TV and other shows not airing, yet (or at all) as of 12/5/22 

TV and other shows not airing, yet (or at all)

 —Another great YA series is coming to SyFy, and I’ve read the books in this one: The Wayward Children novella series by Seanan McGuireJoe Tracz will adapt the first book, which sets up the concept (and that I thought was the best of the bunch, so far, 6/28/19), Every Heart a Doorway, and serve as showrunner. “Imagine if all the stories about entering a doorway into another world…were true. And then imagine the teenager who enters that door and lives the perfect magical experience of their dreams being thrust back into our reality. How strange that teenager will seem to their family. How lonely and lost they would be. Enter Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children, a boarding12school that serves as a home for those waiting and hoping for their doors to open once more. In Book One, there’s a murderer loose in the school. New student, Nancy, is a prime suspect, since she hails from the halls of the dead. Can she figure out who the real killer is? The series consists of four novellas….” The other three are not as good, IMO, but TV serialization could improve them: Beneath the Sugar Sky, In An Absent Dream, Down Among the Sticks and Bones. Look for premiere dates in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Yay for Lucy Liu! She’s producing a scripted anthology, Unsung Heroes, that “is about the untold stories of incredible women who overcame adversity to become pioneers of their time. It will profile women who were highly accomplished in their fields, but did not receive the acknowledgment for their achievements and how their stories have impacted history. The first hero to be profiled is the Asian American female silent screen star of film and theatre, Anna May Wong.” No idea where or when it will air, but stay tuned (9/2021). We’ll watch! Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Did you read Kurt Vonnegut‘s Cat’s Cradle? if so, you’ll love this new series based on it coming to FX in 2022, probably: “Cat’s Cradle is Vonnegut’s 1963 satirical novel about a reporter who, while setting out to write a book about Hiroshima, ends up the dictator of a small Caribbean island.” Writer, Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion), will adapt the novel to the series format. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Vonnegut and he spoke at my college graduation (in 1976!). I’ll watch. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Big Gay Jamboree is a “period musical,” but not a musical about menstrual periods. Now that we have that clarified: “The musical follows a young, raunchy woman who is transported into a 1940s musical and must find her way back home to present day. The project is said to be a mix between Oklahoma! and Book of Mormon.” It is to be produced by Margot Robbie, directed by Alethea Jones, written by Maria Mindelle and Jonathan Parks-Ramage. I know this is a film but the concept is so funny! Probably releases in 2022, but not sure of that or where to watch. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Something to Live For is being developed by a production team within Expectation and probably first aired in the UK. It is based on a novel by Richard Roper, described as heart-warming and bittersweet story that explores the particular sadness of loneliness in a big city, and one man’s attempts to let go of the past and start his life afresh. It tells the story of Andrew, who wants to be normal. He has the perfect wife and 2.4 children waiting at home for him after a long day. At least, that’s what he’s told people. The truth is, his life isn’t exactly as people think and his little white lie is about to catch up with him. Because in all Andrew’s efforts to fit in, he’s forgotten one important thing: how to really live. And maybe, it’s about time for him to start.” Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Want to go back to Oz? So do many! Don’t know where or when it will start airing, but a TV series set in the Land of Oz from the novels by L. Frank Baum is coming soon! No director or cast, yet, either, but Ed Ricourt (Wayward Pines, Jessica Jones, Raising Dion, The Twilight Zone) will write and produce. “The series will examine stories and characters in Oz that haven’t been previously explored. When the return of a long-exiled Witch brings fear, division and war to Oz, the only hope is a servant girl who may become the most powerful and dangerous woman in the land.” Producers will be Dmitri M. Johnson & Stephan Bugaj. Sounds intriguing. HOWEVER, the last time anyone tried to serialize these books, it flopped. Horribly. We’ll look for it in 2023 and may try it. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—The Collins sisters are getting their own biopic, 6-part miniseries, with the still-living Dame Joan‘s blessing: Jackie and Joan Collins‘ story will be written by playwright, Penelope Skinner (The Village BikeFresh Meat), and Nina Gold (The CrownGame of Thrones) will cast it. In case you’re too young or not aware, here are their summaries: “The series will look at story of the sisters from a teenage bedroom in post-war London to the glitz and glamour of 1980’s Beverly Hills. Dame Joan Collins starred in a series of Hollywood movies in the 1950s, including The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing and Rally Round The Flag, Boys! However, it was her role as Alexis Carrington in Dynasty that really defined her career, which has also includes a recent performance in American Horror Story. Meanwhile, her sister, Jackie Collins OBE, wrote novels, including The World Is Full Of Married Men and Hollywood Wives. She has written 32 best-selling books that have sold over 500M copies, including The Stud and The Bitch, that were adapted into films starring her sister. She died in 2015 from breast cancer.” No broadcaster, date, or other info, yet. Maybe look for it in 2023. We’ll probably watch. