Clean Indie Reads #MarchMadness #Sale starts TODAY, March 16 – 20, 2015

Clean Indie Reads (CIR) March Madness Sale, 2015

CIR March sale 2015

It’s March Madness time with a mega book sale by Clean Indie Reads (CIR) authors from March 16 through March 20, 2015.


CIR, the home of “flinch-free fiction,” connects readers with authors who write “clean” fiction encompassing all genres, including books for children, middle-grades kids and young adults as well as books for adults in mystery, romance, paranormal, fantasy (which includes sci-fi), contemporary and historical fiction.

“Clean” doesn’t mean all books featured are squeaky-clean, Disney-Princess pure, but the CIR imprimatur does mean that CIR books contain no erotica, no sexually explicit scenes, no offensive language, graphic violence or gore.

With the March Madness sale, you can load up on CIR books at bargain prices! Happy Reading!

There is also an excellent BLOG HOP going on throughout the sale, so you can visit many great sites and read more about these authors’ books:

CIR Blog Hop logo 2015 March Madness

Yippie! THE SPANNERS SERIES ebooks are included in this great Sale!
—-Vol I, This Changes Everything, is PERMAFREE.
—-Vol II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, is 60% off this week only (down to $1.99) via coupon on the CIR sale page and Smashwords book link (which offers all ereader formats).