I CONQUERED #CreateSpace! This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series is in Print starting November 13, 2015!

I CONQUERED #CreateSpace! This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series is in Print starting November 13, 2015!


FYI: Margins for 5″ x 8″ book with 543 pages need to be:
1.25″ inner, 0.5″ for the rest.
0 for gutter.

This Changes Everything, Volume II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, and III, This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, of The Spanners Series by Sally Ember​, Ed.D., will be available as print editions!
$17.99 for Volume I, starting in early November! Check Amazon or my website http://www.sallyember.com (look right; scroll down) for links.
Other two to follow closely thereafter, probably at around the same price.

Yippee! Thanks, everyone, especially authors Madeline Duffy on Facebook, Dana Delamar at http://danadelamar.blogspot.com/p/createspace-tips.html and Megan at http://Toadyland.com plus the people in the CreateSpace Community forums!

If you still prefer ebooks and/or love a free one, Volume I is permafree; Volume II is $3.99 and Volume III is now in half-price pre-orders ($1.99) through 12/7/15; Vol III ebook goes into full release on 12/8/15 @$3.99 as an ebook. Website for links: http://www.sallyember.com (look right; scroll down).

Buy your sci-fi-lovin’ family and friends one of the best utopian, romantic, multiverse, psi-infused, scientific, alien-filled, Jewish/ Buddhist and absolutely unique novels you’ll ever read or give as a gift when you invest in The Spanners Series from Timult Books.


Consider purchasing BOOKS or gift cards to Amazon for whatever birthdays or holidays you celebrate!

More FYI for ebook Indie Publishers/Self-Published Authors, if you might need better distribution:
To place your book(s) on all Amazon’s Kindle Stores (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Brazil, Japan, India etc.), and in North America, via Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Ingram, and in Europe, via Askews & Holts, Blackwell’s, BlioBook, Depository, Kalahari.net, Waterstones, Whitcoulls, WH Smith, you can use BookBaby or .eBookpartnership, for example. There are others.

You have to have your ebook files in the appropriate formats ready to upload. They do not help with that, but there are many forums and communities online who do.

Their yearly fee is less than $100 and you can save LOTS of hours for uploading your book and for tracking accounts with these retailers.

They do not take commissions, such as Smashwords and Kindle do. You keep 100% of the revenue from online retail.

However, you should buy your own ISBN’s, preferably a block of ten ($295 for ten vs. $125 for one as of November, 2015), on Bowker.

Remember to register your book(s) (print and electronic) worldwide with Bowker’s database because that is used by bookstores and libraries around the world.

I am putting The Spanners Series’ ebooks into print!

I am putting The Spanners Series’ first three Volumes of ebooks into print-on-demand!

Announcement: NEED FUNDING HELP!

coins image
image from http://www.kevinsmithukip.com

As soon as I can raise the money to purchase my 10 ISBNs, I can put my print editions up for sale on Amazon via CreateSpace! Turns out it is important for series authors to have their own International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and for indie authors to retain the publisher’s rights by owning their ISBNs rather than allowing the original purchaser of the ISBN to be listed as the “publisher.” Therefore, I have to forego the free and discounted ISBNs provided everywhere and buy my own.

If you’d like to support putting my books into print, please use either my #Crowdfunding Campaign site: http://www.patreon.com/sallyember, which entitles you to “rewards,” such as a free ebook ($4.00 donation) and/or discounted proofreading, editing or writing tutoring, depending upon the size of your donation and how many get there before you, or
the PayPal Donate button here on my site http://www.sallyember.com allows you to contribute any amount to my effort.

10 ISBNs cost $295 if purchased together, which is a great deal because buying a single ISBN costs $125, if purchased separately.

So, I hope I am finally doing it! Got my formatting gloves on, cracking my knuckles and biting all bullets.

My original cover art will carry over (THANKS, WillowRaven!), and all other aspects will be faithful to the ebook versions, with a few surprise additions.

Special thanks to Annie Douglas Lima for posting a guide to doing this so that I can use the Print on Demand feature of CreateSpace on Amazon, and to Madeline Duffy for providing a template I could revise and use.

Volume I is ready as of 10/20/15!just need the cash for ISBNs

I plan to have each Volume of the three published so far ready for sale as print books no later than December 12, 2015.

Wish me luck! Contribute! Tell your friends!

image from http://powerthruconsulting.com

Watch this space for release dates and purchase links.