All doctors, doctors-in-training, and anyone who DEALS with doctors: READ and SHARE, please! Written (and accomplished) by one of my Buddhist friends who is now a hospice nurse and used to be a nurse-midwife for births. Thank you, Candy, for all you do and have done for the newly arrived and about-to depart.


There are midwives for birth and for death. They are people who lovingly accompany those in transitionwatching over and supporting them as they do the work of giving birth or passing from this life.  Sometimes that means being a discerning and strong protectorlike a Mama bear…

mother bearHe looked to be about twenty years old but introduced himself as a doctor when he briskly walked through her door, clutching a chart under his arm. We nodded as he walked over and stood by my friend’s bedside.

“Hello Carly,” he said.

“Uh, that’s not her name.”

“Ahem,” he replied, clearing his throat, looking puzzled as he shuffled the sheaf of papers in his hand. He then spoke in a very loud voice to my friend who was dying and unresponsive. “So, how are you doing? Fine? Good. Very good,” he said in one rushed breath.

I glared at him and moved…

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