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Neo and Notebook

Every author has their own process of writing a book. Mine has developed over the past six or seven years to use National Novel Writing Month to jump start a single long term project each year. I use the energy of my fellow wrimos to push myself to writing, but there is more to the process than simply showing up for write-ins during the month of November. I also set aside the month of October to plan my novel and December to do the first rough editing of it.

One of the first things that I create for a new novel project are an outline, character sheets, location and object descriptions. I start by brainstorming ideas in a composition book, writing these down by hand with my fountain pens in ink colors that suit my mood. I condense these ideas into plot points in another section of the notebook until…

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Thank you for your review, which was specific enough for me to save my money and not go see this.
I intensely dislike the direction sci-fi filmmaking has gone: too many minutes and dollars spent in flashy and unnecessary effects, massive air, outer space, land and sea CGI battles and not-credible, one-on-one combat tricks and not enough on character and plot.

Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman and many more, and now, Hunger Games all gone that way. When you add up the time each movie devotes to telling the story and developing the relationships among the characters compared to blowing stuff up and destroying each other, the ratio is horribly disappointing.

I guess I am not the target demographic for most movies any more (if I ever was). Sigh.

Grady P Brown - Author

I went to see Part 1 of Mockingjay today and I was in for a twist. Unlike Hunger Games or Catching Fire, Mockingjay does not revolve around games where people fight to the death. Instead, it focuses on the immediate aftermath of Catching Fire and the beginning of all-out war. The ending reminds me of Ramsay Snow from Game of Thrones, but that is all I will say about the ending. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking an intense story about science fiction and resisting the iron fist of tyranny.

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