How Buddhism Has Helped My Career

Excellent advice for anyone, NT or not (NT meas “Neuro-Typical,” as opposed to those on the Autism Spectrum or in any other way neurologically atypical to the point of that’s being noticeable to oneself and/or others).

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Anonymously Autistic

Before I knew anything about Autism, I already knew that I was struggling in my life. I had problems that other people did not seem to have.

Instead of holding my tongue, I seemed to have “diarrhea of the mouth” spewing out whatever popped into my mind. (Since I have a VERY active mind, some of the things were quite pointless and often offensive.) I loved to talk just for the sake of talking – perhaps this was some sort of verbal stimming.

I tend to be very honest, even when things that I have to say can be potentially hurtful to others. Unfortunately, I often am unaware when I have offended someone unless they blow up or get angry. Even if I somehow find out that I have upset someone, normally I have no clue why the person is so upset.

I am good with rules and patterns. Buddhism…

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