RT and SHARE! TODAY! July 14 = “Digital Book Day”

From CJ Lyons of No Rules, Just WRITE!, http://www.norulesjustwrite.com/:

“If you’re as sick of hearing about the industry woes as I am, then here’s a chance to celebrate our readers (and maybe get some new ones!)


“I’m declaring Monday, July 14th Digital Book Day!”
(that’s also Bastille Day, btw!)

[I included This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series, ’cause it’s PERMAFREE!–Sally Ember]


cover art by Aidana Willowraven.

Come to http://www.digitalbookday.com TODAY, July 14th to grab your book and others.

“CJ Lyons”

“PS: please, please share this with any review site/blog/book club/writers group that you know!”

Today is the day! http://www.digitalbookday.com
Go get some new *free ebooks*! Find some new #ebook #authors! Start with me/mine: be patient and keep trying! Site is very busy!

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