#60for60: 60 ACTS OF #KINDNESS AND GRATITUDE– each of the days before my 60TH

#60for60: 60 ACTS OF #KINDNESS AND GRATITUDE– each of the days before my 60TH (birthday)
June 21, 2014 to 8/22/14


I may not do these in the order listed, but I do intend to do them by August 22. I plan to blog about any that merit mentioning. Otherwise, just assume the following are occurring, somehow. I hope this inspires YOU!

Those with a $ next to them require some money to be expended (not much, usually).
1. $
Give a very good tip
2. $
Pay for someone’s gas.
3. $
Pay someone’s fees to foster a dog or cat from shelter
4. $
Leave change in a vending machine
6. $
Donate a random amount of money to a homeless person
Open doors for people
Give genuine compliments to someone’s very unseen blogs
Donate supplies I don’t use
10. $
Donate to classrooms at local school.

support teachers

11. $
Give someone an umbrella
Let someone behind me go in front of me in a line
Clean a neighbor’s curb area or put their garbage cans back after pick-up
14. $
Buy someone’s groceries in the checkout or provide what someone on assistance is “missing” to complete a purchase
15. $
Pick up the tab for a random family/person
16. $
Buy some carry-out lunch and deliver it to a homeless person
Give compliments to at least two people.
18. $
Buy some toys a child might like and leave them on their porch.
Post about something useful to others
20. $
Go to the bank and deposit money into someone else’s account
21. $
Pay off someone’s layway at a store
22. $
Cook lunch for someone I know and bring to them
23. $
Buy a college student’s textbook or lunch

college textbooks

Leave a thank -you note at farmers’ market vendor’s stall (or more than one)
Collect coupons and leave at laundromats 
Leave Buddhist magazines at homeless shelters
Donate clothes, coats, shoes
28. $
Reserve a coffee at coffee shop
Read someone’s writing and give constructive feedback
Send a thank-you note to a family member (or more than one)
Send a thank-you note to a friend (or more than one)
Offer to edit, rewrite, or help write something for someone for free
Respond to someone’s comments with positive statements in FB, LinkedIn, Google+ groups
Thank group moderators in above groups
Tweet about someone else’s writing, music or art


RT or repost someone’s great quote
Vote up someone’s submission on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Youtube
Thank every cashier and waitron I can’t tip
Offer to help someone who seems to need help at stores, farmers’ market, library
Donate books to library book sale
41. $
Donate food to food bank
Offer a ride to someone with burdens walking to the BART or bus
43. $
Buy a BART (public transportation) ticket and give it away
44. $
Leave tips in tip jars even when I don’t buy anything
45. $
Donate to my spiritual teacher even when I don’t see him
Get and give coupons for free ebooks to teachers 
Write positive reviews for books and rank them on Amazon or businesses on YELP or other sites
48. $
Visit one church or temple per month and donate to charity tray/basket
Send thank-you notes to musicians, writers, artists whose work I appreciate
Send thank-you notes to teachers or their children/spouses
Scan then post/email photos from albums for friends, family and let them know
Make youtube vids thanking writing support groups leaders/members and cover artist, Willowraven, reviewers and beta readers, then post
53. $
Pay someone’s parking meter or give a hard-to-find space up to someone else

parking fairy
image from: http://offhandcomics.com

Compliment a parent on their parenting in public place
Compliment/thank a public servant in person or online
Write letter to editor of local paper thanking honest, dedicated local politicians
Blog about gratitude to my/one’s ancestors
Share positive stories about people I knew who are now dead to their living descendants
Thank Buddhist sangha members and/or support one’s retreat

Find someone else whose birthday is today and wish them “Happy Birthday!”

60 BD

7 thoughts on “#60for60: 60 ACTS OF #KINDNESS AND GRATITUDE– each of the days before my 60TH

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  2. Hey Sally,
    Discovered you through Google+ when I got your request. Love this idea of yours! I turned 60 last August and wish I had thought of something like this. Doesn’t mean I can’t do it for 61, huh? btw, I’ve started a community on google+ but it isn’t taking off very well. It’s called “the last third” for people who are over 55. I am looking for a co-moderator. I feel this is a very good age to be so I am not at all negative about aging. Thanks for this post….

    I think we have a lot in common. I am in Petaluma. You can also find me at kathleenmccormicklcswmph.com.



    • Thanks, Kathleen. I’ll check it out. I don’t know what being a moderator or co-moderator of a group entails, but I’m about to become super-busy after a lull, so I’d better not take on anything else right now. I visited your website and was impressed by the amount of info you provide!

      I am in Hayward, right now, but used to live in the North Bay and hope to be moving back this summer/early fall. Stay tuned!

      Best to you, and thanks for visiting and commenting!



  3. Nice list, doing some of these have made me feel good just “doing it” thanks for sharing. Happy Pre Birithday!!!


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