Branding Oneself, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

What do you think, authors and bloggers How do you brand yourself?

Nicholas C. Rossis

Angelia Vernon Menchan I met Author Angelia Vernon Menchan through the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB , and she has kindly offered to share a guest post here, regarding the all-important brand concept.  So, here it is:

“I created a brand once I became an author quite by chance. I was encouraged to start a blog and within a very short period of time I became known as a positive speaker and motivator.

How did that brand tie in to my work?

I always have a theme of overcoming or using mentors in anything I write. I write fiction, non-fiction, women’s fiction and YA fiction, as such it was easy to promote my books with who I had become known as.

Making sure your brand isn’t tarnished.

This is tricky because we all have a tendency to vent, particularly via social media.  Be very careful about that because if you are writing books about faith…

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