Writing in the Present Tense: A Guest Post By Author Charles E. Yallowitz

To recognize simultaneous time (“timultaneity”) in “The Spanners Series,” ALL of it is written in the present tense, which confounds many readers and reviewers, until they get used to it. My biggest problem, after immersing myself in that for so many years, is reverting to using other tenses while blogging or talking! LOL
Best to you, Charles!

Kylie Betzner

ZMyvtXQ1 Author Charles Yallowitz

Thank goodness it’s finally Friday! Am I right? And thank goodness for guest bloggers. After an entire week of laying sick in bed, I would have been hard-pressed to produce an interesting blog post with any content whatsoever. So, lucky for you, I’ve invited Charles E. Yallowitz, author of the fantasy adventure series Legends of Windemere to guest post on my blog today. This time he’ll be speaking about ‘Present Tense Writing.’ And just so you know, I’ve sealed all the exits and windows, so you can’t run away. Haha! Just kidding, you’ll enjoy this.

The reason I asked him to speak on this topic was because his series is written in Third Person Present Tense. What does this mean?  That he’s insane? How about I let Charles take it from here:

This style means that you are watching events unfold as they occur through your own eyes instead of…

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