HAPPY NEW YEAR! Switch your USA Landline or Cell Phone Company to Support Great Causes! CREDO DOES!

CREDO (formerly Working Assets) has been donating a large portion of its profits and allowing customers (“Members”) to vote on where the profits are donated for decades.

I had been using WALD for my landline and then CREDO for my cell phone since the 1990s (WALD used to provide coupons for free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints for every new customer I referred, so I referred a LOT!).

CREDO will:

  • buy out your contract
  • provide free or paid cell phone model options (Android only, of course)
  • actually provide English-speaking humans to talk to you from its 24-7 Customer Service
  • give you access to its great website
  • offer competitive prices.

Truly worth a switch. STOP supporting multinationals like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc., TODAY!

Make your phone bill work to help YOUR choice of nonprofits and good causes!

CREDO uses the Sprint network, so be sure that network operates well enough where you live before switching carriers.

For the end of 2014, CREDO sent this email (images below), which I hope inspires YOU to switch carriers.

CREDO Engaged_Voters_Panel1

CREDO Middle_Panel_1

CREDO Middle_Panel_2

CREDO Middle_Panel_3

I am NOT an “affiliate marketer,” and I am NOT getting paid (or even getting any ice cream) for promoting this.
It’s just the right thing to do. Please switch this month!