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In 1972, Judy and Michael Corbett were inspired to build their eco-friendly dream community. Their dream was met with opposition, criticism, and financial roadblocks. The visionary concept focused on ecology and sociology to establish a balance between environment, economics, and human needs for sustainability. The emphasis was on conservation as residential areas were embedded within expansive open space.

Persistence paid off when the first phase of construction began in 1975. Passive solar energy was captured by homes that were oriented to face the rising sun. The landscape was designed for effective, natural resource management. Many of the residents were in the planning process and formed work parties in a “community-built process”.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: The Corbetts vision was completed in 1982 as an Ecological Living Community. The community was composed of 242 single and multi-living units housed on 60 acres with bike path, swimming pool, community center, nine bedroom co-op, commercial…

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4 p’s- post concussion, parenting, publishers

I am also dealing with PCS (almost one year, now) to my frontal lobe and areas behind (face plant against a wall; broken nose, etc.). I find myself having LOST functionality, speed, effectiveness, efficiency with: vocabulary, memories (short- and long-term are both adversely affected), typing skills, grammar and proofreading for first drafts (have to re-read and fix EVERYTHING), mental math; people’s names; facts; ability to meditate (at all, at first, then for prolonged or sustained periods with my advanced practices which took years to develop); stamina for mental activities (I used to be able to sit and work at my computer for hours writing, researching, connecting on social media; now, about 1 – 2 hours and I’m fatigued) and physical exercise (I used to be able to go an entire day without a nap, but can no longer do that; I used to swim 45 – 60 minutes 4 – 6 times /week, but now, 3-0 – 35 minutes, 3 times/week).

I have GAINED aversion/sensitivity to: bright, artificial light and high-pitched or thrumming/buzzing droning sounds; stupidity and irresponsibility in others; stories or “entertainment” that is boring or pointless (to me).

I also feel and display more irritability and impatience, but have less access to sorrow and grief, laugh less, enjoy things less (anhedonia).

I am still partly aphasic, slower to articulate and less able to be “on” than pre-concussion. It should be explained that I was functioning in the top 10% of humans, intellectually, so my “fall” still puts me above average in most areas and therefore, is untestable as a loss by ordinary neurological tests. I just started 6 sessions of “Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy,” which may or may not help me regain some or all of the functionality and speed, etc, that I have lost. Unclear, now, as to outcomes.

My CAT scan and MRI, similarly, show NOTHING (which is typical for concussions). Unless you received the still-experimental DT-MRI (Diffusion Tensor), you’re likely also to see NOTHING in your MRI. This does NOT mean you have no damage; just that that test won’t show it.

I have written and researched other aspects of concussions, how having one relates to meditation, DT-MRIs and other stuff on my site: http://www, just put in keyword “Concussion.”

Best to you.