W.I.P.- Heir of Chaos

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Legends of Windemere

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

Before anyone screams about sequel, I’m going to put a disclaimer.  This is a possible story and it can happen no matter what happens in Legends of Windemere.  The reason for this is because it revolves around Yola Biggs the Goddess of Chaos.  She can be a factor whether she lives, dies, goes good, goes evil, ends the series with an anti-gravity tea party, or ends up wandering to Earth where she rules the marmosets with an iron fist.  Seriously, this is a ‘villain’ whose combat repertoire may including taking off her own head and wielding it by the hair like a flail.  Basically, she’s nuts, a goddess, gets a lot of growth in Book 8, and has a story that can be told if I feel like it.  Still, I’m going to put the ‘more below’ thing here just to be safe. 

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