And The Tantrums Will Follow by Nonnie Jules

A forward-thinking, innovative fellow indie author ! Get to know Nonnie and her work!

Bruce A. Borders

Today, I’m happy to welcome author Nonnie Jules! She is the founder and President of
Rave Reviews Book Club and is stopping by on her latest blog tour. And now, here’s Nonnie:

~ ~ ~
Hello, and welcome to Day 8 of my 15-day, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY:  ARE YOU WATCHING NONNIE WRITE” Blog Tour.  I’m so pleased that Bruce has welcomed me here today.  I’m equally excited to be sharing with all of you, his readers and followers.  Bruce and I are fellow Board Members at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB,where we promote and support Indie Authors and readers alike.  If you’d like to know more about RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, visit us here
This month marks the one year anniversary of my burst onto the social media scene and it’s also the one year anniversary of my blog “WATCH NONNIE WRITE!”, and during that time, I…

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