Path Dangers: Rigidity and Frigidity

Much-needed and well-written critiques of problems with #meditators/#meditation along the path.

The Unusual Buddha

So here we are with our sweet meditation practice and we come to a funky sticking point. There’s nothing wrong really. Just another temporary phase to move through. You reach a pretty common issue, I know because it happened to me. You reach a stage where the risk of rigidity and frigidity become a matter of real concern. What do I mean by rigidity?

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Rigidity is a firm handed inflexibility, an inability to change and adapt. This shows it’s ugly face when we meet differing points of view that challenge our own. You some how reach a point where you “know” things. Trust me when I say, if you think you’re close to an attainment you’ve never been further away. As my teacher told me, “One must always come to the Dharma with their cup empty, so that it can be filled”. I’m…

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