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Looker: Love Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom, Mary Poppins Returns)? We do, too! Looker centers on an unraveling Brooklynite, unhappily childless and recently separated, who becomes fixated on a movie star and her perfect family living in the beautiful brownstone next door. The ‘wicked and dangerous novel’ [by Laura Sims] is described as ‘a brilliant debut that is a tightly coiled Hitchcockian thriller and part satire of those living their best lives in the post-gentrified, Instagram-ready city.’” Don’t know where it will air or when, but we’ll look for it in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Old Baggage, by Lissa Evans, a novel that is a prequel to Crooked Heartis being made into a TV series. it is “a comic novel about the legacy of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and one woman’s determination to create a meaningful present in the wake of her own thrilling and revolutionary past. It follows the fiery, indefatigable and willful, Matilda Simkin, who has made a life of righteous defiance. Once a proudly militant suffragette, her colourful past is littered with acts of bravery and rebellion but, as Mattie enters middle age, the world has moved on. It is 1928 and the once allied movement that she fought with is now irrevocably splintered and factionalised. However, the fight is far from over and she is not about to bow out quietly. When a chance encounter on Hayward’s Heath sparks an exciting idea, she embarks headlong on an ambitious new venture that pits her against a new enemy: the rising tide of pre-World War Two British fascism. What begins with hope and fervour is jeopardised by the very past Mattie is trying to re-ignite and, as she clings with blind obstinacy to her own ideals, she unwittingly threatens the friendships that hold up her world.” Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine (both in Getting On and producing this new series for George & George) will play Simpkin and The Flea, her lifetime companion. Sounds great!  We’ll watch! Not sure where it will air. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Need more vampires and romance in your life? Of course you do! Try this, when it comes to the SyFy channel! Two authors known for this weird mixed genre (vampire/romance), Kym Grosso (an indie, self-published author, like MOI!), whose Kade’s Dark Embrace is part of her The Immortals of New Orleans series, will be joined by Teresa Gabelman, whose The Protector series is coming into this combo, which will become “a scripted series that puts sexy paranormal millionaires and vampire warriors together.” The producers are saying it’s True Blood meets Sons of Anarchy. I hope it’s more of the former and almost none of the latter. “In Kade’s Dark Embrace, a female detective is forced to work with an alpha male vampire to solve the murder of a number of girls who are ritualistically murdered in Philadelphia. As they fight their attraction to one another, the investigation leads them into New Orleans and to Voodoo [WRONG TERM; practitioners prefer “Houdou” or “Ifay”] killings. In Damon, which is the first book in the series, Damon DeMasters is considered a true vampire warrior who is a protector of all [human]kind—and, of course, vampires. But the opioid of choice on the streets is Crimson Rush (vampire blood). As tensions escalate in this ongoing street war, Damon and a social worker must protect the children of both humans and vampires who are now leaving freely in the world.” Mom won’t watch, but I’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—*The Black Tapes will appeal to X-Files and Outer Limits fans. It is to be adapted by Matthew Arnold (Emerald City) from a popular podcast by Paul Bae and Terry Miles, that “follows a journalist’s investigations into the unexplained supernatural mysteries caught on tape by a skeptical scientist. Each week the two of them embark on a journey exploring the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both…[H]ost, Alex Reagan, narrates a nonfiction-styled fictional story over multiple episodes, using a format that has been compared to Serial. The story begins as a biography of paranormal investigator, Dr. Richard Strand, an ‘evangelical skeptic,’ on a mission to debunk all claims of the supernatural. Reagan becomes interested in his collection of unsolved cases, which she begins calling his ‘Black Tapes,’ and the podcast evolves into an exploration of these cases, paranormal culture, and the mysterious life of Dr. Strand.” I might try it, but Mom probably won’t. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Last Spy for NBC is coming from the creator of Designated Survivor, David Guggenheim. It “is a high-octane character-driven espionage drama in which the members of an elite, deep-cover CIA unit are killed after their real-life identities are exposed. In the aftermath, the only operative to escape the onslaught recruits her own team of former spies and assets to complete their missions while also working to unravel the conspiracy behind who betrayed her friends and colleagues.” Guggenheim likes these “last one standing” stories, doesn’t he? Has a good production team and sounds intriguing. We’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—So excited!  One of my favorite radio shows/podcasts, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is headed to NBC, as a series! “Hosted by Peter Sagal, NPR’s weekly news-themed radio panel show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is a funny and fast-paced game of provocative questions and snappy answers about current events. It features celebrity guests, which have ranged from Jordan Peele, Stephen Colbert, Guy Richie, and Greta Gerwig to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The TV adaptation will stay true to the original while delivering bigger, visual and variety-themed games that can’t be captured on the radio. It will be an hour-long current events trivia game featuring three celebrity panelists who will compete in a series of comedic challenges, earning points as they correctly answer questions about the week’s news. The panelist who earns the most points will earn a cash prize for the charity of his or her choice. A host for the TV version has yet to be announced.” CBS tried to create a series in 2008, after it won a Peabody Award, but it didn’t go forward. Hope this works for NBC! Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Conway for NBC is set in St. Louis (!?!) and coming from Vin Diesel (yup), “a crime drama about a brilliant detective….Written by Jonny UmanskyConway centers around St. Louis detective, Cal Conway, who finds his world turned upside down when he wakes up from a coma with exceptional cognitive abilities. Returning to the force, he sets out to solve the city’s most complex cases but the discovery of a lethal side effect makes Cal wonder whether his new abilities are more of a blessing or a curse. The series is inspired by a real world condition, affecting just 50 people around the world, who have survived traumatic brain injuries. In these rare instances, the brain responds to trauma in spectacular ways, resulting in individuals suddenly possessing extraordinary new genius-level talents and cognitive abilities.” How is this not The Dead Zone? Stephen King should sue… UmanskyDiesel and Shana C. Waterman will be executive producers. We will probably try it, though. We like shows like this! Look for it in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Deadtown is being adapted by Shauna Cross from Catherynne M. Valente’s novella, The Refrigerator Monologues. “[T]he hour-long premise is a blueprint to create an original superhero universe set in the modern era with an underlying theme of female empowerment. Five recently-dead women meet in Deadtown, a purgatory where they discover that their entire lives were merely in service to the superhero men they happened to cross paths with, resulting in each of their deaths. Or in comic book terms, they were ‘refrigerated’—frozen out of the story once they provided emotional backstory for the men. Until now. They start to discover their own powers, tell their sides of the narrative, and decide to write their own damn stories. And a group of seemingly ordinary women discover their own true power. It’s a subversive, kick-ass exploration of what it means for women to find their inner power—and use it. Cross …[Whip It (the Drew Barrymore-directed roller derby film was adapted from Cross’s novel, Derby Girl), Bad Santa 2 and If I Stay],… is working on…an adaptation of the classic Erica Jong erotic novel, Fear of Flying.” Executive producers are Cross and ValenteLawrence Grey, Ben Everard and Cliff Roberts. Sounds awesome! We’ll try it. Probably releases in 2023 on Amazon. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Tigers in Red Weather is set in one of my favorite and old family haunts, Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, at the end of World War II. Based on the novel by Liza Klaussmann, the “riveting, atmospheric tale centers around two female cousins and their families whose lives begin to unravel one summer when a body is discovered in the woods. Rich with emotional duplicity, the multi-faceted thriller explores the complexity of women and the choices they make.” No network, release date, cast or much other info, yet, but the production company (Character 7) has produced earlier series for AMC, Starz and BBC One. We’ll look for it in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Spy Who Came in from the Co-Op for BBC is based on David Burke’s nonfiction, biographical history book whose full title i:s The Spy Who Came in from the Co-Op: Melita Norwood and the Ending of Cold War Espionage. This will depict “the story of wartime intelligence, super-power relations and spies and their handlers—seen through the experience of Norwood. The title comes from a report in The Times newspaper from 1999 after Norwood’s work was revealed, but British authorities decided at 87 she was too old to prosecute. Norwood had helped shorten the Soviet Union’s atomic bomb project by up to five years. She was a member of one of a communist spy networks in Britain, who, by guaranteeing those weapons of mass destruction, threw down a challenge to America as sole superpower in the post-Second World War era. Norwood started spying in 1932, when she worked for the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association, which played a key role in Britain’s atomic research. The British government, which believed she was a more valuable asset for the KGB than the Cambridge Spy Ring, had discovered her allegiances in 1992 when Vasili Mitrokhin, the first chief directorate of the KGB, defected to the UK. She died in 2005 aged 93….David Burke is an historian of intelligence and international relations and previously wrote The Lawn Road Flats: Spies, Writers and Artists.”  Sounds amazing. We’ll watch. Probably available in the USA in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Rachet (not to be confused with Ryan Murphy‘s Netflix show, Ratched). for CBS “centers on Jessica Rachet (Natasha Leggero), who must start a new life and make new friends after her rich fiancé dies suddenly and leaves her to fend for herself.” It will be written by Leggero (Another Period) and Morgan Murphy (2 Broke Girls). Doubt if we’ll watch, but maybe. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Night Gallery fans out here? NBC nixed it, but SyFy is picking up the reboot. This is “a re-imagination of Night Gallery, from Teen Wolf creator/executive producer, Jeff Davis, and Midnight, Texas executive producer, David Janollari….Night Gallery, which ran on NBC from 1969-73 …was [Rod] Sterling’s supernatural/horror follow-up to his sci-fi-themed anthology series, The Twilight Zone. Serling was the host of Night Gallery, appearing in an art gallery setting to introduce each segment of an episode by unveiling a painting that illustrated the story.” Wonder what they mean by “re-imagination”? Probably gorier, more disturbing and violent. Yuck. Some will love it, I’m sure. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Dr. Mirage may come to The CW via Laurie McCarthy (Iron Man 3, Looper, Point Break, Reign, CSI: Miami, Felicity and Beverly Hills, 90210). “It is based on the graphic novel about a female paranormal investigator who can communicate with dead souls except the one she wants to reach—the love of her life.” I can’t tell if it’s animated. If it’s not, we’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—This sounds fun! Super Clean, created by Heath Amodio and Cullen Bunn, “explores the superhero genre from the human side. Becky Masters, an uber-organized and brilliant human, and her ragtag team of non-powered cohorts navigate the danger and drama of ‘cleaning up’ after superheroes and villains, all while Becky works to prove her superhero boyfriend is innocent of a dastardly crime.”


