A Mother Of a List

Very fun! Thanks for collecting and posting this!



In honor of Mother’s Day, I give you a “top ten” list of mothers in science fiction who passed muster in my own book as nurturing life coaches and fearless protectors; in other words, moms who could kiss your boo-boos, make you and your friends a snack, give you a pep talk and lift a car if you were trapped inside.  Bear in mind that those listed are influenced by my personal viewing history, so by no means is this the end-all, be-all.  With that being said, here’s my top ten picks, in no particular order:


1) Maureen Robinson (June Carter) – Lost in Space

Well, okay, there is a particular order in this case.  The trailblazer of all sci-fi mothers, Maureen represents one of the first mothers in space, and also one of the first “mother with a career” role models of TV, so she gets to be first…

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