…Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli… stringed Maestros…

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Seumas Gallacher

…there are musicians whose talented gifts surpass JONGGR… in these modern days where we quill-scrapers hear so much about ‘writing in the proper JONGGR, p’raps a wee lesson is to be had listening to these exponents in another field of the artistic arts… if yeez play, sing, write, or perform wonderfully at whatever yeez do, to hell with the JONGGR, I say… Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli graced the WURLD with their expertise with their different styles of violin playing… but whomever yeez listened to of the pair, they were outstanding…

yehudiviolinistsstephane…listen first to this clip, where the two were thrown together for the first time… magical… and the distinctive ‘Voices’ of each of their playing comes triumphantly to the ear…

…now, enjoy Master Menuhin’s talent…

…and compare that of Master Grappelli

…back in the day, when the rock and roll, beat, and hippy-hippy-shake tsunamis were bouncing…

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Tracking Views at Amazon—Finally..?

“#KDP Select #authors can place an advertisement and, in addition to any benefits of the ad itself, receive valuable sales information regarding their books.” Check it out! Thanks, Chris!


Image from ShutterStock. Image from ShutterStock.


Don’t you wish that you could see how many people are viewing your book’s product page at Amazon?

Then you’d be able to see how good your blurb and Look Inside are at closing the deal, or how well a promotion is working.

Well, now you can get tracking data at Amazon.

Amazon marketing services is now available for books enrolled in KDP Select.

For as little as a $100 budget and bids of 2 cents, you can advertise your book on Amazon.

Visit your Bookshelf and click the link under the KDP Select column called Promote and Advertise.

When I did created an advertisement this morning, I received an approval email that said:

  • “Please allow 1 day for clicks/impressions to appear…”
  • “…and 2-3 days for detail page views to appear.”


This will show how many impressions are made all…

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Real Editors Give Writing Advice

Newbie #authors: Take notes, memorize and be ready for the TEST!

Madeleine Swann

Merry morn to you all! Although, it’s probably not morning where you are. And maybe not so merry. But it will be merry with all these lovely advice videos I handpicked just for you!

Without further ado, the first one is called The Top 5 Mistakes Amateur Writers Make

This one is a crazy length (about an hour and a half) but just pretend you’re at a college lecture – Writing Tips And Advice From Lovecraft Ezine Editor Mike Davis

This one is from a friend of the ‘vlogbrothers’, who are two professional writers who also make videos. It’s called Dare To Suck

This one is called Writing for Magazines: Top Tips by Freelance Writer Linda Formichelli and Editor Laura Pepper Wu

This is from the same channel, called: What a literary agent wants! With Rachelle Gardner

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Let’s Talk Crohn’s

Excellent analysis and insights, here. Share!
I have several relatives and friends who deal with this disease in varying degrees as well as others who have chronic illnesses; many of us have “invisible” physical limitations and other “differences.”

I like this part of your post the best:
“…I don’t think what Townsend did is all that ‘brave’ — it’s just reality. She’s just telling it like it is. This is her reality, this is who she is, and that’s that. We can either accept it or reject it – and we’d be better to accept it.

“And really, this goes for any number of things – people in wheelchairs, people with cognitive disabilities, older people – anyone and everyone. Making snap judgments usually does no one any favors.”

SFR (Science-Fiction Romance) Station Launches

Thanks, EJ! Visited, emailed C.E. Kilgore with my sci-fi/romance The Spanners Series’ two titles and my info right away! Great site! #sfrStation and #scifirom

E J Frost

Sci-fi/romance (SFR) is a bit of a red-headed step-child. Some romance readers turn up their noses at all the “unrealistic” elements of SFR. Some sci-fi purists turn up their noses at the “mushy” romantic elements. But for me, SFR is home. It’s what I want to read. When I read “straight” romance, I’m dreaming of FTL-travel and dystopian societies. When I read “straight” sci-fi, I miss the romantic tension and hope of a happy ending. The blend of science-fiction and romance feels right to me, and always has, even before I knew it was a “genre.”

Feel the same way? There’s a site for that.

HeaderBannerfacebook44SFR Station is a great new resource for sci-fi readers and authors. A member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade has undertaken the herculean task of creating a new library for readers who can find authors writing in the genre, including recent releases, free offerings…

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