Step12/d: Presence with every breath

Moment by moment. Yes. Ahhh.

The Practice of Living Awareness

creatingyourlightbody2Awareness with every breath is the path to enlightenment: Full Awareness with every breath. We can begin with this current breath, and then the next, and then maybe a few more through the day.

The magic in some meditations emanates through computer, space, time of the day, and into the moment. This meditation is one of those. Give yourself this meditation, no matter what level of meditator you consider yourself to be.


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The Dalai Lama On Spiritual Laziness

Thanks, Your Holiness! Needed this on the first rainy day!




Laziness will stop your progress in your spiritual practice. One can be deceived by three types of laziness: the laziness of indolence, which is the wish to procrastinate; the laziness of inferiority, which is doubting your capabilities; and the laziness that is the attachment to negative actions, or putting great effort into non-virtue.

May you find peace in this moment.

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