For The CW, written by Sascha Rothchild (GLOW). We’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

3,000 Hours for NBC comes from Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith (Life Sentence, and upcoming The Family Practice and Nobody’s Princess) and “revolves around a group of master’s psychology candidates who embark on the 3,000 clinical hours they must spend in the field with patients to get their degrees—all while balancing their education, friendships and messy personal lives. Along the way, they’ll not only find unique and surprising ways to help their patients, they’ll also learn how to help each other and, ultimately, themselves.” Many people I know well went /are now going through this, so I’ll watch. Not sure about Mom. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—An Untitled female-centric Texas Rangers drama for Fox, written by Matt Cook, “centers on Lauren Crawford Flynn, one of only two females in the legendary and notoriously tough Texas Rangers, who balances the demands of her intense, high stakes job in a male dominated world with the challenges of being a single mom to a young teenage daughter.” We might watch, if it’s not too “shoot-em-up.” Already had a series like this, though, but it wasn’t memorable. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Do you love Patricia Cornwell‘s Dr. Kay Scarpetta’s character and others from her books? You’re in luck!  A new series based on Cornwell‘s ideas, Redstick, is coming to NBC, to be “written and co-exec-produced by Samantha Humphrey (S.W.A.T., Body of Proof, NCIS: New Orleans). The seriesfollows Dr. Annie Dodge, who is summoned from New York to her hometown of Baton Rouge, LA, after the sudden death of her father, the city’s beloved coroner. Now, as she’s mourning the loss of her childhood hero, Annie finds herself reluctantly stepping into her father’s role to solve an ongoing murder while navigating the complicated waters of Bayou politics, Southern hospitality and a simmering past romance….Dr. Annie Dodge draws parallels to Cornwell’s most famous character, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner. The bestselling Scarpetta series is comprised of 24 novels including Postmortem, Body of Evidence and All That Remainsamong others. Her other works include the Andy Brazil/Judy Hammer series and At Risk/Win Garano series.” Excited for this one! Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Witnesses is set up for Fox from writer, Melissa Scrivner-Love (Fear the Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Strong Girl and Rosewood). It is about a woman “in her first weeks back on the Lexington, KY, police force after a mysterious 10-year hiatus… 35-year-old (yet still rookie) Detective Sandra Perkins finds herself working the worst homicide the region has seen in over a decade. In order to end this killer’s spree, Sandra must seek answers from Helen Lane, retired Homicide Detective who should have been Sandra’s mentor, but who is actually the reason Sandra left the force years ago. Our two heroines must work through the dark past they share in order to prevent more innocent victims of a killer they both thought had been put to rest years ago.” Also sounds interesting and is probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Sorority Girl Who Saved Your Life (aka The Unexpected Spy) for ABC is another project from the producing team of Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly  (Until the Wedding [above], Elementary, SEAL Team) and now including Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy star). Based on the 2/25/20 release of the nonfiction memoir by Tracy Walder and Jessica Anya Blau and adapted into a series by Arrow‘s Wendy Mericle, it “details the incredible true story of Tracy Walder. Walder happened upon a CIA recruiter at a jobs fair and was recruited by the agency while a USC student and Delta Gamma sorority sister. She would spend the next five years as a covert operative for CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, assuming aliases, thwarting terrorist attacks, and hiding in the trunks of cars on her way to debrief terrorists at black sites. During her time at the CIA, Walder travelled to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia, receiving awards for her service. She went on to leave the CIA to join the FBI, one of the few women to ever do so. Walder, who has Master’s in education from Chapman University, is now a mom and teacher of foreign policy at an all-girls boarding school in Dallas, Texas. Sounds like Covert Affairs plus Meet Jane Doe plus Alias! We’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

