantum Bayesianism, weak measurements.” He tries to make it accessible to those of us without doctorates in physics, since he “uses basic high-school mathematics (algebra and trigonometry) to explain quantum mechanics”and employs a “gradual build-up of concepts” (quotes are from the book’s blurb).
Available now (September, 2017).


I don’t read most “thrillers” (too violent or stressful for me), but I do like bloodless mysteries, especially with female protagonists who are smart, courageous, witty and quirky. Some romance is also all right in these books, for me.

I also used to be a John le Carré fan and heard an interview recently on NPR with him about this new book, so it’s now on my list. I may skip some parts, but will probably read it.

3) A Legacy of Spies, by John le Carré
His often-used main character, George Smiley, appears in this novel, for the first time in 25 years. “Smiley works with the British Secret Service (or Circus, as some call it). Smiley calls a retired member of the Circus, Peter Guillam, when the specter of Guillam’s past involvement in the Cold War resurfaces” (quotes from’s review). Apparently, le Carré brings in many familiar characters from previous works, so it could be fun for long-time fans.
Available now (September, 2017)


4) The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, by Phillip Pullman
How fun! A prequel to His Dark Materials, set in the same world!
“Set ten years before The Golden Compass, this new trilogy will explore how Lyra Belacqua came to live at Jordan College. The tale begins with an 11-year-old boy named Malcolm Polstead and his dæmon, Asta. Malcolm is living with his parents near Oxford when he hears that the nuns in Godstow Priory are housing a baby, and he decides to take his boat, La Belle Sauvage, across the Thames to investigate” (from’s review).
Available October 19, 2017


5) Moxie, by Jennifer Matthieu
This sounds fun. Love the title, too. This could have been my biography, if I had been born 50 years later than I was!
“Vivian Carter never thought she’d be the leader of a movement. She’s always preferred to sit back and go unnoticed, but one day something within her snaps and she decides to take action. Drawing from her mom’s Riot Grrrl zines of the 90s, Viv creates Moxie, an anonymous zine that she begins to distribute around her school, calling out her school’s sexist dress code and preferential treatment of football players. Soon Moxie becomes a movement and begins connecting girls from diverse cliques and backgrounds” (from’s review).
Available September 19, 2017

Read any of these or want to recommend others, especially those from Indie/Self-Published authors? PLEASE read my standards before making suggestions; then, please send them along to the comments section of this post:, post from September 12, 2017. Thanks!

Also, check out the three ebooks and POD paperbacks in my sci-fi/romance series for YA/NA and adults, The Spanners Series: First ebook, This Changes Everything, is permafree.

1 out of every 8 USA adults has 4 or more #ACEs (Adverse #Childhood Experiences)

It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 USA adults has 4 or more #ACEs (Adverse #Childhood Experiences); MOST people have at least one out of 10 ACEs. “An ACE score is a tally of different types of #abuse, #neglect, and other hallmarks of a rough childhood. According to the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, the rougher your childhood, the higher your score is likely to be and the higher your risk for later #health problems,” including #cancer, #hepatitis, #heart disease, #diabetes, #hypertension, mental illness, frequent sicknesses of other kinds (e.g., “auto”-immune diseases), COPD (obstructive breathing problems), #addictions and #allergies, and many other problems.

These effects are due to the bodies’ stress response system’s being on overload, chronically and continuously (adrenalin, cortisol), which can screw up one’s immune system. The symptoms can show up immediately (childhood #asthma, skin #rashes, #ADHD and other “behavior” issues, including #eating disorders) and throughout one’s life, especially after age 40.

Children who live with/are exposed to conditions that put them under extreme #stress, repeatedly, have our brain structures altered forever, developing abnormal #hormonal and #immune systems, and affecting the ways one’s DNA is read and transferred (so, ACEs influence current AND future generations).

More facts and anecdotes are in this podcast, Hardwired, including info about the genetic connection to personality traits and other significant science about our biology’s and environment’s interdependent influences. Listen to that and more here–the same page as other archived shows is linked to:

Want to see or take the ACEs quiz?

I responded “yes” for 9 out of 10 ACEs.

Unsurprisingly, my health has been “compromised” or difficult all my life. Oddly, though, I consider myself “a healthy person with particular problems that are /have been mostly under control,” mostly because they haven’t completely prevented me from many types of success.. Some problems have gotten worse after I suffered a TBI/concussion 3.5 years ago (which we know now also adversely affects one’s immune system, among other consequences. I have many blog posts about this in 2014 – 2015, at Some ongoing health issues have been worsening with age (I am well over 40). I have, however, never been addicted to anything even though that “runs in my family.”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The majority of the people who have scored over 7 out of 10 ACEs have been/are still incarcerated, living with severe mental or physical illnesses, or are already dead by my age. I am one of the few luckier ones who isn’t in the worst situations.

This “luck” is probably due to my having had many positive conditions, some self-selected:

  • 1) since age 17, been meditating daily;
  • 2) always making sure I have regular exercise;
  • 3) many positive older teens and then adults were in my life during the most stressful years;
  • 4) lots of individual and group counseling/ therapy during and since undergraduate years in college;
  • 5) access to thousands of books (Yay to public libraries!) and excellent, advanced education and training (including in self-care and mental/social health);
  • 6) some good family support;
  • 7) education/experiences with music, the arts, summer camp;

  • 8) great friends.

For more information about resources and prevention as well as the original research on ACEs, visit the USA’s CDC (Center for Disease Control)’s website: