A free writing competition with a BIG difference – they want you to show off your marketing skills as well

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Thanks, Bridget, and Ape (for reblogging). I’m checking this out!


market stallNeil Raphel, acquisitions editor of Brigantine Media, says: “… publishing success or failure depends on our authors’ commitment to marketing.”
Brigantine Media, based in Vermont,  started life 30 something years ago promoting business books, but they now see themselves as a publishing house involved in fiction and education as well as business related projects

To spread the word about what they do, Brigantine is hosting Publish or Perish, a writing contest to reward an author who’s created not only a great book, but a plan for selling their great book.

Like what exactly?
The examples they gives include creating Second Life avatars for your main characters or hosting Twitter chats and offering writing advice.

The prize is  a publishing contract with Brigantine and a $2,000 advance.

Any writer can apply – they are looking for all genres, not limited to the ones that they currently focus on.

While there will…

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