#Scifi End-of-#2013 “#Bests” and #Authors to Watch

This post includes a link to Year In Review (Part II) from Cheryl of Cheryl’s Mewsings, who wrote:

“As promised, I have another Year in Review post up. This one is at SF [Sci-Fi] Signal. I actually wrote it before the Aqueduct Press one, but the Signal guys, for whatever reason, delayed putting up the Mind Meld until now.

“Were I doing it now, I would assure you that Elizabeth Knox’s Wake is indeed wonderful, as is her Mortal Fire. Rhapsody of Blood: Reflections by Roz Kaveney and Blood Oranges by Kathleen Tierney (Caitlín R. Kiernan) are great fun, too.

“So many books, so many reviews I do not have time to write.”

Below is the link to Cheryl Morgan • Jim C. Hines • Jonathan Maberry • Laura Bickle • Mary Robinette Kowal • Mikaela Lind • Mind Meld • Sarah Olsen • tom merritt • Wendy Wagner, posting their wrap-ups of #2013, giving their opinions of the best #Sci-Fi across English origins or translations into English for TV, films, graphic novel and all types of writing and authors.

Be sure to scroll down and read/add to the comments, which includes one from ME and could include YOURS!

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