A Happy Thanksgiving Gratitude Poem

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is my gratitude poem. (If you share it, please give credit.)

I am grateful…

To all long-term plotters,
And last-minute shleppers,
To early risers,
And all-week preppers;

To those who travel,
And those who stay,
To those who grumble,
And those who play;

To solo celebrators,
And party mavens,
To those who mourn,
And provide safe havens;

To diners-out,
And those facing a squall,
To those who relax,
And workers, all;

To families by blood,
And those we choose,
To angst sometimes quelled
By drugs or booze;

To those who won’t say much,
And those who speak up,
To those who stay silent
While raising their cup;

To those without homes,
And those who share theirs,
To those who serve kindness
Along with their prayers;

To natives and newbies,
To all types, all ways,
May all beings benefit,
Today and all days.

By Sally Ember, Ed.D. (Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember, sallyemberedd

) (http://www.sallyember.com)

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