The Swimsuit Edition, Where Sexism Knows No Size

In a post filled with lines calling out our the unmediated #sexism and #objectification of women in our culture, and, in particular, “‘Sports’ Illustrated,” for its ongoing #misogyny, I want to savor and quote, this is my favorite:
“So instead of angering what it perceives to be its base, arguably the nation’s most prominent sports magazine pauses once a year to print up a jerk rag and promote it as some kind of sacred tradition.”

Brava and thanks for writing, considering so thoughtfully and well, and posting. MORE of this! You are hereby invited to guest blog on MY site ANY Wednesday (Wednesday is my guest slot day).

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The Melissaverse

Apparently we’re all supposed to celebrate the fact that an average-sized woman will appear in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

I’m told it’s some kind of triumph that, of the many women pointlessly objectified on the pages of a magazine that’s supposed to be about sports, one will be somewhat heavier than all the others. Sexism is so deeply woven into the fabric of sports in America that this, incredibly, is meant to represent progress.

Never mind that this year’s cover model, in addition to being exactly the size you’d expect her to be, is also waxed to within an inch of her life. Never mind that only average-sized model in the magazine appears not as part of an editorial layout but in an ad. Never mind that both women appear to have been liberally airbrushed, unless you believe neither of their bodies has a single stray hair, birthmark…

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