4th Serialized Excerpt: Vol. II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, The Spanners Series, by Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Vol. II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, The Spanners Series, by Sally Ember, Ed.D.


Cover and logo art by Willowraven.
Cover reveal for Volume II: April 15, 2014

4th Serialized Excerpt, 3/19/14

I am 27 in early 2013, when everyone hears about the MWC [Many Worlds Collective] holos’ visit to Aunt Clara and what that all means to Earth. At that time, I am a Rabbi in the Jewish Modern Orthodox tradition, teaching middle school in what is then near Cleveland, Ohio, married, living with my wonderful wife, Liora, and our adorable one-year-old daughter, Orna. Aunt Clara is the eldest of my father, Dr. Thomas Ackerman’s, three younger sisters. Abba [Father, Hebrew] and Aunt Clara are only one year apart.

[Orna, Moran’s 6-year-old daughter, walks in and sits beside him, listening.]

I start having “weird dreams” in September, 2012. In these dreams, I’m doing all kinds of things I can’t imagine at that time could be real or possible: walking through walls, flying just in my body, moving objects with my mind, telepathically communicating with other humans and animals, and talking and interacting with some nonhuman-looking creatures, including colorful holograms, seeing them talking with Aunt Clara: stuff like that.

I talk about some of my dreams with my wife, Liora, because they are so vivid and fantastical. She and I share some laughs about my “superpowers,” and that’s about it. Oh, and she does start calling me “Psi-Man,” which, considering how things turn out, is mighty prescient of HER!

There is a long tradition in Judaism, which I practice as an Orthodox Rabbi (teacher and religious leader, BPC) of individuals’ receiving visions, information, and even warnings from Hashem [reference for God, Hebrew] in dreams (think: Joseph, with that specially colored coat and all his vivid dreams, right?). I wonder if anyone else is getting dreams like mine, but no one besides the kids tells me or reports it anywhere BPC.

When we get Aunt Clara’s call, we’re at my parents’ house [see Chapters 6, 7, 8 of this Volume]. My “dreams” suddenly seem not to be dreams. Seeing my niece, Chaya’s, drawing, I am flabbergasted.

My oldest brother, Lavi’s, only daughter, Chaya, has a crayoned picture that she just happens to bring to this fateful Shabbat dinner. The drawing shows a central figure that looks like Aunt Clara (curly, light brown hair, blue eyes, female human) next to the floating, bluish beach ball I now know as “Led.” There is a sort of Tin Man, an orange, robot-looking figure who is clearly supposed to be “Ringo.” The pair-bond, “Janis—Diana,” are there as two large, greenish blobs with legs (kind of accurate, actually) next to a very tall, lighter green, wiggly looking figure (probably wiggling to illustrate his cilia moving all over him) with blinking colored lights on top: definitely “Mick.”

My own drawing of Aunt Clara and The Band of holos would not be much better, I’m sorry to say!

Then, I hear that my nephew, Solomon, my second-oldest brother, Agam’s son, also “knows,” from his own dreams, confirming my suspicions. We’re all connected to the MWC’s Big Reveal, somehow, not just Aunt Clara.

Liora and I are the only ones who know about my having pre-cog dreams BPC. Liora knows about my dreams because I tell her many times how I “see” her for years before we meet and that’s how I know she’s my Bashert. I also dream about our daughter, Orna, before our first ultrasound and that’s the way I know she’s a girl. I dream our current house before we find it. Things like that are common in our family but not usually talked about BPC.

After this Shabbat and the Big Reveal, everyone knows about my dreams because we tell them. Eventually, my timulting becomes important and necessary, but I get ahead of my story, here. Let’s return.

I call and talk briefly with Aunt Clara later that same weekend, after Shabbat (no phone calls during Shabbat). She explains some of what my dreams signify. Mainly, she lets me know that some of us are “talented,” meaning, we’re able to utilize Extraordinary, or Excellent Skills, BPC. Then, the arrival of the MWC delegation catalyzes our ES greatly. I talk about that call and its aftermath later in this Volume.

