Guilty is Guilty: Step up and Take Your Punishments

Dear Chris Brown, George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, O.J. Simpson, James “Whitey” Bulger, Enrico Ponzo, Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Mary K. Letourneau and countless others, and now, the latest famous guilty abuser of people and laws, Columbus Short: You’re guilty and you know it, everyone knows it! How DARE you plead “not guilty”?

You waste our time, our money, our resources and our courts’ juries’ and staff time with your arrogance, selfishness, and hubris.

Worse, because of loopholes and incompentencies in our legal system, you might not get punished.

These are unacceptable circumstances.

Columbus Short
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Believe me, I am a fan of “innocent until proven guilty.” But, when someone is caught, on camera or by more than one witness, or there is a preponderance of evidence and prior bad acts similar to this, how can anyone doubt their guilt? What’s worse, why don’t they just admit it?

Sure, sure: narcissism, other serious mental illnesses, delusions of grandeur and rampant hypocrisy come with these people’s territories. I know that.

Can we all just be more than a little bit disgusted, at least?

That’s my rant.

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