#Polyglot Report and Opinions Wanted, Please

#Polyglot Report and Opinions Wanted, Please:

—I learned enough #Latin to translate and read it (but only for about 1 year about 53 years ago…) and have some knowledge of transliterated #Greek and Latin words, names and roots of English.
—I used to be fluent in #Spanish and still know a lot;
—I used to be able to converse in #Italian and transliterated #Yiddish and still know some of each;
—I know some #French and #German;
—I was raised reading and reciting transliterated #Hebrew;
—I recently learned to read and speak/understand actual #Sanskrit and actual and transliterated #Tibetan (I used to be able to read and write in Tibetan, but not translate well and haven’t kept it up);
—I am excellent in #English (American) and have some facility with British, Australian and other forms of English as well.

Score: 10 languages experienced, some in depth

polyglot image

What should be next?
Improve a foreign language I already “have,” or learn a new one during this #quarantine?


Comment/suggest below, please (at http://www.sallyember.com/blog or on Facebook, with your own polyglot report!