How to Contact Book Reviewers

Let me know how it goes if you follow this advice! #reviews #authors

Ericka Clay

how to contact book reviewers

After publishing a book, there’s this tricky little problem most authors have to overcome: getting people to read and review it.

Fortunately, there’s an entire segment of the blogging populace that not only does this very thing but can help you build your author street cred: book review bloggers.

The key to getting your book into reviewers’ hands? Sticking to these main steps:

  1. Follow the book reviewer’s guidelines for contacting them about a review. This is THE BIG ONE. Don’t start shooting off emails willy nilly before first making sure you’ve thoroughly met each one of their requests. Reviewers receive A LOT of requests to read books, and if it comes down between an author who followed their directions and an author who didn’t, guess whose book will get chosen.
  2. Find a point of contact and spell their name correctly. I know this one seems like a no-brainer…

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3 thoughts on “How to Contact Book Reviewers

    • i wondered about that. Most guidelines I have read specify NOT to send the book unless the reviewer requests it/agrees to put it in the queue. I guess the overall advice is: follow each reviewer’s guidelines.

      Thanks for reading and commenting TWICE today!

      best to you,



      • There’s a balance. I like a request, i agree and say it will take ages (I’m going to put up a no review sign soon) but I’ll do it whenever if they are happy. Whereupon if they send a mobi/epub that’s fine. And if they dont, I am not chasing them up. Fine balance. But anyone who called me an Awesome Indie Book Reviewer would have me groaning from word one!

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