Hold the Press: Runaway Smile is out!

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Nicholas C. Rossis

You may remember how Runaway Smile is published in Greece under the auspices of a traditional publisher, George Vasdekis. He kindly arranged for Electra and me to visit the printers today, for a sneak peak behind the scenes. We arrived there just as the still-hot-from-the-presses books were shipped to bookstores.

Now, I know I’m a big fan of ebooks, but I have to confess that my eyes watered when I entered the factory. They dried up again when I got used to the chemicals, of course, which was nice as I wanted to take some pictures. :b

Seriously though, there’s nothing quite like the smell or the sound of a press. I found myself drawing deep breaths to take it all in, and even taking random pictures of printing machines. In fact, I thought you might enjoy to share these, so here are the exciting photos!

You may read my children’s book, Runaway Smile, online for…

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