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Mazel Tov, Stuart! We talked about this book and his charity work on behalf of those affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (as it used to termed) in our *CHANGES* conversations between authors hour (sorry about the sound quality; hang in there, because it does improve).
For those who want to know Stuart Aken better, join us any time by watching Episode 33, recorded just this past Wed., now available on both Google+ and YouTube:

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Stuart Aken

The paperback version. The paperback version.

The paperback proof copy arrived today and it looks good. I was hoping to get this in time for the print version to be available at the same time as the ebook, which has been on pre-order for a couple of weeks. The launch date for that is 14th June.

The process with Amazon and Createspace means that the print book should be available at once through the Createspace estore by clicking here. Because of delays that exist in the system, it will be available on in 3-4 days and on other Amazon sites in a week or so. But, if you want to order it from other retailers, either online or through your local bookshop, it will apparently take 6-8 weeks before you’ll be able to do so! Sorry, but that aspect is out of my hands.

Enjoy the read. And, if you…

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