When Aunt Clara and I get another chance to talk, early in January, 2013, and I explain my dreams in more detail (having many more by then), she immediately puts me on a vid call with The Band, as she and Zephyr come to call the main five holos.

I mostly talk with Led and Mick, that time. They already know everything about me. I mean, EVERYTHING. That’s kind of creepy, but makes our conversation go quickly. Telepathy certainly is a big time-saver!

I find out: the MWC delegates move fast when we Earthers are ready. I suppose I am as ready as I can be. In that talk, which goes for about three hours, they explain what’s coming: the Transition and its inevitable problems; the Fraggers [Fragmenters] and Trenchers; the impending psi Wars, with the development of Earth’s defenders, the Psi-Warriors, to curtail and control the resistance, the Psi-Defiers.

My whole body is buzzing, my stomach flipping around. I’m sweating and breathing heavily as if I am just in from a long run. Standing on my toes, leaning forward, listening with every pore as they talk, the hours fly by. I am mezmerized but on high alert at the same time. I cannot remember ever feeling so energized. I know I have to be directly involved.

But, how? I’m a parent of a toddler and a Rabbi who teaches middle school. What can I do to help?

I’m wondering about my dreams and other future-seeing, clairvoyant precognition and presentience: do these mean I have a key role in all this? I am about to inquire when Led asks: “Moran Ackerman: do you want to help Earth in its Transition?”

When I hear Led ask me that, I feel as I am being summoned by Hashem. Not that Led is G-d, but that this work is my new sacred calling, to help all of Earth. I believe I don’t have a choice.

In Yiddish, we have a saying: Bashert ‘yz bashert. Bashert is not just about finding one’s soul mate: anything can be bashert, like “que será, será” in Spanish. Something that is meant to be, my destiny, my fate, is bashert.

I answer Led with a resounding “YES!” The most amazing feeling, like love multiplied by millions of electric charges, suffuses my chest and then my entire body, as if I am bathed in energy and love. That’s what it feels like when I am doing G-d’s work on Earth.

I become the first human student of the first ESP [Excellent/ Extraordinary Skills Program] trainings for OSOps. I am involved at the start in the development of the OverSeers of all types for Earthers, up to and including the first Psi-Warriors. I become the first Chief of them all.

I AM Super Psi-Man! See, Liora? You are right!

I have only the vaguest idea of what this all is at the beginning, but I catch on quickly. Aunt Clara says that is due to the fact that becoming the Chief is my karma [Sanskrit, Buddhist term for inevitable action, destiny]

When I finish this first monstrously long call with The Band, I turn to Liora and explain it all. Not surprisingly, since she is completely awesome, Liora supports me.

More of a shock: my school headmaster understands. He’s a big fan of Clara’s, he says. At first, he gives me time off for the spring, 2013, semester, but this turns into a permanent leave of absence.

For the first months of my ESP training, there is no Campus. I have vid calls with some of the holos from The Band about every other day for a few weeks, often with Aunt Clara from her house in California, as we begin to plan the ES and OS schools. We also start my training remotely in late January.

Luckily, since there is nowhere yet to go for the trainings, just like Aunt Clara, I train from home, which is Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She trains in the rain in or sun in northern California’s winter, I in the snow and freezing rain, almost no sun, when we have to be outside. Fortunately, most of what we do is indoors at first. Sometimes she and I are training on the same things, so we practice together via vid call, Access, or other methods I explain as I this Volume continues, here.

The trainers, usually Mick or Ringo, sometimes Led or Janis―Diana, come to me as holos or we do lessons and practice via Access. I’m the second person, after CeeCee to be given my own implant iD [Individual Access Devices Interface] and get physical “downloads.”

[See Volume I, This Changes Everything, for descriptions of some of Clara Branon’s early trainings with and first physical “download” from The Band.]

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