Wednesday writer: Sally Ember

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Chicken Farmer, I still love you

win_20141113_151113NAME: Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember, Ed.D. (a.k.a., Sally Ember and Sally Ember, Ed.D.; Sally Sue Ember on Google+).

About SALLY SUE: In St. Louis, I am the namesake of my then-deceased great-uncle Saul Fleischmann, a baseball player for the St. Louis Browns, known as “Sakie,” which I was also called by his loving brother, my grandfather. In Louisville, I am considered to be the namesake of my then-living great-grandmother, Sarah, and many there believe my name to be “Sarah,” not “Sally.” Since I grew up in St. Louis, “Sally” appears on my birth certificate. I experimented occasionally with “Sarah” as my name, but I am firmly a “Sally.”

Having “Sue” as my middle name was the compromise, another name starting with “S,” to appease whichever set of relatives thought they were being left out of my naming. It’s also very USA = Southern to have alliterative names, isn’t it?

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