SciFi4Me 3.0 Has Launched!

Mazel Tov to SciFi4Me, which has launched its new-ish online news and entertainment journal covering the science fiction and fantasy genres.


To your planet, welcome!

It’s finally here! SciFi4Me 3.0 is live and ready to take us into 2015 and beyond. (not quite to infinity yet…). And we’re eager for you to check it out. Kick the tires, test the navigation, see all the new bells and whistles.

For me, it’s been a project that’s taken a couple of months, mostly with me sitting idle and wishing I could do more while Blaise Lapinski did yeoman’s work pulling it all together. He’s definitely earned his Orkin merit badge with all the debugging he had to do. I want to publicly thank him for all of the time he put into the upgrade. If we didn’t have someone on the team who knew things about things, I’d still be looking at a blank dashboard afraid to push any buttons and break it.

We’ve come a long way from my sitting in a…

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