Amazon May Pay Authors $0.006 per Page Read

My take on the ‪#‎Kindle‬ Unlimited (‪#‎KU‬)/Borrows ‪#‎compensation‬ kerfluffle on ‪#‎Amazon‬…
The problem is actually this: *Kindle Borrows should be set up to reflect the length of what is being borrowed!* ‪#‎Authors‬ who write longer works (and work harder) should be paid more.
A novel-length “book” needs to be defined. I propose 60K – 80K words as the minimum cut-off for a novel-length book.
Go down by 20K and get a Novella, from 40K – 59,999 words.
Go down 20K – 39,999 words and get a “novellette.”
Anything shorter than 20K is a short story.
Or, come up with a similar schematic.
A “novel” should be credited differently than a “novella” or a “novelette” or a “short story” or something even shorter, progressively less by the length of the work.
Then, readers read what they want, no policing by length of time lingering on a page or number of pages “liked.”
What do you think?

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Author Payment on AmazonAuthors of Shorter Works May Lose Out in New Kindle Unlimited Plan

via The Guardian

Self-published authors could be paid as little as $0.006 per page read under new rules planned by Amazon.

Writers who make their works available through Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library, and a similar service called Kindle Unlimited, will no longer be paid per copy downloaded following a move announced last week.

Instead, they would receive a payment based on how many pages had actually been read, with longer books receiving a higher potential payment than shorter works.

In an email to authors, sent on Wednesday, Amazon revealed exactly how little that payment would be.

The company said that customers of its two services read nearly 1.9bn pages in June, while it expected to pay at least $11m a month for June, July and August.

That means the payment per page read could be as low…

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