“WTF Happened in 1971?”

If you enjoy statistics, are fascinated by correlations and want to pretend there are causations, go to this site and THINK about each graph and set of facts depicted there. My son told me about this collection, and it is mind-blowing!

For example, in/by 1971, affordable birth control/contraceptive prescription pills (“The Pill”) had become widely available to teens (without parental permission needed, EVEN IN MISSOURI!) and adult single women everywhere in the USA, and I started taking them. SO, everything else must have cascaded from that, right?

OR, for meat consumers, chicken became a leading source of protein by a HUGE and growing percentage, vastly outperforming all other meat sources, starting in 1971 in the USA. Therefore, everything else must have been due to that.

What about financials? Check out this graph:

Inflation rates of over 2400% NOW??!!!

Most people have less money, and what we do have buys less, so all our problems stem from that. Sure.

OR, try this: the numbers of lawyers and physicians have both steeply risen after 1971 in the USA; so did the numbers of incarcerated people. You tell me what the consequences of those increases have been…

What about the inverse changes in income vs. costs of housing since 1971, including the fact that it now takes more than three times as long to save enough money buy a house, if you even can?

Are you angry, yet? Bewildered? These are just a few of this site’s sections!

Please visit this site (ignore the ad for Bitcoin!) https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/ and leave your comments here on my post: https://sallyember.com/2021/09/20/wtf-happened-in-1971/