The gender-industrial complex, Part III (Pediatric patients)

I highly recommend reading this entire series. Great food for thought and many discussion topics, here. Thanks, Carrie-Anne!

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Children are notorious for being very literal thinkers, viewing the world in very concrete, black-and-white terms. Due to their necessary lack of metacognition (thinking about thinking), they can’t understand longterm consequences or why they think a certain way. They also can’t think very far ahead, or understand how we change and grow so much as we go through life. At least until very recently, parents instituted normal boundaries and rules for a reason. Now we have SJWs immediately running off to the gender therapist if a little boy dresses up in his mother’s clothes, instead of understanding that’s a normal thing pretty much all kids do.


Since when do preschoolers and elementary school kids know more than adults? When your 2-year-old shouts that her name isn’t…

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