Writing Contest by the RRBC

I am also a member of this fine club and highly recommend YOU join if you are an indie author! Well worth it, and you can also enter this writing context.

When you join , mention me and I might win some more recognition time! @sallyemberedd #RaveReviewsBookClub

Nicholas C. Rossis

You may remember the Rave Reviews Book Club, a club devoted to promoting, reviewing and generally supporting authors, from my previous posts, where I described what they have done for me (apart from the aqueducts and the roads, obviously).

Now, the Club is running a writing competition. Sunday, July 13th, 2014 is the final day to register and submit your entry into the “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WRITER” Writing Contest. This contest is offering the biggest prize package offered thus far in the short history of the club.

The first place winner will receive:

  • A week long “SPOTLIGHT” author slot (that’s the one that quadrupled my sales);
  • A #PUSHTUESDAY slot (a big, day-long promotion on Twitter that has taken member rankings from the high millions down to as low as #22 on Amazon’s Top 100 list in a mere 24 hour period);
  • Automatic inclusion in the…

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World-Building: Can Sci-Fi Help Build a Better World?

Love this: “…science also suffers from its own fundamentalism; a materialist philosophy that rejects all internal experience as invalid, meaning that art of all kinds is also devalued and pushed aside.”

Damien Walter

Science shows us how the world is built. Can science fiction help us build a better world?

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The Blue Marble

Astronaut Jack Schmitt released the shutter on the 70 millimeter Hasselblad camera at 5:39 AM on 7th December 1972. The Apollo 17 mission to the moon was 45,000 kilometers from Earth. The image that it captured was not the first of its kind. Other photos of Earth had been recorded by previous space missions, but none so clear and potent as this one.

“The Blue Marble”, as it would later be nicknamed, shows a fully illuminated Earth of white clouds, blue oceans and the continental landmasses of Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and the south polar ice cap. For hundreds of thousands of years, humankind lived on Earth’s surface. Now we could look back and see Earth as a whole, like a child’s marble, shining against the…

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