King of Sting is coming to Fox and is “a drama series based on the true story of the most successful undercover operative in DEA history, who happens to be an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala named Carlos Sagastume. Written by Dave Kalstein (Quantico, NCIS: Los Angeles)King Of Sting follows Carlos. Living a double life, he risks his life infiltrating the inner circles of the world’s most dangerous criminals WHILE trying to keep his marriage together and raise his kids in Miami —- this is the story of his American Dream…. Sagastume was the star witness at the 2011 trial of Bout. A former drug dealer, Sagastume became one of the highest paid informants in history, earning more than $9 million over 15 years. Collecting evidence against Bout was among his major achievements. He posed as a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to coax Bout to travel from Russia to Thailand in March 2008 to arrange the delivery of deadly weapons to Colombian rebels to fight Americans.” Sounds gruesomely fascinating. If it’s not too bloody, we would watch. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Love, Dad is a new ABC drama coming from The Good Doctor‘s star as well as some-time writer and director, Freddie Highmore’s, Alfresco Pictures, written by Dave Collard, who co-exc produces with Highmore. “Adult siblings from a blue-collar family in the most blue-collar of cities —-Buffalo, New York—…. navigate the ups and downs of their lives. [T]hey’re aided (and sometimes impeded) by each other, but also an unlikely source — -their dead father, who has left them each an email account that he’s been writing to for their entire lives, so that he would always be there for them… even when he wasn’t.”  Sounds interesting. We’ll probably try it and look for it for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Einstein is ANOTHER NBC police procedural with an oddball detective, coming for 2022, perhaps. “Written by Michael Reisz (Shadowhunters) and produced by Carol Mendelsohn (Capital), “Einstein follows a whip-smart, smooth-talking and illegitimate descendant of Albert Einstein who is recruited by the police for his skills at solving particularly complex cases.” WHY? Don’t we already have/haven’t we already had a dozen of these? This one is based on the popular German series by the same name, written by Martin Ritzenhoff and Matthias Dinter. We’ll give it a try, with low expectations. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Just what no one needs: another FBI drama. But, no one listens to me. So, here is another one, for Fox, an “Untitled FBI Women Project (aka The Tribe) is inspired by journalist and author, Doug Stanton‘s, interviews of women in law enforcement. It is a character-driven drama set inside the New York City field office of the FBI featuring the stories of three female agents as they struggle to balance their professional and personal lives. The series explores the personal lives of our heroines juxtaposed with the demands of protecting America from its greatest threats.” This one is coming from Monica Macer [Queen Sugar, which we did not watch; but she also wrote for SEASON 2 of Nashville (before it began to SUCK) and Deception, which we really liked]. We’ll probably try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Love those UK detective series? We do, too. Here is another one, set for airing in the UK in 2021-22 from thriller novels by Katerina Diamond (but can’t find the title of the series anywhere, as of 9/2021)  “that feature lead characters, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles…..The books are set in Devon….In the first, The Teacher, Exeter suffers a rising count of gruesome deaths and Grey and Miles must solve the case to make their city safe again. As they’re drawn into a network of corruption, lies and exploitation, every step brings them closer to secrets hidden at the heart of the community. Other titles include The Secret, The Angel and The Promise.” Sound interesting. We’ll try them. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—How fun will this be? Amazon is developing “a contemporary musical television series inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night” that focuses on gender identity issues, from some great writers and creators: Spring Awakening‘s Steven Sater;  Insatiable’s creator, Lauren GussisCrazy Ex-Girlfriend’s executive producer, Marc Webb; and, Ryan Seacrest Productions.  “Written by Sater and Gussis with Webb set to direct, the untitled series tells the complicated love story between a young man and biological young woman who, over the course of the series, begins to identify as gender-fluid. In order to hold onto the love of his life, our young male hero writes an original musical version of Twelfth Night for his beloved to star in and perform over winter break. But they’re not alone—a group of college kids find themselves sequestered on an empty snowbound campus—and when the magic of the play kicks in, everyone involved ends up exploring every manner of sexuality and gender identity. Longtime Sater collaborator, Duncan Sheik…[will] co-write the songs…” We’ll definitely try this. Probably not until 2023, since musicals take longer to create and produce. Casting should be interesting… but no news as of 12/5/22.

