A Different Type of Book Review: Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom: a colouring book adventure

Coloring in books are supposedly very therapeutic, mindful activity for ADULTS these days and this one is beautiful. Thanks for posting, Babus Ahmed!

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In May 2015 I bought a colouring book after I saw a number of posts about adult (nothing to do with x-rated stuff) colouring books and observed someone in the waiting room for a doctors appointment, colouring a rather complicated pattern book.

Perusing Amazon I found there really was a huge variety of colouring books and chose this one and some cheap pencils and pens to accompany it.

I am not comfortably artistic and I haven’t had a colouring book since Medical School (20 years ago) when I used colouring books to learn anatomy and biochemistry.

My first piece of work, I undertook tentatively and tried to keep it simple using pencils. I enjoyed it immensely and found it incredibly therapeutic.

The paper used to make this colouring book is thick and of good quality, so using felt tip pens is fine as there is no bleed through the page…

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