SHARE! EXPERIENCED #editor #proofreader available for quick-turn around jobs

SHARE! EXPERIENCED #editor #proofreader available for quick-turn around jobs, any size/length, from blurbs/web content to full-length manuscripts. Will work during Holidays (don’t celebrate them, myself!).

editor needed

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In a very crowded field, populated with scam artists and incompetent or inadequate editors/ proofreaders, whom do you select and how do you know if you’re correct to choose that person to work with you on your precious writing?

As a published nonfiction and ebooks fiction author with many years of teaching English/Language Arts behind me, many books I’ve edited/co-written/ghostwritten and many articles, short stories, poems and scripts as well, plus my own website and frequent blog posts, I have work you can see.

YOU can decide if you want to hire me by checking my published and printed writing.

[NOTE: If you are going to read my sci-fi/romance ebooks in The Spanners Series (Vol I, This Changes Everything, is free) to see how well I edit, you should know that I wrote those deliberately in the present tense to make a plot point, not because I don’t know how to use verb tenses.]

I can help you learn more about how to write better by discussing the reasons/foundations for the edits and corrections I provide
OR just provide proofreading/copy editing with no conversation:
your choice.

With my experience and academic background, I can edit/proofread:

  • fiction, most genres and any length
  • nonfiction, any length, including marketing materials and manuals for many purposes
  • academic or professional White Papers in education and social sciences
  • articles and essays on most topics
  • literature reviews and dissertations or other graduate theses/writing in education and social sciences, using APA Style formatting

Maybe you already have an editor/proofreader you’ve used before, but reviewers or readers have complained about typos, mistakes and other problems. I can be the professional editing consultant who assesses your previous work and then honestly tells you if someone you’ve hired in the past is worth hiring again.

Editing consultations cost a lot less than paying a bad editor/proofreader for sloppy work and then having to pay someone else to do it AGAIN, not to mention dealing with the upsetting delays.

I offer great rates (negotiable; see below), quick and reliable service.

Work online via email, Google docs or Drop Box.


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I will:

  • assess your project by discussing and reviewing the written piece with you in advance
  • provide an written rate and completion time estimate
  • fulfill that estimate on time or early
  • check in with you before proceeding to next phase or adding costs
  • not flatter or mislead you
  • give you honest, credible, useful feedback
  • be professional, clear and accurate with my written recommendations/corrections

We can SKYPE or use Google Hangouts/Chat to discuss or go over edits. We can make the experience more of a tutorial, if desired (different rates for tutoring).

Pay via PayPal within 14 days of completion of first project.

$50/hour for proofreading (minimal) to $125/hour for extensive editing/rewriting and/or tutoring.

OR $10/250-wd page for proofreading to $25/250-wd page for extensive rewriting

minimum of $50/web content or Book BLURB.

15% discount if paid within 24 hours of submission of completed work.

20% discounts for #NaNoWriMo #authors.


10% discount for returning customers.

10% discount for referrals that turn into customers for repeat customers.


Sense of humor and compassion: no charge.


NOT DOING #NaNoWriMo Writing Plans

People keep asking me: Are you doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)?
I say, “No.”
They seem surprised.

I decided to explain.
Here are my NOT DOING #NaNoWriMo Writing Plans:

    1. Job-hunting. Must do. Have to get some income besides the trickle of pennies my 2 ebooks currently provide. Hope to add GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT to my list of November activities by November 30, which is more important than adding thousands of words to my computer. For me. This involves writing: cover letters, emails, queries. Hundreds of words. To people (or ‘bots….).


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      2. Marketing Ongoing. Trying to upgrade my trickle of ebooks’ sales’ pennies to a stream to a flow to a… .well, you get the idea. Includes blogging, tweeting, commenting on others’ blogs, guest blogging, reblogging with comments added, promoting my ebooks in The Spanners Series, begging for more reviews for my ebooks, writing reviews on Goodreads and posting them to Amazon of books I may get a chance to read and review, promoting my G+ HOA, *CHANGES*, and hosting the almost-weekly talk show on Wednesdays (10 AM EST USA).
      This involves writing: blog posts, site posts, tweets, comments, reviews, promos, emails (mostly to *CHANGES* guests and reviewers). Hundreds and probably thousands of words. For social media.


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        3. Writing novels Ongoing. I am about half-way through Volume III, This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change of The Spanners Series and wish to finish it this fall. I had planned to finish Vol III and work more on Vol IV, which I’ve barely started, by the end of August but a serious accident/concussion postponed achieving these goals by many months. I also have to finish collecting and reworking the researched bits that belong to these Volumes and perhaps future ones. This includes coming up with and agreeing on a cover design for Vol III with my cover artist, Aidana Willowraven.
        This involves writing: For the rest of Vol III and I hope some of Vol IV, Changes in Attitude/Changes in Latitude, as well. Tens of thousands of words. For novels.

        Cut pieces of paper with text on SEO theme. Isolated on white.

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          4. Editing/Proofreading All of the above require both, and perhaps I will do some for hire (I hope). I’m available. Will negotiate: sallyember AT yahoo DOT com
          This involves writing by rewriting, hundreds and thousands of words, many times. For improving all writing. Everywhere.


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        (“edit” should have quotes around it…)

        Why am I not doing NaNoWriMo? I’m BUSY writing!

        I wish I could take a month and work only on ONE novel/project!

        Good luck to all who are doing NaNoWriMo!