How to: use SmartURL

How and why to use “Smart URLs” to track clicks! Thanks, Elle! Also, she shows the site’s providing ALL countries’ Amazon links for one product/book! Excellent tools and advice.

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SmartURL’s can be an incredible tool to use in a million different ways. First off, they can be used on Facebook without causing those dreaded Captcha’s. Secondly, they’re saved on the SmartURL website, so that you don’t have to save them elsewhere. There’s a really quick and easy “Copy” button that you can just sign in to access.

Let’s take a closer look.

Start here at the SmartURL website.

Here’s your homepage.

Now let’s sign in/register and take a closer look. You can do the quick and easy option of signing in with your social media account or register to sign up the long way.

This is how your homepage will look, once you’ve got a few links added.


Now, click on “Create SmartURL” and we’ll go to the page for how to create a link:

This is the most important part that you’ll need to keep an…

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