Why Prisoners Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Eat Shrimp and Other Made Up Nonsense

The illegal incarceration of women and minorities, the privatization of the prison systems, and the inhumane conditions of most prisons are beyond appalling. I am so sorry for these circumstances, but thank you for posting, Janet Marcusse.

Janet Marcusse

People want to claim that prisoners shouldn’t get to eat shrimp or have crabmeat on their commissary because it would be luxury items that they don’t need and don’t deserve. It’s ignorant people who think we’re getting it for free. No. If we did for some miracle, get shrimp in commissary, it would be at least five dollars for a small packet that barely fits in the palm of your hand. And yes, WE, the inmates, pay for our food from commissary.

The food that we don’t pay for that is served to us in the kitchen comes in large boxes marked, “Not For Human Consumption”. Unless the food is black, we can’t throw it away and must cook it and serve it to the 900+ inmates at the facility. If the food is green, we rub more seasoning into it, cook it longer, and still serve it. If it…

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