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on “Wow. I think this [This Changes Everything] is in a tie with one other book for the most creatively confusing book on authonomy! In case you can’t tell, I mean that as a compliment…. I love your sense of humor. I literally laughed out loud when Clara said that she had given him the name Led. I also like that this is an alien story where the aliens are helping, rather than trying to take over the world. It’s a refreshing angle.”

one reader comments

On, for This Changes Everything: “You have quite a unique and interesting story! Not like anything else on here….Overall, I applaud your creativity and novel approach.”

“The Right Timeline”

Just spent a wonderful day conceiving (from meditations, dreams, and visions) a short story, “The Right Timeline,” based on the same main characters and multiverse foundations as in my sci-fi series, The Spanners, to submit to a newly starting sci-fi/romance online quarterly. If it is not accepted, I’ll just include it a future volume of the series. It if is, whoopee! Stay tuned! Decisions later this fall (it launches in November; deadline for submissions is October 1). Want to meet these characters? Read the first 13 chapters of Volume I, This Changes Everything, right here! Then, please post a comment here, on Twitter, on your own blog, on authonomy. com, on, on Goodreads, and anywhere else you roam. Thanks.