How to STUPENDIFY my #Ebook’s Release with a Virtual Book Tour

Thanks to Dvorah Lasky and many others, especially Nina Amir and her Virtual Book Tour advice and tips, I am better prepared than ever to release my next ebook in The Spanners Series, Volume II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, 6/9/14.

Buy links, reviews, interviews, excerpts, more:

Thanks, all, in the Book Marketing Challenge 2014! Great month of activities, events, blogs, webinars, teleseminars and more. Much appreciated.

Today, 6/7/14, we culminate this month of learning and sharing among #authors by asking you to visit each of the sites in our Blog Hop and learn more!

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Here is Nina’s checklist, in case you were wondering:

Virtual Book Tour Checklist

Before you begin your virtual book tour, be sure you have everything in place to ensure your appearances build your mailing list as well as sell books. Here’s a checklist you might find useful:

  1. Place the cover of your book and the links to the online bookstores where it can be purchased in a prominent location on your website.
  2. Create a free product, eBook, report, or autoresponder series.
  3. Sign up for an email service.
  4. Create an email subscription form that promotes your free product.
  5. Get the URL of your email subscription form from your email service provider.
  6. Place your form on your blog or website (or both).
  7. Create a page (or pages) on your website to offer a free downloadable gift only redeemable after filling out an email form.
  8. Create a teleseminar, webinar, or social media event related to your book.
  9. Find strategic partners who might be willing to promote your event to their list or joint venture with you in other ways.

Nina also offers 5 ways to build one’s email list during this virtual tour. Read more of her posts, get her books, learn from her experience:

For a complete list of articles and experts gathered for this great month:

However, this author is behind the curve and hasn’t set up to capture followers’ emails, yet. WILL DO SOON!

Best to all you #authors! Check out the other blogs on this HOP (partial list below):

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34 thoughts on “How to STUPENDIFY my #Ebook’s Release with a Virtual Book Tour

  1. I have done a VBT before, though that was organised by a VBT company. I did get a lot of sales from it, but I think especially with fiction, that VBT’s are a lot more effective when you tour with anything other than the first book in a series. That way you can put the first book up as a giveaway or discount it, and (hopefully) the sales of the other books in the series sell better.



    • I agree, HM, and I made my first in my Spanners Series free the day Vol II went into Pre-orders. It will stay that way until I have so many readers the new ones will be honored to pay….. LOL Best to you!


  2. Hi Sally! Nice to meet you here. Thanks for the reminder checklist from Nina. I’m missing a few of those items. Think today is your big Launch Day. Yippee Ya Hoo! Wishing you much success. Pretty sure we are connected on FB. If not, I’d like to be. Bye for now!


  3. Sally,

    I wish you much success with your new e-book. You are so organized and ready to take on the world! Thanks for the Virtual Book Tour Checklist.


  4. Hello Sally, It is a real pleasure for me to meet the people in the Author community. You did very well to organize all the information. Congrats on your release on June 9, tomorrow. My first book will be completed in the next few weeks.

    Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. There link in on the homepage of my website and you will receive a free report about realized wealth and well-being.

    Have a great day.


  5. Sally, Your checklist of things to do is great. I will be putting many of them on my own to do list. Good luck with the marketing of your series, particularly your new book in the series.


  6. Sally, thank you for your enthusiasm. You’re right. Nina’s information was helpful and well set out. I’m also heading for another visual book tour in the near future.


  7. Sally, thanks for sharing the virtual blog tour to-do list. We are connected on FB and Word press. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch. Much success to you.


  8. Hi Sally, I’m excited about your upcoming virtual book tour and can’t wait to hear about it. Thank you for sharing these tips and be sure to keep us posted!


  9. Hi, Sally, and thanks for dropping in on my blog during the BM Blog Hop. Exciting that we’re both engaged in planning a virtual book tour. I wish you all the best with yours.


  10. Wow! A new book release! I wish you all the best. I agree with you that Nina’s article was wonderful, but then all the articles were so upbeat and helpful. I just hope I can put all that information to good use. Good luck, Sally.


  11. I agree with you, Sally, I really got a lot from Nina’s information as well. All the best to you in your marketing!


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