Strange! It’s a Mystery Why a 50 foot Maple Tree Fell in Downtown Vancouver Trapping Two Men

The trees are ATTACKING! I told you so!

This and That

The tree just started shaking then fell. They said the roots don’t appear to be rotten. Weird!!
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Book Marketing: Twitter vs. Facebook

Interesting research and helpful recommendations for #authors, #musicians, #poets, more. Thanks, @Nicholas!ARossis

Nicholas C. Rossis

As you know, there is research being done about pretty much everything nowadays.  I recently came across an interesting research by Michelle Bertino on Klout, that studies the reactions on Twitter and Facebook according to different subjects.  Nice guy that I am, and since a large part of it has fascinating repercussions for our book marketing efforts, I thought I’d share. So, let the battle begin: Twitter vs. Facebook!

Twitter-vs-Facebook, Photo: Photo:

Top 10 Subjects

The research categorized the subjects that get a noteworthy reaction on Twitter or Facebook.  As you can see, music, television, holidays and celebrities have the greatest engagement.  Amazingly enough, religion is in the top 10 of engagement in Facebook – something I did not expect, since the contrast with the previous subjects is quite amazing.  Apparently Facebook attracts many different people!

Research by Michelle Bertino, Klout Research by Michelle Bertino, Klout

I carefully glance through the list, expecting and hoping to see books…

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