Javier Gullón sold and will adapt his own sci-fi stories into screen projects. The Spanish screenwriter will turn First into a film; Satellite will become a TV series “with the emotional nature of Arrival and the wonderment of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Don’t know when, where, or how to watch this, but if it’s around, we will try to see it and let you know! 2023, perhaps? but no news as of 12/5/22.

Strong Justice is yet ANOTHER FBI drama (how could we possibly absorb any more of these?), coming to NBC, with a twist: mother-daughter agents. Also from Elizabeth Banks (busy woman!) and Wendy Calhoun (Empire, Nashville, Revenge, Justified), it was “inspired by the true story of Marlo McGuire Graham and Ethel McGuire…[It] follows the FBI’s first-ever mother-daughter duo. Special Agents Etta and Memphis Strong ‘strive to be exceptional investigators despite sexist and racist hurdles. Both women tackle dangerous cases and fight for equality over two time periods, but their individual pursuits reveal truths that threaten to ruin their role-model legacy,’” We do like shows with strong female characters and police procedurals, so we’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Wondrous Vulva (TRUE!) is a TV series is being developed from the creators of Killing Eve out of Bella Heesom’s new play, “Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva the Young Woman Applauded Herself,” with the screenplays written by the playwright herself. “A celebration of women’s sexuality features personal stories as well as conversations between Brain and Clitoris. It’s an ‘epic journey of self-discovery through pleasure, shame, pride, fury, and jubilation as we struggle to break free of the deeply internalized male gaze and unleash our glorious, feral appetites.'” Starting to air in the UK somewhere, then who knows where in the USA? Probably Netflix. I am not believing that USA network or even cable TV would  allow the word “vulva” in a series’ title! I’d watch this, for sure! Not sure about Mom, though… For 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Completeness for ABC is touted as “This Is Us meets Grey’s Anatomy meets Westworld (without robots). In our increasingly atomized world, a company sets out a shingle to provide its clients with what’s missing in their lives. Whatever you need—a friend, a mother, a grandson, a husband—the Complete Company’s versatile facilitators can become it for you. The resulting relationships are more real than you’d expect, and sometimes way more complicated.” Written by Adam Stein (The Exorcist, Damages) and directed by James Griffith (A Million Little Things). Sounds somewhat interesting, but we’re skeptical. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Obsolescents is the newest NBC comedy, with some mystery involved. From writer, Andrew Gottlieb (The Dangerous Book for Boys), it is still in development, via executive producers, Lorne Michaels and Meg Ryan, who will probably star. It “takes place in a New Jersey suburb re the façade of peace and civility is disrupted by the shocking death of a long-time Township Council member.” I hope they have more than that to offer, because that sounds trite and deadly dull. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Netflix will have Blake Crouch‘s upcoming novel, Recursion, as a Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beer’s Shondaland and Matt Reeves’ 6th & Idaho joint property, “which they will develop as a feature film as well as a television universe.” Recursion is available as a novel June 11, 2019. “Part save-the-world sci-fi thriller, part epic romance, as well as an intricate police procedural, the book explores what happens when a brilliant female scientist invents a powerful technology that allows people not just to reactivate their most visceral memories but to reinvent them entirely.  For some, it offers the chance to rewrite their entire lives. In the wrong hands, it will upend the world as we know it.” Crouch also wrote Dark MatterWayward Pines and Good Behavior. Sounds promising! We’ll look for it in 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

