2015 Publishing Retrospective: Feminist Bloggers – The 2014 Collection

As a lifelong Feminist, I can’t believe I didn’t know about Feminist Fridays. How do I get hooked into it?

Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Natacha Guyot

The first volume I published last year was a free eBook that gathered the several Feminist Friday posts that had been written by multiple authors during the year 2014. It is available for free on Smashwords in multiple digital formats.

This collection of 20 feminist essays by 8 authors, covers a broad range of topics from feminism as a political label, to rape culture, to various perspectives on education. This volume also includes several pieces about how marketing addresses women and how mass media represent them. Every essay was originally published as part of a blog series hoping to generate a discussion.

If you’d like to find out more about the Feminist Friday discussions, you can find all links on this page on Part Time Monster.

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What 4.5 Years and 1 Million Views of Blogging Have Taught Me

Thanks, August. So glad for you!

Keep going!

Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Girl Boner

About four and a half years ago, I asked my then agent what I could do to better my odds of success as an author, other than writing and writing some more. Among his chief suggestions? Start a blog.

Write for free in the spare time I don’t exactly have? It sounded like dreadful homework, but like many writers, I was eager to do whatever it took to move forward. That “whatever” turned out to be one of the most important professional decisions I’ve made.

Over the weekend, my blog reached 1 million views. While numbers are by far not the most important thing and all relative, this felt pretty awesome—especially considering I recall very well a time I nearly pleaded people to check it out. (Uh, that’s not a suggestion.)

PLEASE? I'll do anything!PLEASE? I’ll do anything!

Some writers might hear “a million views” and think, “Yeah, but it was all for FREE!”…

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