Pay It Forward – “Most-Read” Books List

This list is upsetting on so many levels I can’t think where to begin. Only three female writers out of 10, to start. The first two of the 10 are compilations of fantasies, stories, pithy statements and/or doctrines that have relied/still rely on forced conversion to gain readers and have no actual author. Four of the books are fantasies that are arguably NOT well-written to the point of being awful examples of writing/editing. One is “nonfiction” yet makes ridiculous claims, among them that reading it can help readers “get rich”: really?
I’m disappointed with most readers when I see this list.

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me

Have you read them all?


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2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward – “Most-Read” Books List

  1. Actually, I’m surprised more by seeing something of substance like “The Diary of Anne Frank” on the list. I expect these lists to reflect the group mentality that puts junk magazines next to the cash register at the supermarket.


  2. Well, that’s human nature in a nutshell, Sally. Short, brutish and nasty. I’ve heard of only seven of those books and read none of them, apart from the first chapter of Brown’s Inferno. But I don’t feel impoverished.


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