4 p’s- post concussion, parenting, publishers

I am also dealing with PCS (almost one year, now) to my frontal lobe and areas behind (face plant against a wall; broken nose, etc.). I find myself having LOST functionality, speed, effectiveness, efficiency with: vocabulary, memories (short- and long-term are both adversely affected), typing skills, grammar and proofreading for first drafts (have to re-read and fix EVERYTHING), mental math; people’s names; facts; ability to meditate (at all, at first, then for prolonged or sustained periods with my advanced practices which took years to develop); stamina for mental activities (I used to be able to sit and work at my computer for hours writing, researching, connecting on social media; now, about 1 – 2 hours and I’m fatigued) and physical exercise (I used to be able to go an entire day without a nap, but can no longer do that; I used to swim 45 – 60 minutes 4 – 6 times /week, but now, 3-0 – 35 minutes, 3 times/week).

I have GAINED aversion/sensitivity to: bright, artificial light and high-pitched or thrumming/buzzing droning sounds; stupidity and irresponsibility in others; stories or “entertainment” that is boring or pointless (to me).

I also feel and display more irritability and impatience, but have less access to sorrow and grief, laugh less, enjoy things less (anhedonia).

I am still partly aphasic, slower to articulate and less able to be “on” than pre-concussion. It should be explained that I was functioning in the top 10% of humans, intellectually, so my “fall” still puts me above average in most areas and therefore, is untestable as a loss by ordinary neurological tests. I just started 6 sessions of “Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy,” which may or may not help me regain some or all of the functionality and speed, etc, that I have lost. Unclear, now, as to outcomes.

My CAT scan and MRI, similarly, show NOTHING (which is typical for concussions). Unless you received the still-experimental DT-MRI (Diffusion Tensor), you’re likely also to see NOTHING in your MRI. This does NOT mean you have no damage; just that that test won’t show it.

I have written and researched other aspects of concussions, how having one relates to meditation, DT-MRIs and other stuff on my site: http://www,sallyember.com/blog just put in keyword “Concussion.”

Best to you.