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I LOVE looking at language to understand the underlying cultural assumptions and values, Jnana. Thanks for posting!

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Chicken Farmer, I still love you

Take a moment to list some familiar phrases, quotations, and slang terms for money and wealth. This is important, because these fragments unconsciously shape our own money actions.

Over the coming week, continue to jot down more as they come to mind. Include advice you’ve received over the years.

As these accumulate, what images are presented? Is there a consistent message? Or are they all conflicted?

How do we use them to justify our actions?

Do you ever use them as excuses?

A tally of common expressions promptly demonstrates how feelings clash: “stinking rich,” “lousy with money,” “jingle-jangle,” “almighty dollar,” “smackers,” “folding dough,” “flat busted,” “fat city,” “easy come, easy go,” “it’s only money,” “a penny saved is a penny got” (as William Penn insisted, but altered by the spendthrift Benjamin Franklin to “ . . . twopence gained”), and on and on.

By the way, how do you feel…

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