Los Angeles County Declares Health Emergency With New Coronavirus Cases – Deadline


There are now a growing number of regions and USA states and other countries that have canceled events, restricted travel, banned large gatherings, issued warnings and directives for those feeling ill as well as those who seem healthy.

Please check your online or other sources before going into public areas or events, and frequently #washyourhands with hot, soapy water for at least 20 seconds, using friction on all parts.

The #coronavirus (AKA #C0VID19) is very contagious, prior to and without having symptoms, AND after more than 2 weeks, even after symptoms have abated.

There are not even 10% if the number or test kits available, nor are most people getting tested in any country. Therefore, the incidence rate of carriers is completely underreported and unknowable. While that makes the actual fatality rate much lower (number dead divided by number infected), it means thousands more have been and are continually being infected, almost everywhere.

#washyourhands after every public exposure.

Cover your own mouth/nose when expelling mucus.

Stay home when sick.


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