First Lady is coming to CBS also via Michael Weatherly (Bull, NCIS) but with Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles). “Written/executive produced by Jessica Grasl (Designated Survivor)First Lady centers around the beloved First Lady of the United States, who, determined to reclaim her life, does the unthinkable—she divorces her husband while he’s still in office and uses her prominence to become an advocate for truth and justice by revitalizing her career as an investigative journalist.” Sounds fun. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

H-Town for CBS is in development by writer, Samantha Corbin-Miller  (Law & Order: SVU, Conviction, Crossing Jordan, The Practice, ER), “based on the … Canadian cop drama series, 19-2. In the U.S. version, when two Houston detectives from opposing sides of a multi-generational family feud are paired as partners, they find themselves surprisingly drawn to each other even as they investigate a case that may have far-reaching ramifications for both their families.” I’m not sure why, though: “An English-language adaptation, also titled 19-2, ran on Canada’s Bravo and CTV for four seasons, from 2014-2017″ So, another one? Different title? Odd choice. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to air the English-language one here? Probably for 2023. We might try it. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Secret to a Good Marriage is the latest “spy drama” to come from the creators of Blindspot for CBS. “Written by [Martin] Gero & Brendan GallThe Secret to a Good Marriage centers on an elite pair of CIA spies who, in the wake of their fractured marriage, are pushed to their limits both professionally and personally, fighting to save the world while they forge a new kind of relationship for themselves and their son.” From Greg Berlanti‘s company, probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Lean on Me is in development on The CW as  “a gender-flipped TV reboot of the classic Morgan Freeman film….[The original film] follows a strict but passionate principal and his tireless work to improve the inner city school he oversees…[T]he TV adaptation will feature a similar story, but this time the principal will be a young black woman. When Amarie Baldwin ‘scores the principal job at an Akron, Ohio, public high school, she must dig deep to transform a failing campus into an urban oasis….In a time when education and school safety have life-or-death stakes, Amarie will take on a broken system that tests her mettle, love life, and family. But can she keep her moxie in check in order to embody the aspirational educator that motivates and uplifts an entire community?’” As a former teacher, I must give this a chance! Also written by Wendy Calhoun (how can she work so much?). Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Connect, from writer, Rashad Raisani, based on a French format, is coming to Fox: as  “a ‘high concept, adrenalized procedural about a brash hero with a gift that he will use to assist his cop brother with whom he has a troubled relationship. Each week we will see these two not only solving crimes but working to reconnect.'” As if anyone needs another one of THESE pseudo-buddy/family cop shows? Set for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Love national parks and adult soaps? Rashad Raisani is writing an as-yet-untitled series starring Yasha Jackson and Michaela McManus that “revolves around the tangled, messy lives of the agents who work for the ISB — an elite law-enforcement unit responsible for solving all serious crimes that occur in our country’s 81,000 square miles of protected land. Jackson will play Tiffany, a brassy, funny, Park Service Agent, a helicopter pilot, and Audrey’s (McManus) close friend. Proud to be queer, Tiffany always says exactly what she means and she enjoys taking self-important bureaucrats down a peg or two. She and Audrey’s other best friend, Lisa, are fascinated to see how the clash between Audrey’s ex, Clay, and her present fiancé, Keldon, will turn out. McManus’s Audrey is a beautiful but completely unaffected young Park Service agent, a ‘wild at heart rule breaker’ with a big heart and self-deprecating sense of humor who loves the wilderness. Amazingly intuitive, Audrey can size up a crime scene like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Her mother was killed by the infamous ‘Wild Flower Killer’ when she was just 11, and she has been raised ever since by Hugh, who is now her boss. When a young man is killed in Yosemite, it appears that her mother’s murderer has become active again after many years, and Audrey is determined to bring him to justice.” Could be good. Great scenery, at least. Probably for 2023. No news as of 12/5/22.

—How great is this? Barbara Hall (a key creator/writer for Madam Secretary and many more shows we have loved) is creating a new show, Ms. Mayor, for CBS! “Written by Hall… [when] a young activist runs for Mayor of NYC on a whim, her surprise victory launches her onto a political stage that she’s not prepared for, but is determined to take on with her idealistic enthusiasm.” Yippee! Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—[An untitled drama] for NBC is coming soon from writer-producer, Nkechi Carroll (Rosewood). It “centers on recently divorced and unemployed Chelsea Barnum, who is looking for a second chance. When she packs up her kids and moves from the big city to the small town of Sutter, North Carolina, to accept a job as the new police chief, what she finds is something unimaginable: a criminal justice system run entirely by women of color. What started out as a second chance at a career ends up becoming a second chance at life, as together these women revolutionize crime and punishment while restoring hope, community and humanity to a town that desperately needs it.” Fascinating and much-needed premise: a female police chief. We’ll definitely watch. We loved Rosewood! Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Capital was purchased and will air on NBC for 2023, perhaps. Written by Sean Finegan, it “centers on Special Agent Joanna Ward who heads up an elite Washington, D.C., unit that catches the world’s most dangerous criminals because she knows that all high-stakes crimes have one thing in common. Money. Someone’s paying for it and someone’s profiting from it. But when her partner gets killed and her team comes under attack, Jo must form an unholy alliance with her arch-enemy: a money launderer-extraordinaire who’s on the run from his most dangerous client.” Sounds interesting. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—So sad about the sudden death of beloved producer, Craig Zadan, from surgical complications, age 69. Not sure what that will mean for his upcoming productions on TV: live versions of Hair! and Bye, Bye Birdie were planned. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—Successful writers (Nashville, Covert Affairs, Charlie’s Angels, Missing), Meredith Lavender and Marcie Ulin, are developing another musical drama, this time, for NBC. The story stars Madison, “a gifted female musician whose career is in jeopardy after an on-stage breakdown goes viral. With a new boldness she teams up with her musical prodigy sisters to form a band that might be more than what they bargained for. Thrust into a world that is far more cut-throat and challenging than they ever imagined, they try to balance their individual ambitions, dreams, and secrets while trying to survive the roller coaster that is fame and success”…[t]he project hails from Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff’s DiVide Pictures and 20th Century Fox TV. We liked all their other shows, so I’m sure we’ll try this one. No title, casting or premiere date news, yet. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Adversaries, another legal drama from NBC, stars Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife, Blindspot) and comes from Alex Berger and Martin Gero (creators of Blindspot). The series will center “on a successful LA attorney who leaves her comfortable, coastal bubble to practice law in America’s heartland, her home state of Wisconsin. She’s forced to confront preconceived stereotypes and realize there’s more that unites us than divides us.” Sounds interesting. We’ll try it. Probably for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

The Oracle Year (published 4/3/18) was one of the most interesting and fun books I’ve ever read (and I have read probably 100K books in my life). When I went to write a review and looked up the author, Charles Soule, I discovered this news: “Tomorrow Studios, Marty Adelstein’s joint venture with ITV Studios, has acquired The Oracle Year, the upcoming debut novel of best-selling comic book franchise writer, Charles Soule, for development as a TV series.”

“[The book] centers on a twentysomething New Yorker who wakes to 108 visions of specific predictions of the future, and monetizes those predictions to become the most famous person in the world.” I would create a much better blurb than this and include it in my review, but, for now… I hope it makes past pilot and into series status! Maybe for 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

National Geographic‘s excellent series, Genius, moved to Disney+ (BOO!) for SEASON 4, and postponed its original SEASON 3 focus on Mary Shelley to focus on Aretha Franklin.  Now airing on only the pay station, Disney+, SEASON 4 will focus on Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X, but no premiere date news as of 12/5/22.

Quality of Life, a new series about a family-run funeral business is fronted by the great Jamie Lee Curtis, who will star, co-write, and executive produce the comedy for CBS. Co-written by Janis Hirsch (Will & Grace, Murphy Brown), this will be one of the few comedies to feature a woman over 60. Sounds intriguing. Probably 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

—How much do we love Madam Secretary‘s creator, Barbara Hall? LOTS! Moonlighting, Northern Exposure, Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy and Homeland are also among her fabulous writing credits, and now she has another series in development at CBS. A CIA drama, Family Business, centers on three adult siblings working in the intelligence community, just as their parents do/did. How is Hall continuing with Madam Secretary, doing this one AND Ms. Mayor? Maybe she shares a James Patterson-ish stable of writers! Probably 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Janet Tamaro‘s new series (Tamaro is the creator of one of our faves—now GONE…sob—Rizzoli & Isles), Smoke and Mirrors, “will follow a retired female detective who is pulled pack into the job from her now-quiet family life. In true Tamaro fashion, the detective teams up with another female cop — a young undercover detective — and crime and drama ensue from there. Tamaro will both write and exec produce the project.” Probably 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.

Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black and Doubt) will star in Spirited, “a one-hour drama about a fake psychic who discovers she has genuine powers.” This will be executive produced by Elizabeth Banks (in what wee hours of her mornings?), with the pilot to appear (perhaps) on ABC. Probably 2023. but no news as of 12/5/22.


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